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About my achievements and things I've accomplished lifelong and also as an artist/employee/ mental wellness advocate/writer/artist:​


I am a person that values freedom, creativity and despite inevitable suffering, happiness is possible for all.

I believe that recovery from mental health issues is not only possible but probable, with the right support for everyone.

I believe through empowering the self through art, talking, walking and conversation that we can become self-actualised and not just survive but thrive, no matter who we are or the difficulties we face.


Firstly, I am so excited to announce my new catalogue, 'A Certain Beauty In Un-Resolution... ART;' on this website. 


I have always been a creative and imaginative person, drawing, painting, creating sculptures and billy carts and other oddities through childhood and adolescence.


Despite doing well at school, I was a surly and troubled yet friendly adolescent. I nearly left school after year ten, but I did not know what else to do. I have had quite a few mentors in my time in education that have influenced my life that I am grateful for. I can say education has saved my life.  

The Herald Sun’s (Newspaper in Melbourne Australia), art department saw my illustrations on my first website in 2008, (back when your hard-drive was 500MB!), and they called me in to relieve me from my factory job. The job was checking tuna cans for dints! - Indeed I have many factory jobs in my time. I was relieved and pleased my skills were being put to use as a news graphics artist and illustrator, as I continued my passions for playing music, leading a band and having consistent exhibitions.


I worked at ‘The Herald Sun', for about a year, which I was thrilled about. When my contract finished, I did the same role at 'The Age' newspaper, also in Melbourne, for about five years. I had always been making art, drawing and designing and exhibiting though, and the art you see on this website is not only some of that process but also the result of thousands of mistakes, experiments and failures.

When I was at 'The Age', I came out as a gay man and someone who had recovered yet suffered mental illness. My autobiography 'Recovered, Not Cured, a journey through schizophrenia', which changed my life, was an epic adventure and I think brave story of resilience and creative determination.

How did the Herald-Sun run with it? this:


'MY DESCENT INTO MADNESS', it screamed in a bold capped font. 'How schizophrenia stole his mind.', it berated.


I was furious - yet - no one challenged how it was not an accurate reflection of my life - it didn't steal my mind - in a way, I was blessed by the teachings - and I was working and living independently in an amazing job at the newspaper across town.


But not for long.


'The Age' fired me for no reason. This is the same organisation that asked me in an interview questionnaire in 1999: ' Have you had male to male sexual intercourse in the last six months?', and also, 'Have you ever had a mental illness or hospitalised for a mental illness?'.


I think I was before my time. Who then-was going to hire a bisexual, past drug-using 'schizophrenic'?


Not many, let me tell you! The Herald Sun was blasphemous, disrespectful and it was defamation. Had I have had the confidence I do now as a person who is queer and had different life experiences; I would be in a different position...


Moving on though, in my public life, however, I also was a wellness advocate for many years, speaking on mental health and recovery all across the Australian media, drawing from my neurologically diverse experiences from Parliament house to Dubbo, all the current affairs shows and a lot of radio, even across to Canada to McGill University in Montreal, celebrating my human rights awarded autobiography.


As an artist, I have been grateful for the support I have received from people who love my work. I had moved house about twenty times in twenty years, with different partners and places. It has definitely not been boring!


I still try and give back where I can and 25% of royalties from my children's book: 'Grogan the Monster in... What do Do You Love?'  benefits the Royal Children's Hospital, Banksia Unit for child and adolescent mental health. That royalty rate is currently is zero but I hope to change that, and I still managed to raise over $1000 for them when I launched the book - the first fundraiser they had had. Mental illness-is not sexy. But Grogan the Monster is way cool!


I see my discordant period in the distant past as the awakening of a healer archetype and spiritual rebirth. I would not trade my experiences for the person I have become through my experiences.


Working with young people with my PhD and validating their important voices when growing up I felt I did not have anyone is the true alchemy of my life and PhD journey.


My PhD doctoral studies is a methodological a/r/tographical narrative that focuses on amplifying the voices, moral and ethical considerations of year eleven students about inheriting a world of artificial intelligence and superintelligence that will further enable transhumanism. I am happy and grateful to amplify their voice. I am happy to say that I have, pending changes, passed my PhD and will be Dr Rich McLean.

Everyone who discriminated, fired, abused and used me can choke on that!


I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be so prolific in my art-making and creativity over my life, and also grateful to people who support me and buy my art.


In a world of the selfie, and a world of apps and nothing that is lovingly hand-made, you can buy a card print framed print and other products from my drawing portfolio which really does help support my life, creativity and studies.


I’m grateful for your interest and support and happy to share it with the world.


Blessings,  Richard McLean, 2020.

Grogan the grateful Monster.cover.jpg
rich mclean richard mclean artist

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.  The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.  You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.  They push the human race forward.  And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.  Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”  


– Rob Siltanen

Just for the record - this is pretty much spot on!


'Don't like gay marriages? Don't get one... Don't like cigarettes? Don't smoke them... Don't like abortions? Don't get one... Don't like sex? Don't have it... Don't like drugs? Don't do them... Don't like porn? Don't watch it... Don't like alcohol? Don't drink it...


Don't like your rights taken away??? Don't take away someone else's...'


Blessings to all.






  • Radio National 'Life Matters' program. Julie McCrossin-ABC,

  • 'Good Morning Australia' with Steve Leidman for 'Compulsive Executions' exhibition and book launch,

  • The Today show, (Again),

  • Video interview with Frankie Fathers, Reuters TV (International),

  • McGill University, (Multiple Presentations), Montreal, Canada.

  • Triple J-Youth Network, Rachel Kerr,

  • Stateline program on ABC TV,

  • ‘The Drug Debate’, Jenny Brocky, ABC TV on ‘Insight’.

  • Tricia Duffield on Radio 2SM, Sydney,

  • Martin Powley for ABC Gold & Sunshine Coasts, QLD,

  • Fiona Sewell for ABC Radio Adelaide, Statewide afternoons,

  • James Valentine for ABC Radio 702,

  • Phillip Brady & Bruce Mansfield on Radio 3AW 'Nightline',

  • John Weeks from Spectrum FM Radio,

  • Pieta O'Shaughnessy on Curtin Radio (Perth),

  • Tony Wilson for Triple R (Melb),

  • Felicity Biggins on Radio 2NUR in Newcastle,

  • ABC National, AM Program,

  • Channel 31 News,

  • JOY FM, National Gay and Lesbian Broadcaster,

  • Radio National-Life Matters-Art and Psychosis,

  • RRR-Schizophrenia and Art with Richard Watts,

  • Local Radio, and ABC Regional, Dubbo,


  • Keynote speaker for 34th Annual Mental health Nurses Conference,

  • Parliament House, Canberra, for 'SANE's Guide to Electoral Offices',

  • Keynote speaker for the ‘Art Against Stigma’ exhibition: (Sydney).

  • Recovered, Not Cured Book and self-narrated audiobook for ABC National

  • Presentation for Australian Centre for Youth Literature, (ACYL)-To librarians and school teachers about deciding high school curriculum,

  • Royal Melbourne Hospital-with MHRI-'Psychosis and Cannabis' forum, (With television interviews),

  • School of Religious and Philosophical Studies, McGill University-Montreal,  

  • Paragraphe Bookstore book-signing -Montreal,

  • Douglas Hospital-(Speech and advocacy with clients of the service), Montreal,

  • Launch-Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy, art exhibition,

  • Mental Health Research Institute- (MHRI), To researchers and biochemists, and social workers/psychologists inpatients,

  • Forensicare Psychiatric Hospital, Fairfield-To consumer groups,

  • EPPIC* Early Prevention Psychosis, for young people, (Multiple times),

  • Working with 'People Like You', (Many presentations in Schools, and Community Groups),

  • Author presentation for Australian Centre for Youth Literature (ACYL)-To 500 high school students, (At State Library),

  • Baw Baw youth Network-To social workers and youth planners,

  • Richmond Fellowship-Warnambool.-To consumers and their families,

  • EPPIC* More talks to consumers,

  • St Andrew's Market-Mental Health Week,

  • Forensicare, Thomas Embling Hospital, Mental Health Week, 

  • North West Mental Health, Consumer presentations and clients, Coburg,

  • Personal clients,

  • Article for about psychosis and visionary art, in Clinical Psychiatry

  • Presentation at The State Library of Victoria for ‘Critical Autoethnography’ international conference, on growing up sexually abused and the shame of being gay.






  • Midsumma exhibition, (Group show), Gasworks Arts Park.   

  • (Masters of Education Arts-Based Research)


  • Solo exhibition - Sourdough Bakery, Seddon

  • Midsumma exhibition, (Group show), Gasworks Arts Park.

  • Inclusion in COSM Community Global Journal.

  • Grogan the Monster Launch during mental health week raising funds for The Royal Children's Hospital


  • Sunshine Gallery, Sunshine Community Arts Centre, Solo retrospective, 'Drawing from Past Days'.

  • The Many Faces of Depression, Shibuya Hikari-e Building, 2-21-1 Shibuya, >    Shibuya ku, Tokyo, 4 - 12 July 2013



  • Open Day, Maribyrnong Council, 'Open Studios in the West'

  • ‘Return from Pessimism’, Gasworks Arts Park. (Solo show).

  • ‘Hide and Seek’, Portraits from the Dax Centre.

  • Semi-Permanent exhibited work at the new Dax Centre, Melbourne. 

  • ‘Tangled up in Blue Gallery’, Work exhibited.


  • ‘Back to Basics’, Kingston Arts Centre. (Solo Show).

  • Launch of ‘The Dax Pack’, educational resource of a film about my life, by The Dax Collection.

  • ‘Solo Show’, Dancing Dog Café, Footscray.

  • Artwork exhibited at: ’ The Pantechnicon Gallery’, Daylesford.

  • 2010:

  • ‘Nine Lives on Subject and Subjectivity’, Cunningham Dax Collection, Parkville

    • Artwork exhibited at:’ The Pantechnicon Gallery’, Daylesford.



  • 'The Australian Response to Ufo's and Aliens', Campbell town Arts Centre, Sydney

  • Exhibition and book launch of ‘Ego and Soul, the visual Language of Richard McLean’, Hares and Hyenas Bookstore, Melbourne.



  •; Experimental digital work. (now defunct).

  • ‘Ireland & Morocco’ Travel sketches exhibition, Artholes Gallery

  • Publication of travel sketches, ‘Ireland & Morocco-Drawings’ (booklet sold out)


  • 'Retrospective’, Artholes Gallery, Gertrude St, Fitzroy, (Solo Show)

  • NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme), business EXPO, Kensington.

  • 'Recovered Not Cured’, - North American Book Launch, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

  • Solo Show, Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada. Speaking at The School of Religious and Philosophical Study, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.


  • 'Travel Sketches, Ireland and Morocco- 30 drawings in 30 days', Artholes Gallery, Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Solo Show

  • 'Self-Portrait show', Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy. (Group Show)

  • 'Organic Landscapes', Artholes Gallery. (Group Show)

  • 'Work of the Independents', Group Show, Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy.


  • 'Compulsive Executions', Kingston Art Gallery, Moorabbin Town Hall.

  • 'Recovered, Not Cured', book launch, and solo art show, Artholes Gallery, Gertrude St Fitzroy.

  • Group Show, Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy


  • 'QWERTY', an exhibition of digital art, (Interactive Piece Exhibited), Linden Galleries, St Kilda, Melbourne (Group Show)


  • 'Transform the Primitive', Kingston Art Centre, (Solo Show), Moorabbin, Melbourne


  • NDIS Provider - Art-Life-Coach and Therapeutic Support,

  • Academic Support Worker,

  • News Graphics Artist & Illustrator (The Age),

  • News Graphics Artist & Illustrator (The Herald Sun),

  • Consumer Consultant (DHS),

  • Art Teacher, Facilitator (My own business),

  • Public advocate for those with mental health issues or different abilities,

  • Digital Artist,

  • Web Designer,

  • Freelance Illustrator,

  • Public Speaker,

  • Animal husbandry (Melbourne Zoo),

  • Storeman / Office person (Kmart, RACV),

  • Quality Control (John West),

  • Kmart all-rounder (Kmart),

  • Newspaper boy (When I was about 7!),

  • I was a 'ghost' in the Ghost Train ride at the Dandenong Show when I was about 13!

  • Artist / Artist-musician.



  • ‘Diversity Scholarship’ awarded after my Masters of Education for my PhD

  • RTS Placement for my PhD

  • Highly Commended, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Awards in the 'Non-Fiction' category,

  • SANE Australia’s ‘Book of the Year’



MY PHILOSOPHIES (Subject to change!)


  • Trust in science,


  • Intuition is spirituality,


  • Spirituality is a personal relationship with the divine, religion is crowd control,


  • If you have been abused in any way -I believe you,


  • We live in the end times,


  • Ego is corruptible however your essence of spirit is not,


  • A psychiatric label is just that-a label. I hear people say, “my name is x and I’m a “schizophrenic”, however, you would never say “this is my friend x and he is a broken leg/brain tumour”,


  • No child is born hating, to hate is learnt - if you can learn it you can unlearn it’s-is so much more joyous being content in love equity and acceptance than to fear and hate out of ignorance and prejudice, 


  • No lives matter unless black lives, queer lives, and differently-abled lives matter too,


  • If you want to help yourself: help someone else,


  • Criminals don’t always look unruly with tattoos-most criminals are sociopathic politicians that wear suits with traditional boring heteronormative hair cuts,


  • Synchronicity: meaningful coincidence has spiritual significance - lessons to be learned or affirmations to guide you and be grateful for, 


  • If hard work led to prosperity and money every African woman would be a billionaire, 


  • Always was always will be aboriginal land-it was never ceded,


  • You were meant to be here,


  • Situations people or lessons will appear repeatedly in unusual and different ways until you learn the lesson,


  • We need nature, nature does not need us,


  • Apophenia connects the genius and madness brilliance and creativity,


  • Unfortunately, sometimes their teeth fit your existing wound - but upon parting ways it is a gift to not accept the same teeth again and thus further heal the wound, 


  • Human-made law needs to be understood thoroughly so you may break them absolutely if the ethics of your soul requires, 


  • The highest currency of wealth in life is health, 


  • Madness is uncommon in individuals-but in families, politics and institutions it is the norm, 


  • When the last fish has been caught humans will realise they can’t eat money,


  • You cannot have infinite growth (economical or otherwise), in a finite world,


  • Love is love,


  • The least saintly like people of all are religious people,


  • We live in a deficient rational manifestation of vibration as earth monkeys for a reason-suffering a great deal-but if you have ever laughed wondered reflected in peace or joy-God is real,


  • All families are dysfunctional to a degree-no matter who you are, 


  • Fucking is survival of the species-no one is deluded in lust copulating either with joy or suffering thinking of babies, 


  • Religious people fear hell-spiritual people have already been there or realise they have been in it, 


  • If the human body was a used car you would not buy it,


  • The best relationship is the one you have with yourself. To be engaged with another person must add value to an already self-actualised person-yet this is rarely the case,


  • Prejudice is the sum of things you learn if you are lucky to live until 21. Then-you must do your duty to unlearn every prejudice and lie gifted to you by parents siblings your teachers' governments and the society you live in, 


  • When you master yourself-nothing can take that from you, angels, demons, heaven nor hell, 


  • Most problems are solutions waiting to happen, 


  • All the doctors and all the healers are all right and all wrong: it depends on where and when you are,


  • We all have a limited piece of string on this earth-don't wasn’t it by not being your authentic self,


  • Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind, 


  • Commit random acts of kindness,


  • Live simply that you may live,


  • All glory to God-I have laughed cried suffered lived learnt and I am grateful - and so it is!


Thanks for reading.


Despite being somewhat 'famous' or even 'infamous' with all my achievements, I still struggle financially and have suffered discrimination neglect and ostracisation in many ways professionally and personally.

I have learned a good heart and altruism does not pay the bills.

I am so proud of my achievements and helping so many people over the years pleased to say I am resilient if nothing else. I still love helping people with all of the wealth in experience and creativity in non-monetary ways to advocate for people experiences to be valued, believed, and give people their best life.

If you did feel the desire to support me, I really encourage you to purchase some art or a book, or another product - so you receive something tangible you can also hold and admire, enjoy & share...

However, the option to donate is welcomed and you can do so here:

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