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This website hosted by Wix is the manifestation of Dr Rich Mclean's Life.

When you call his mobile number, as a business entity and a public individual, he reserves the right to record and publish the phone conversation, and any emails or documents sent to him.

This is permitted under the Victorian legislative surveillance act (1999) that exonerates all of that recordings in order to defend Rich's legal rights - his prosperity and his litigation priviledges - as they may be called upon by a court.

Public Service Announcement, if I die: Last will and treatment:


It is possible I will make money when I die. I also have an insurance policy that is to be distributed in the follwing ways:


In the event of my (eventual or untimely)  death, I wish to state I do not intend to suicide.


This website is to be kept going for as long as the internet exists.


This website is geared as a small business and all the money goes to my PayPal account: richie@richiemclean.com, or to royalty places which are accessible from my computer.

The password on my computer is the last four digits of my Keysborough home phone number, except possibly the second number is different.


In the event of my death, whether intentional which would be next to zero lilihood - or otherwise, this is how the proceeds of any income from this website are to be distributed according to my wishes:

I also have death insurance with my arts insurance.

This money is to be distributed in the following way:

  1. $20000 D and A Mclean

  2. $5000 Mr Scott Macleod

  3. $5000 Jodie and dave Bongetti (in 10c Pieces on their lawn)

  4. $5000 Brad and Ciara Mclean (Buy Brad an anger management handbook)

  5. %5000 Mr James Hill (20% of that go towards his psychology sessions) 

  6. $5000 Mr Mat and Amanda Vonarx (Someone buy mat an eight ball of coke, and tell him 'coke is the cunts drug thanks for the good times' lol)

  7. $5000 Mr Rossco 'Poss' Leonard

  8. $1000 Ms Kate Wood

  9. $1000 Ms Achay Anguik

  10. $1000 Ms Donna from the Royal Children's Hospital

  11. $500 Ms Lorraine Fanshaw tell her im not mad and needed her charity but in my death I dont.

  12. $1000 Julie fanshaw and a $500 voucher for sexyland,

  13. $1000 to Mat Long a misunderstood brother, the condition is he say the words: 'You were a judgemental right wing judgemental homophobic cunt', to his mother Joy Long, then slap her across the face with a white glove and say 'Rich would not even whiten his hands on your sinless pure face, motherfucker'.
  14. $5000 goes to a nominated person (you may find out), to speak my words beyond the grave at any service to tell people what I think of them!

Of any income, or the rest of money left over - or anything to come - royalties, sales or profit, from my death forward:

It goes into a portfolio in my name.

Every year:


  1. 25% is to go to ‘The Banksia Unit’, at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne - protect the children,

  2. 10% To be divided up with nieces and nephews and given upon their 18th birthday,

  3. 5% Will Coles - keep making good art,

  4. 5% Geordy Wood - creativity scholarship,

  5. 5% Glenn Brady - to support his art making,

  6. 5% Wikipedia.

  7. 55% left over -  thatrolls over until the next year to keep the website running.

My currencies exist elsewhere in dimensions you have not the skills to acknowledge, read my PhD and see.


Thank you for respecting my wishes.

I'll continue in the meantime though to me fucking amazing whether on the streets in a house or between the sheets.

Dr Rich Mclean 31/05/2021.

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