Presentations / Public Speeches



  • 'Collected Thoughts 3', DVD Film by the Dax Collection, aimed at year eleven and twelve students,

  • Radio National 'Life Matters' program. Julie McCrossin-ABC,

  • 'Good Morning Australia' with Steve Leidman for 'Compulsive Executions' exhibition and book launch,

  • The Today show,

  • Video interview with Frankie Fathers, Reuters TV (International),

  • McGill University, (Multiple Presentations), Montreal, Canada.

  • Triple J-Youth Network, Rachel Kerr,

  • Stateline program on ABC TV,

  • Tricia Duffield on Radio 2SM, Sydney,

  • Martin Powley for ABC Gold & Sunshine Coasts, QLD,

  • Fiona Sewell for ABC Radio Adelaide, Statewide afternoons,

  • James Valentine for ABC Radio 702,

  • Phillip Brady & Bruce Mansfield on Radio 3AW 'Nightline',

  • John Weeks from Spectrum FM Radio,

  • Pieta O'Shaughnessy on Curtin Radio (Perth),

  • Tony Wilson for Triple R (Melb),

  • Felicity Biggins on Radio 2NUR in Newcastle,

  • ABC National, AM Program,

  • Channel 31 News,

  • JOY FM, National Gay and Lesbian Broadcaster,

  • Radio National-Life Matters-Art and Psychosis,

  • RRR-Schizophrenia and Art with Richard Watts,

  • Local Radio, and ABC Regional, Dubbo,





  • Mental Health hits the Political Frontline'- article 'The Australian' after I spoke in Australian parliament,

  • 'Rider of the storm', The Age, Michael Winkler,

  • The Sydney Morning Herald-Reviewer Anne Deveson,

  • 'My Descent Into Madness'-(That was an un-kind heading for the story from them don't you think?), Herald Sun,

  • MCV (Melbourne Community Voice), Gay and lesbian Street press. 

  • about visionary art,

  • Sydney Morning Herald,





  • Parliament House, Canberra, for 'SANE's Guide To Electoral Offices',

  • Recovered, Not Cured Book

  • Presentation for Australian Centre for Youth Literature, (ACYL)-To librarians and school teachers,

  • Royal Melbourne Hospital-with MHRI-'Psychosis and Cannabis' forum,

  • Guest speaker for the exhibition: (Sydney).

  • Keynote speaker for 34th Annual Mental health Nurses Conference,

  • McGill University-Montreal,


  • Paragraphe Bookstore-Montreal,

  • Douglas Hospital-Montreal,

  • Launch-Artholes Gallery, Fitzroy, art exhibition,

  • Mental Health Reseach Institute-To researchers and biochemists, and social workers/psychologists inpatients,

  • Forensicare, Fairfield-To consumer groups,

  • EPPIC* Early Prevention Psychosis, for young people,

  • Working with 'People Like You', 

  • Presentation for Australian Centre for Youth Literature (ACYL)-To 500 high school students,

  • Baw Baw youth Network-To social workers and youth planners,

  • Richmond Fellowship-Warnambool.-To consumers and their families,

  • EPPIC* More talks to consumers,

  • St Andrew's Market-Mental Health Week,

  • Forensicare, Thomas Embling Hospital, Mental Health Week, 

  • North West Mental Health, Coburg,

  • Personal clients,

  • Article for about psychosis and art,

  •  Review in hard copy Mail-out.

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