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Listen to & Download the abridged audiobook of 'recovered, Not Cured, a journey through schizophrenia', here for FREE with a subscription to


(An accidental autobiography I wrote when I was twenty-six) 


'Recovered, Not Cured, a journey through schizophrenia', is available from audible as a free five-part abridged audiobook, read by Rich Mclean himself.


The book won a Human Rights Award from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and was awarded SANE Australia's 'Book of the year'.

It was recorded by Australia's ABC National for the 'Life Matters' program and broadcast internationally to great acclaim.


Download it free to listen to now!

schizophrenia story


Highly Commended 2003: Human Rights Award; Arts Non-fiction category.​

Winner SANE Book of the Year, 2004

It's been over fifteen years since this book was published, and much has changed in my life and happened since then!
Even though I presented with 'schizophrenia' when I was young my long-term diagnosis has changed, and I deny the myth of 'schizophrenia', nowadays, as well as the cult of psychiatry.
However, as a book which explores non-ordinary reality, neglect, abuse, sexuality, drug use and young life, it still stands alone.
But it still serves as a book that I think gives valuable insight for sufferers of 'schizophrenia', even though the latest research suggests it is a collection of symptoms and the word should be dismissed as a label, and that the concept of schizophrenia is coming to an end.
It helps carers alike, and as such, is a good resource for those affected by mental illness, or experience non-ordinary reality. I am so grateful that people still email me from around the world thanking me for writing it.
A compelling visual and verbal journey exploring the author's experience of schizophrenia: the first signs, reactions from friends and family, how he sought help, the challenges of recovery.


Edinburgh, 1994 I am crouching in an alleyway. They can t see me here, so for the moment, I am safe. There must be hundreds of loudspeakers projecting secret messages at me, and umpteen video cameras tracking every move I make...They will tie me up, soak my feet in water and have goats lick my feet down to the bone...

Melbourne, 2003 'Nowadays I say that I am recovered, not cured. I have a job, I have my band, I have my friends and my family. I pay my taxes and do the dishes; I'm independent. A couple of pills a day keep me slightly lethargic yet sane. I can live with that.'

Mental illness is common and often devastating. In this day and age, it is a treatable condition, yet many are left untreated, misunderstood. Richard McLean is one of the lucky ones. His words and pictures give us a unique and poignant insight into a hidden, internal world.

'This is a powerful, quirky and important book. Powerful because it goes straight to the heart of battling a psychotic illness. Quirky because of the author s abundant creativity and the delight of his illustrations. Important because it outstrips anything else I have read about schizophrenia for its insight into the nature of psychotic thinking and behaviour. McLean writes with a bold simplicity and deftly avoids melodrama and bathos'. Anne Deveson

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