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Children's Book: 'Grogan the Monster In... What Do You Love?'

(25% of all proceeds are donated to the Royal Children's Hospital,
Banksia Unit for Child & Adolescent Mental health, Melbourne)



'Every so often a book comes along that is meant to educate and help kids, not just on a “learn to read” level, but a deeper level that instils something that stays for life. One such book is “Grogan the Grateful Monster: What Do You Love?


This book was written from the mindset of a man who is a scholar specializing in child psychology. He knows what’s going on in children’s minds and has dedicated some of his creations to make materials that help kids learn and grow.


Grogan the Grateful is an interactive iBook that helps kids learn how to read, and sends a meaningful message at the same time.


Grogan is a baby monster. Once he hatches he starts to wonder and observe and learn. He begins to learn that there are so many wonderful things in the world and that they make this world a wonderful place to be in. He teaches the art of being grateful and happy for what’s around us.'


-Dan Rubin,



25% of all royalties directly benefit the Banksia Unit, for Child & Adolescent Mental Health at The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

'As a psychologist who works predominantly with children, I am always on the lookout for sweet, uplifting heart-filling, snappy picture books. This one is beautiful!!!! ' - Sharna Hughes

I loved making 'Grogan the Monster' as part of my Masters of Education at Victoria University. A lot of my art is very dark and moody and comes from conflict and trauma, but for once I was allowed to let my inner child shine - this is a book I think I would want to read as a young child. From all accounts the little kids, (and the big kids), love it!

Buy or Download today - From 99C to 19.99 for a Physical Book.

When you purchase this book; you are supporting an independent artist who values their own work, and also you contribute directly to essential and necessary funding for children at The Royal Children's Hospital with complex 'mental health' issues, in the specialised 'Banksia Unit.'


Drawing for me has always expressed my subconscious awareness of things I could not articulate.

Often I see them as prophetic in terms of my awareness or what will happen to me next'

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