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Welcome to Tuesday - Acoustic 3 piece (2002)

As well as making art all these years, I have made and performed music too as a vocalist and guitarist in various outfits and on my own.

I think there is an interesting intersection between the visual creativity of my life and how that manifested in sound. There are three albums, three EPs and a single track here.


Music has always been a massive part of my life and I have dabbled in making it, with my brother Brad in 'Welcome to Tuesday', and Kirbs and Sean Belfield in the band 'Less'.


We used to play around Melbourne and Canberra too, in places such as the Nicholson, Joeys, The Punters Club, The Espy, The Armadale and lots of other bars and clubs.


I've uploaded my catalogues here for you to hear for free. If you purchase the album it helps support independent artists. Have a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised! Or, you may hate it, stiff shit! Haha!


Just a warning that the band 'Less' gets more post-grunge as time goes backwards below!


Rock on! ...those were good times.




  • 'Welcome to Tuesday', (Brad & Rich Mclean & Kirbs).

  • 'Less' - Self Titled EP

  • 'Less' - Backbeach

  • 'Less' - Real, (Full album).

  • 'Bravura', (My first bands demo when I was 19)

  • A collection of random sketch songs from age 19-27.


The members of 'Less' were:

  • Rich McLean on Vocals and guitar,

  • Greg Kirby on Bass, Guitar and Mandolin,

  • Sean Belfield on Drums.

  • The members of 'Bravura' were:

  • Rich McLean on Guitar and Vocals,

  • Jammo Gross on Drums,

  • Greg Kirby on Bass,

  • Andrew Tudor (Skeg), on Guitar.

'Less' - the last EP (2003)

'Less' - the second last, highly produced EP (2000)

'Less' - The fucking Rocking Album we recorded ourselves! (Keeps the live vibe!-1999)

The Cathartic Snapshot (1993-2002)

Acoustic songs throughout the years, age 19-28

PS Don't watch 'Australian IDLE - go see a real band and support independent music and artists locally.

'Bravura' (1991)

My first band - before I came out - (I was a very naive nineteen-year-old!)

'Lucky Man' (Referenced in PhD) (2005)

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