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         'A Certain Beauty In Un-Resolution... ART;' 
This new catalogue which acts with congruity with my PhD is my life's collected works from 1991-2019.  My doctorate has a methodology of A/r/tography which explicates the (A)rtist, (R)esearcher & (T)eacher and will accompany my PhD's dissertation. It contains both traditional drawing and digital illustration.
The work that has gone into this has simply been a lifelong passion. I have been direct, intentional and resilient in my art-making over a lifetime. The book itself is over 228pp full colour and available as a hard copy, (I can make it out to someone if it is a gift and personalise it!), it is also available on google play, as an Apple iBook on Books.
It makes a wonderful gift and very antipodean / Melburnian coffee table book! 
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'A  Certain  Beauty In Un-Resolution’ is a substantial life-affirming body of work by an artist who is not a passive observer, but a fully-engaged participant. Employing a visual language developed over 20 years that is urgent, sensitive and highly refined, Richard McLean’s visceral response to his world is often confronting. He utilises his considerable technical prowess across traditional and digital media to not merely record life’s myriad nooks and crannies but to question them, with surprising results.'

Strange Currencies of Ego & Soul (2007 Limited Edition)

The entire book for free preview

'Ego & Soul' spans fifteen years of diverse art, made in both good and bad times. I have had a love-hate relationship with this book. It is a 220pp full-colour collection of traditional and digital montages, available from my Etsy store on the right.

This book is not for the faint-hearted and covers a wide spectrum of mindsets-but it does show the spirit of creating art, (the soul), and the corruptable ego. (Hell).

In retrospect, when I thought of the title 'Ego and Soul' it was equating to 'Hell and heaven', quite a telling manifestation of this reality and part of my existential being of visions in this world of both realms.  


Children's Book: 'Grogan the Monster In... What Do You Love?'

(Supporting the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne)

I loved making 'Grogan the Monster' as part of my Masters of Education at Victoria University. A lot of my art is very dark and moody and comes from conflict and trauma, but for once I was allowed to let my inner child shine - this is a book I think I would want to read as a young child. From all accounts the little kids, (and the big kids), love it!

25% of all proceeds from this book benefit the Banksia Unit, Child and Adolescent Mental health at The Royal Children Hospital, Melbourne.

THE SHRINK! ...and you thought you were crazy!

(Black comedy cartoon book about psychiatry)

rich McLean The shrink... and you thought you werte crazy

For those interested in alternative views of psychiatric illness, I recommend also reading:  'What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital',


(A lot of people affected with psychosis I believe are actually 'acute empaths', and need to be guided through in a shamanistic way in order to release healing and self-actualisation to their communities).


This was a fun book to make amid its frustrations and anger! As someone who was diagnosed with 'schizophrenia', twenty years later my diagnosis is unknown, and I argue in my PhD it does not exist.


It just goes to show that although they have all the qualifications and degrees, (and a lot of the time think their shit does not stink!), sometimes the person that is most knowledgeable about their own illness - is the consumer or patient themselves.


This book only took three days to make but much longer to design edit and put together. Again, you can view it for free and order a hard copy if you so desire.


BLURB: 'The Shrink …and you thought you were crazy', is a collection of cartoons that reflect Richard McLean's journey with schizophrenia in terms of navigating psychiatry himself and working with people within the mental health sector in Australia. Sombre yet still poking quirky fun at difficult situations, it is sometimes anti-psychiatry, sometimes self-deprecating, yet full of experiences common to many,  that relate to some profound observations of the difficulties of recovery and care from both sides of therapy, and observes what dis-junctures often go on behind psychiatrists doors!  Richard takes us on a comical, sometimes serious journey where the 'real world' does not seem as 'sane' as you once thought it was!'

Diary of a PhD Researcher; Six Part Interpreted Narratives

This is a fascinating read.

As part of my PhD research, a question was posed to local Year, 11 students:

What do they ethically think it means to be human now and in the future through the lens of technology?

In particular, three things; 1) Artificial Intelligence and B) The coming superintelligence that will C) lead to quantum liberation beyond the 'event horizon', essentially making beings posthuman.

All this despite global catastrophic risks.

You're in for a ride with this!

Back to Basics; 50 Recent Drawings

You can buy a limited edition signed catalogue from my Etsy store below, or you can purchase the catalogue from iBooks or Amazon also.

It chronicles a particular exhibition held at Moorabbin Town Hall in Melbourne in 2012. It has a forward by esteemed writer Stuart Barnes.


It is a lovely solid collection of creativity from that time.


This is a charming iBook or download of my travel sketches from two very different places; Ireland & Morocco.

There is a gallery below.


Ireland & Morocco | DRAWINGS

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