Whistle-blower’s statement and my PID (Public Interest Disclosure), for the immediate attention of IBAC Federal Police and the national Ombudsman.


NOT anonymously by Dr Rich McLean on 28/05/2021.


I have evidence to back up every one of these claims.


It will be added to this page when requested or necessary and when I have my Maslow’s hierarchy of needs met – from authorities I demand an acknowledgement and action.

Also, I demand whistleblowing protections and freedom from litigation incarceration in jail or an institution and freedom from violence.


i.e., a house to stay in gas electricity water secure internet and safety from violence and discrimination, access to an unbiased lawyer with freedom to pursue individuals and other public and private people and bodies.


This may mean moving house under a witness protection program to another address I shall be supported at.

I am very very sick.
I am sick of this shit!
To ask for help is brave
The conspiracy was proven true.

Whistleblower statement

The video below is a story of ASIO conspiracy, murder, suicide, coercive control, tax fraud, perversion of justice, heinous victimisation, corruption, and a collective systemic will for me to die of my own hand and make it look like an accident rather than receive righteous litigation or a chance for justice; so that it may be blamed on 'illness'.

This is for the sole purpose of dehumanising me and robbing me of prosperity freedom, the will to live, and protecting those with lawyers, money privilege and power as opposed to myself - a human rights awarded recovery expert and human rights campaigner who has a public profile and has never had one person have my back nor believe this story.

Despite a systemic malicious conspiracy to pervert the course of justice from the police, government institutions, organisations, places of care or complaint, litigation agencies, human rights defenders, and ultimately this conspiracy to pervert the course of justice has an agenda that rather than afford me justice and compensation including non-prejudiced legal assistance for these evil crimes, the movement has robbed me of all agency, all prosperity, my freedom, and my rights as a democratic citizen of this nation to be afforded rightful and just 'whistleblower' protections, and the right to be valued making a PID (Public Interest Statement).

I have suffered:


  • Officially denied and refused whistleblower protection by the Ombudsman which is a democratic right of a citizen of this country,

  • I have survived suicide twice whilst under the Hippocratic oath, and under the duty of care, and two systemic cover-ups about the injustice, conspiring to deny me a voice and agency to complain therefore censoring my prosperity, conciliation and or litigation,

  • Humiliation at work, in the public eye, on national television and been set up to suffer vile vilification leading to an unjust rejection of my official role at The Age,

  • Financial ruin and bankruptcy,

  • I have been exonerated from my job via being incarcerated against my will and insolvency,

  • Lost my reputation, and been humiliated in the public eye and institutional organisations,

  • Public humiliation, victimisation, gaslighting, been sacrificed and scapegoated,

  • The police refuse to acknowledge my reports of injustice and despite my A-1 impenetrable and undeniable evidence of literal audio recordings of medical malpractice and professional negligence,

  • The police gaslighted and rejected my valid watertight complaint censoring evidence, then I reported that to IBAC – IBAC protected the Police and those with money, lawyers, power and privilege, against me – who has fought for twenty-five years as a human rights campaigner and recovery expert, yet never ever having any litigation or advocate in this twenty-five-year battle,

I demand:

  1. Whistleblower protection IMMEDIATELY

  2. My Maslow's hierarchy of needs met,

  3. Freedom from litigation, or being sued, any harassment, persecution, and discrimination,

  4. The freedom to pursue litigation against any person organisation civil individual or agency I choose,

  5. An unbiased lawyer to follow through with all of my legal issues, and mental health advocate,

  6. Freedom from violence and or incarceration in jail or psychiatric confinement -

  7. Freedom from litigations in any form against me,

  8. My FOI from every agency or organisation/government department/hospital or company, which has been rejected so far,

  9. Protection for my family and friends and legal team – is yet to come.


Dr. Rich McLean is a Whistleblower,
He deserves to be validated by the Federal Police and the National Ombudsman and to be afforded protection as a citizen of Australia. As of 01/06/2021 I have been rejected, rendering me a voiceless victim as a 'free' citizen within my own democracy.

IBAC & Police & Ombudsman - I will know if you have assessed my issue(s) if you download the PDF containing the evidence at the bottom of this page.


Whistle-blower’s statement and my PID: By Dr. Rich Mclean, 28/05/2021.

(To be continually Updated...)

I wish to say I am not suicidal.

So-don't call the CAT team.

Print this off and take it to your local police station and ask why it is I could not report all this to them or make a statement?

Need to know recordings: & summary

A recording that was taken not maliciously - but because I thought I was going insane - Dr. Whitaker formerly of Millenium Medical Clinic-that exposes medical malpractice and professional misconduct and neglect.


I was doing a PhD facing my own childhood sexual abuse I wrote about for my doctorate and spoke of at the state library, and published by The Good Men Project in 2017.


I was under the stress of a Ph.D. and utterly gutted and grief-stricken and bereaved by loss as my dear friend and confidant Nathan Turnley, who had taken his life.

I have lost too many people, and I have died not once but twice under a duty of care.

I fight for myself and the memory of my dear friends.


I explain a technique to kill myself, a plan and a method toi the Dr, I am clearly distressed. He told me 'You're too clever you'll fall between the cracks,'...and that when I begged for a psychologist or psychiatrist, he said 'I don't know anyone.'

As if that were not bad enough, I had seen him for six years, and my FOI states frequent suicidality; in the same session, he gave me a fatal dose of opioids I requested, which i then a few weeks later used to attempt suicide.

Trigger alert: Here is my suicide note as I lay dying that afternoon on 24th Sept 2018..


I ended up complaining to the Health Complaints Commissioner after I survived the suicide and was saddened when I found the angry note I wrote as I lay dying, that I overdosed on medication (opiates) he gave me in the exact same session.


I tried to defend him begging for an apology or conciliation - evidence shows I did not want to harm him - yet my pleas were ignored.


I finally sent the complaint to AHPRA. They made me suffer for a whole year - then covered it up. EVIDENCE


So did NHPOPC the people that investigate AHPRA, EVIDENCE


So I went to the Police - they covered it up, EVIDENCE


So I went to who investigated the police IBAC. They covered it up as well. EVIDENCE


The Mental Health Complaints Commission said I would have a case, 'If you were dead but you're not!' No lawyer would touch it. THEY REJECTED IT

Also implicated are people and other organizations I desperately reached out to.

The CEO of SANE Australia Mr. Jack heath told me to leave it. EVIDENCE

The Victorian Ombudsman rejected it. EVIDENCE

The Mental health Complaints Commissioner rejected it. EVIDENCE

Someone called from 'The Police at Maribyrnong criminal investigations unit', and told me to forget it. SOUND RECORDING

I tried to call the Footscray police station again and again. EVIDENCE

I emailed Chris Roberts the constable who rejected my emails and calls - and I told him in an email he makes me 'feel less than death.' by not answering. EVIDENCE

I was furious about it to NHPOPC who were investigating AHPRA and they too waited and witnessed me - a suicide survivor - in so much distress for over a year before their determination - also rejected it. EVIDENCE

The independent Broad-based Anti Corruption Commission also saw 'nothing to see here.' and every one of them knew about this recording because I had shared it online with every news agency and media channel in the country. THEY REJECTED IT

It was common that an institution or person would handball it to the next person or place saying 'it is outside of our scope' and utilizing complex legal speak and references to legislation I did not understand.

During that time the battle wore my soul thin and I became suicidal. NHPOPC  knew this but waited weeks before emailing me back telling me to see a GP and LifeLines number. EVIDENCE. They told me there can be no FOI from there. EVIDENCE.

I learned 'the waiting game is a methodology many institutions and organizations employ, to 'kick the can down the road', observing as I grew more distressed coupled with multiple pains.

Waiting for me to die, and occasionally emboldening the opportunity for that by deception gaslighting, or giving me dangerous medication, or taking what medication worked away.

People of public office implicated in the cover-up included but not limited to:

The National Health Minister Greg Hunt, EVIDENCE

Labor MP Katie Hall who ironically told me to see a GP, EVIDENCE

Professor Gordon Parker, of the Blackdog institute, told me to 'see my GP' too, EVIDENCE

I spoke with beyond blue, it was pointless, EVIDENCE

I messaged greens senator Justin Steele but he was not interested although i thought he may resonate.

The suicide note mentions my childhood sexual abuse - that I became conscious of in psychology with Dr. MacKinnon. It was another cover-up that came later - and the suicide note is indicative of the shame and the effect the abuse had - especially not being believed - and that the doctors just wanted a quick buck, that my psychologist refused to see me because I was broke.

I would have died a bitter angry man that day. But alas and glad I didn't.



I Got an FOI from AHPRA - I found out his lawyer Mr. Ball of Ball and Associates threatened to sue AHPRA if the recording - or my transcription of it which was allowed and suggested by AHPRA - was used. So-It wasn't.




Neither was the transcription - so my over-year-long battle was neutered and pointless - yet AHPRA still decided no punishment for the GP, not even mild mental health training.


It was so one-sided unequitable unbalanced uneven and unfair and favored him with money power and privilege-he had lawyers, AHPRA had lawyers - NHPOPC had a panel of lawyers - The Police had investigators who sided with him - so did IBAC-everyone had lawyers, I was used to advocating on my own, and I did it simultaneously studying a Ph.D. framed by the Anthropocene and 'The end of humanity', framed by 'Global Catastrophic Risks.', which was stressful enough.


I battled alone not wanting to distress anyone. In time though, the onion layers of who was covering it up became wider and wider, and I published the recording hoping for traction - yet it exposed the crime - they could not sue me - I had no money - they could not put me in jail for trying to kill myself either.

I have learned that the Victorian Legislation for surveillance devices has a clause and exemption (1999) which means if it is to do with your life or liberty or litigation for legal purposes; it is permissible to be heard by a court and not a crime to record.


The GP lost his job,

am banned from the clinic,

He was not even registered as a practitioner or for GST at the time,

I was banned from contacting Millenium medical Centre or going in there,

The place that ran it said never to email them again.

My FOI from there was redacted and took months.

Even the next doctor, Dr. Cooper,  banned me from the clinic, he practiced at after stupidly prescribing me with 2 x boxes of high dose 'grade 1 'Endone' at a time; then accusing me of needing D & A services to continue as a patient., essentially managing me out.



I think 'the conspiracy', was hoping I would kill myself before I got justice. I didn't - then abruptly the second GP-Dr Cooper from Yarraville Family Medical Center, stopped the valium I had taken for ten years immediately, and forced me into instant withdrawal from Endone for my injured back -  broke confidentiality with my psychiatrist, and banned me from the clinic via. a letter unless I went to drug and alcohol rehab and demanded I apologize to the staff.


That's not caring, that's a malicious way to treat a person who had grief issues and fresh from the shame I carried for a lifetime around sexual abuse - and many complexities. Ask me for the evidence.


I have my FOI from Millenium Medical Centre - but it was censored and heavily redacted-, it says I was suicidal for some time, so did my then psychiatrist - and also my psychologist - I (my psychologist 'let me go' after I was savagely assaulted in an affray in Footscray and VOCAT blamed me as 'The principal Agressor', which was utterly incorrect).


the Dancing Dog Cafe had video footage of the incident, but it was rejected from my Police FOI that would have exonerated me from blame and my pathetic result from victims of Crime and The police.


It is not a crime to be sad...


But medical malpractice and professional negligence are - and that's what started the cover-up, that was amplified by my identity being known in the public space as someone who had a 'mental illness, and had, after being fired from being a news graphics artist and Illustrator from 'The Age', in discrimination - was a profound public speaker on mental health advocacy and holistic health for many years.


I tried in vain to report all this a few weeks ago at Flemington Police station, Melbourne, but they would not interview me.


This is the document I wanted to be read out by me and recorded/witnessed by a constable and his superior: 




Yet this is what happened when they found out who I was! LINK TO THE AUDIO OF THE CONSTABLE REJECTING ME

I could not complain - I could not go to the police - I could not go to the Victorian Inspectorate, The Human Rights Commission, The Victorian Ombudsman, anywhere...


I fought a million battles since then - and victimized just because I stuck up for myself.


I am blacklisted from AHPRA the police won't listen to me, (insert FORMER PARTNER Steve Iasonidis here-who was a worker at ASIO and I have knowledge of his crimes below), and my files have disappeared off my computer, I have been hacked, maimed, targeted, victimized, rejected, ostracised and forgotten.

I did not know it yet but my self-advocacy was going to get me framed.


Then after all these years - with me telling the police to investigate - I received my Ph.D. but I was framed for being 'paranoid and insane' - the 'conspiracy' locked me up because I happen to threaten suicide months and months in advance.; I was incarcerated at Werribee psychiatric Hospital,




I was incarcerated and they rejected all my medication and stripped me of my phone did not explain my rights, they took my shoelaces and my robbed me of agency & dignity - they had won. The conspiracy had gaslighted me enough - that they had locked me in the loony bin. I was sad - not mad.


The complexity of how I fought alone with many many people and organizations all alone - well I was going to die a human rights campaigner if I was going to be locked up forever - I bled out on the shower floor for 45 mins after slitting my artery with a banned contraband (glass that was agreed was illegal), - they found me with no blood on the shower floor with the shower running - the FOI from The hospital states it was 'a fatal attempt' and that 'I had 'no observable pulse' when found - still I was interviewed by a panel of psychiatrists and legal people not 24 hours after my attempt.



Still, they fight me.


I made a complaint to the hospital HERE TO THE MENTAL HEALTH COMPLAINTS COMMISSIONER yet - they rejected sending the response to me, (before they got a bank of lawyers to look over it), so- where is MY lawyer? the MHCC are supposed to be impartial.



In the sustained malicious attack one - I wanted to do something - but it was so big - so I got high and made a verbal statement to two friends - yes I was high (because when I was released from the hospital I was squatting, had no food, no car, and no job anymore, and on JobSeeker as my DSP which I was on for years before the amazing DEXAMPHETAMINE TREATMENT MY PSYCHIATRIST RAVED ABOUT IN REGARDS TO ME was rejected. I felt the rush of hedonism and freedom - but my psychiatrist accused me ridiculously of fraud and knowing I needed the dex desperately to have a good life - abandoned me.


I was beaten again - I was so confused at the breadth of what I was facing and I asked two friends to witness me speaking - just so I could sum it all up in one go and get it off my chest.


(This is that statement that sums it up as of a couple of weeks ago),




I am the unwitting center of an elaborate systemic and thorough conspiracy across all levels of government, institutions, legal forms, public organizations, and advocacy groups, and thousands of pawns by individuals in the veneer of many corrupt institutions – essentially protecting those with money power and privilege and utilizing prejudice discrimination and my lack of resources to frame me and exploit my vulnerabilities.


The ‘conspiracy’ is utilising discrimination public shaming, setting me up, and explicitly kicking the can down the road and delay tactics until I am left with nothing: bereft of prosperity and happiness and next to suicidal.


I have an utter lack of litigation support despite my supreme efforts to garner some and fight it all and these people who are many that I cannot fight any longer – are relying on the fact I am now homeless, being in debt, and suffer mental illness due to stress and utterly powerless-which has led to this statement today – simply there is absolutely nothing left to lose, and I have already ‘died’ twice.


Now in my sentience, and my post-death and post-death life; I have a reason to live.


Justice and acknowledgment, to have enough to simply live that I may live in peace and continue to help people.



My situation as of 28/05/2021:


  • I am squatting – ( Thanks to my brother for covering last two months rent),

  • I have no home, no one to cry to,

  • time is running out.

  • I have already suicided twice and survived, once under GP Dr Whitaker formerly of Millennium medical centre, and once at Werribee Mercy public hospital after my incarceration,

  • Both have been covered up.

  • I have no agency to act with litigation,

  • and have struggled my whole life.

  • I have been:

  • Publicly shamed,

  • Gaslighted,

  • Unacknowledged,

  • Rejected,

  • Conspired against,

  • Discriminated against,

  • Used,

  • Raped,

  • Had my issues silenced and covered up,

  • Refused litigation,

  • Lost my reputation,

  • Lost family and been rejected by most of them,

  • I have lost my job.

  • I am in debt and homeless if not for my brother,

  • Lost money and income,

  • Lost insurance and income assist and denied Workcover,

  • Denied a DSP,

  • Forced to bankruptcy,

  • Threatened personally and professionally by institutions, publicly and anonymously by known and unknown people,

  • Exonerated from my job via incarceration and being insolvent,

  • Shamed victimised and taken advantage of,

  • My reputation desecrated and the media framed me and ruined my reputation,

  • Been fired illegally and discriminated against, and it was covered up,

  • Refused to be acknowledged by legal services,

  • Refused by inpatient units, (When i did need it),

  • Refused to be able to make a statement to the police,

  • Subject to corruption at VCAT and refused my superannuation entitlements despite the evidence,

  • Professionally and publicly blacklisted,


All I have to act is sentience intelligence powerful knowledge and endless evidence

Otherwise, I own a computer a bed consciousness, and my beautiful dog.

The time is now.

This has been my life, and I have given so much in altruism with no reward but further marginalization.



I have been systemically and maliciously and intently ruined in social political legal and social and human rights ways – and blacklisted - – just for sticking up for myself – and this is victimisation.


  • I wish to state I am not presently suicidal.


  • I do not plan to kill myself.


  • This is to avoid incarceration= which I know is planned as a methodology to silence this statement.


The methodologies of how this has been allowed to occur for the main issues of the cover-up and the conspiracy to maim destroy and ruin me in every way stem from and have their genesis in:


  • I wrote a tell-all book on my experience of ‘my struggles’ and subject to public humiliation rejection stigma and persecution.


  • I became involved in a five-year relationship which was a poisonous transaction with a narcissistic criminal who utilised coercive control to destroy me and threatens me to this day who worked for ASIO and is given protection for his tax fraud and i have knowledge he was present at more than one murder,


  • I survived a suicide attempt through all the distress and the death of a dear friend – the person I was under the ‘care’ of was Dr. John Whitaker formerly of Millennium medical center. The whole thing started a sequence of events that is literally unbelievable, a sustained and malicious way of deleting evidence i had and covering up the recording to protect the doctor,

  • So – in effect, I was framed and victimized, silenced, rejected, gaslighted, and blacklisted.


  • Further, I was victimised by police and maimed because no one understood my private hell in which I was systemically and consistently marginalised for a period of over five years, ten if you count the stress of the poisonous relationship in which I was engaged to him.


  • Further to gain traction for this injustice, which was impossible to comprehend, and I was victim-blamed via prejudice for ‘being paranoid’ and ‘not acting in my best interests for my mental health’, I threatened to kill myself months in advance.


  • Instead of anyone acknowledging my concerns which is shameful, concerned people and my family institutionalized me. The police loved it, as I had been familiar with them, and they loved the idea of locking me up. I was treated without human dignity – and I thought the conspiracy had won – I was disturbed by my lack of medication they rejected me and stripped me of all identity.


  • I was going to die a human rights campaigner and the coroner’s report would see I had been screaming for help for years – and my ‘conspiratorial’ and ‘paranoid’ ideas were utterly correct. So I killed myself. The FOI says It was ‘fatal’ and that I had no observable pulse after I bled out after cutting my artery open and bleeding out for about 45 minutes.


  • I lodged a complaint, 9so many), and again it was maliciously and systemically and prolonged gaslighting rejection and covered up; with full knowledge that I was becoming incredibly distressed.


I can’t fight forever nor alone.


So - What are the main drivers and methodologies of the ‘conspiracy’ exploits in me? And why?


  • The reason is to protect those in power with more legal privilege than myself who has none.


  • The conspiracy angles prejudice discrimination private and public shaming ostracization rejection neglecting and ignoring me and gaslighting tactics to kick the can down the road until I am maliciously maimed and have no leg to stand on or a penny in my pocket.


  • They rely on the fact I can get no legal help and am blacklisted from many organizations.


  • ASIO knows who I am and what I know because my computer has been hacked and my communications intercepted.






The crimes I am reporting: (Or attempted to!)


  1. Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice,

  2. Tax evasion,

  3. A cover-up by ASIO,

  4. Disability discrimination,

  5. Blacklisting my name with no legal precedent,

  6. A movement to deny me justice and maim me in all ways – even to kill me then cover it up,

  7. Medical malpractice by Dr. Whitaker and many at Werribee mercy hospital,

  8. Professional negligence,

  9. Rape,

  10. More malpractice giving 2 x boxes of a-grade endone to a clearly suicidal patient

  11. Doctor confidentiality broken

  12. Being abandoned in duty of care by psychiatrists

  13. Threatened to be fraudulent by an associate professor of psychiatry ending up in my ostracization knowing full well this would maim me,,

  14. A relationship based on coercive control who discriminated against me in physical emotional and used me financially and set me up and also threatened hit men when I attempted legal and just separation of assets,

  15. A cover-up from Monash Law,

  16. Car theft and theft of other goods,

  17. Intimidation including threats of death and standover tactics,

  18. Being set up and kicking the can down the road – with matter-of-fact evidence I am again clearly suicidal, and in this way, they hoped I would kill myself and supplied the means,

  19. Childhood sexual abuse,

  20. A magistrate who was prejudiced,

  21. lawyers that acted without mercy and refused to provide a legal outcome even though it had been heard by the magistrate,

  22. I have information on drug trafficking,

  23. I have information on my former partner investing 1.2 million dollars in an offshore tax haven then avoiding jail because of his secret links to ASIO and protection,

  24. Centrelink deception and refusal for a DSP,

  25. Domestic violence,

  26. PID cover-up,,

  27. IBAC cover-up,

  28. Victorian Inspectorate cover-up,

  29. IMHA cover-up,

  30. Being neglected rejected and gaslighted responses from many because of my poor ew\memory that my ‘carers’ aware of,

  31. Standover tactics to reject medication I need,

  32. Abandonment of duty of care by a public hospital,

  33. A systemic cover-up I can prove,

  34. Evidence being illegally withdrawn from an office of public authority including the Australian medical review Board,

  35. Me being discriminated against by IPC and two medical practices – banned,

  36. Corrupt police who have heard me speak of these crimes and were completely complicit in its cover-up,

  37. IBAC corruption,

  38. AHPRA corruption,

  39. Australian medical review Board is cooked,

  40. Australian medical review Board utterly anonymous and corrupt,

  41. I have been systemically and unbelievably denied litigation by every no win no fee agency,

  42. Cover up by Monash Community Law,

  43. NHPOPC corrupt and cover-up,

  44. Victorian Ombudsman corruption,

  45. The police will not acknowledge me – corruption,

  46. I reported the first instance of medical malpractice to the Royal Commission and not a thing was said or reacted to, and I made it public,

  47. I cannot access WorkCover, and denied my claim,

  48. HCF has a bank of lawyers covering up my claim and I don’t have litigation - and have ruthlessly watched as the stress of not being paid valid income protection from an illness that did not exist before and becoming bereft of finance led me to hospitalization,

  49. Comsure through the NDIA where I earned my wage for two years have rejected my worker's compensation claim knowing full well I am homeless and deserving,

  50. The MHCC is supposed to be an impartial complaints resolution but has acted with a stand-in lawyer who has rejected sending me the response of my complaint to Werribee hospital, proving she is complicit in the cover-up in a way that is unequal, inequitable, and takes advantage of my stress distress and situation.,

  51. The office of the chief psychiatrist covering it all p telling me: ‘you can’t kill yourself every time you don’t get what you want!’ – evidence.,

  52. The national ombudsman rejected my Whistleblowing statement and in addition to my PID – (Public Interest Disclosure),

This is a democratic right in Australia for a free citizen that has whistleblowing protections by law including freedom from litigation and being sued, and freedom to press charges and have the whole cover-up investigated and all my evidence acknowledged.


In addition, freedom from discrimination, bullying, standover tactics, public humiliation, and access to basic care for my living needs to be met framed by all of this including an unbiased lawyer across federal law and discrimination law.

Without a public nor federal acknowledgment from the police nor authorities - – they are trying to kill me.


They will stop at nothing.


I have nothing, but I would rather have died and be remembered for exposing the truth on my website as a human rights campaigner and the many crimes exposed, and if I had have died in my incarceration - the coroners' report would have agreed that I am the victim of a conspiracy.

Even the hospital discharge notes expressed by a psychiatrist identify I am NOT paranoid and I am NOT delusional.


  • I am proud of who I am and my achievements and,


  • I am not mad or paranoid.

When I was discharged after my incarceration and suicide in Werribee mercy the treating psychiatrist noted I was:


  • neither psychotic

  • nor delusional –

  • but had been adversely reactive to all the stress that is based in fact resulting in a ‘main diagnosis’ of ‘adjustment disorder’. This stemmed from years of abuse neglect and prejudice/injustice.


This is a new diagnosis. It has not existed before.

Mine leaving work for the NDIS (paid. by the NDIA) -  was a reaction to my stress of dealing with a client who suffered child sexual abuse and child rapes I cannot name out of respect - and legal - but i was triggered and www.yourlawyer.com.au did not give me an outcome I fought for 3.5 years and the magistrate when I begged her for a response told me 'I was doomed to fail from the start.' - That's colorful language to a sexual abuse survivor.


In the three months since I have left the hospital with no money, no food, squatting, and incredibly vulnerable and under investigation – I did not see a psychiatrist for three months and two days in person at Saltwater Clinic – an extension under Mercy Hospital.


Saltwater Clinic again rejected my legal need for dexamphetamine to treat my ADHD and drug-resistant depression ADHD without a valid reason, except to say; 'it is policy’, not to prescribe it despite an associate professor Dr. David Horgan acknowledging that I had ADHD and need to have dex for my well being.


They victim-blamed me stating I was paranoid, refused to let go of threatening me with incarceration in the psychiatric unit.


This is more than just ‘a bad public mental health system’, it was a malicious attempt to maim me and reject any support in my desperate need for assistance - that I so desperately was screaming for as I had done my whole life and explicitly in the last eight or so months.


Including up until today.


Dr Rich Mclean




As per whistleblowing statements and complaints to the commonwealth ombudsman, I will expect a response within ten days.


IBAC has rejected me and so did the commonwealth ombudsman - that is why this is now public.

I will be posting my evidence in weeks to come.

That also includes recordings I have made on the telephone.

According to the Victorian surveillance devices act - there is an exemption to re-cord anyone if it has to do with your survival or legal rights and will be acknowledged in court. I don't think I am doing anything wrong nor illegal by publishing this.


A conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

I will name and shame those complicit here in the coming days, their roles, and their positions, and what they did, to assist in the cover up:






Bereft of power or agency to act, speak up with any outcomes of justice - and I will either:

  1. Die,

  2. Be Killed,

  3. Destitute (Already happened),

  4. Incarcerated set up or jailed or institutionalized, (Already happened),

  5. Make any suicide look like an accident, and blame 'mental illness.'


I have evidence in the following documents and recordings, that prove this elaborate victimisation and cover-up:


  1. Telephone and,

  2. interview recordings,

  3. Documents from agencies and,

  4. Evidence from all institutions and people above that:

  5. Expose each of these institutions individuals and organizations, as corrupt and complicit in the conspiracy to maim me and destroy me for the above-mentioned reasons.

IBAC, and federal police:: I need the entire thing investigated.

I have been destroyed in all ways, in prosperity, human rights, compensation, corrupt magistrates, right to equitable and unbiased legal assistance, via vehicles of:


  1. Intelligence operations,

  2. Oppression,

  3. Blacklisting,

  4. Stigma,

  5. Prejudice,,

  6. Discrimination,

  7. Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.



And I personally have been:


  • neglected healthcare,

  • treated with prejudice,

  • gaslighted,

  • Sexually abused,

  • not listened to nor acknowledged,

  • abandoned,

  • Ignored,

  • rejected, and I,

  • have not had the agency for litigation,

  • Right to a fair trial,

  • Not been appointed. a community lawyer,

  • homeless and squatting and,

  • Bereft of power or an organization to report to,

  • Been effectively gagged and silenced by the powers that be.


IBAC, and federal police:: I need the entire thing investigated.


Otherwise - they will kill me - or render me bereft of support fair trial and prosperity, and you will and already have been complicit because I have already dies not once but twice under the care of a GP and a Hospital under a duty of care whilst incarcerated,


I remind you all:


  1. I have already overdosed and should be dead due to medical malpractice and professional negligence not once but twice,

  2. I have fought all of this by myself with zero help whilst navigating stress and being unwell,

  3. Been denied medical care,

  4. Denied a DSP,

  5. Denied income protection due to assumed 'illness',

  6. Denied a lawyer,

  7. Being denied justice from the before mentioned,

  8. Refused litigation services,

  9. Been victimised,

  10. Being prejudiced against,

  11. Either I am ‘too mad’ or ‘not mad enough’ depending on who is paying,

  12. Been ‘set up’ and been maimed financially and professionally,

  13. The center of a conspiracy protecting those with money power and privilege,

  14. the unwilling participant in I believe a plot to protect my former partner as he is protected being a former ASIO employee,

  15. I am the unwitting center of an elaborate conspiracy I want to be exposed for my justice issues to be heard received valued and given a fair trial.

    I will post my evidence in the coming days/weeks in this document below:




I have suffered:


  • Suicide death twice,

  • Injury,

  • Humiliation,

  • Financial ruin,

  • Lost my job,

  • Lost my reputation,

  • Public humiliation.

I demand:

  1. My Maslow's hierarchy of needs met,

  2. Freedom from litigation, harassment, persecution, and discrimination,

  3. The freedom to pursue litigation against anyone I choose,

  4. An unbiased lawyer and mental health advocate,

  5. Freedom from violence and or incarceration in jail or psychiatric confinement -

  6. Freedom from litigations in any form against me,

  7. Protection for my family and friends and legal team - yet to come.


There was a death at Werribee Mercy hospital in May 2021, of a nationally celebrated human rights campaigner, author and Dr.


The victim was found ‘with no observable pulse’ and was ‘unresponsive’.


The FOI from the hospital says that the incident was quote ‘Fatal.’


It was with agreed illegal contraband that the victim killed himself which is acknowledged.


However, they pumped him full of blood-miraculously he survived.


The victim has evidence I would like you to bear witness to of:


  • His ‘fatal’ death, committed under a duty of care with an agreed ‘illegal contraband’,

  • Medical malpractice,

  • Abandonment of human rights charter,

  • Misdiagnosis, and professional negligence,

  • Failure to explain patient rights,

  • Confiscated his communication devices which is illegal,

  • Refused him a lawyer or advocate,

  • All this was based on prejudice stemming from an already existing elaborate conspiracy to maim him,




A new systemic silent campaign and conspiracy to silence this crime.


This is by :


  • Werribee Mercy Hospital and Saltwater Clinic,

  • The Health Complaints Commissioner,
    The Mental health Complains Commissioner,

  • The Office of The Information Commissioner, (who rejected his FOI’s), and then following that -

  • Footscray Police,

  • Federal Police.


This is a conspiracy perverting the course of justice, protecting money power and privilege as opposed to the victim, who has no one to turn to and has zero prosperity and support.


He has permanent injuries following the suicide attempt.

  • Unable to feel his feet as a result of losing all his blood, with

  • Probable brain damage affecting his thought and balance.

  • Psychological injuries of survivors guilt and risk-taking.


Incredibly - he has systemically been denied a psychologist and psychiatrist, despite the ‘psychiatric labels’ he has, or any support.


He is denied medication and legal help via the MHLC and MHCC and has tried in vain to gain litigation opportunities to resolve the issue amicably with the hospital.


He was rejected by his local mental health support Salt Water Clinic where he was referred to for case management with just a number to call; and was released from the hospital without a job, capacity to pay rent, no car, no money, and no food.


This is not follow up care.


Saltwater Clinic is an arm of the very hospital that covered up the injustice.


that is compliant with the covert up because he complained to the hospital.


The hospital has now blacklisted him from all contact. It does not stop there.


He is additionally blacklisted from engaging in any way with the following bodies:


  • The HCC,

  • MHCC, and

  • The Police,

  • MHLC,

  • AHPRA,


  • VMIAC,

  • HREOC,

  • AFCA

  • The Federal Police

  • His health insurer HCF

  • OPA

  • The Victorian inspectorate

  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

  • Geelong magistrates court

  • People who investigate lawyers wrongdoing

  • A magistrate denied him traction in his own three year battle of his child sexual abuse case where he was the victim.

  • OCP


They are all complicit with this conspiracy to pervert the course for justice and deny his human rights and destroy his voice3 and any prosperity.


He saw a psychiatrist twice in seven months; at Salt Water Clinic in Footscray:


Once to introduce him, and the second to invite him in to officially sever the relationship. Exonerating him from care.


This is more than a bad public mental health system or a disagreement.


It is an elaborate conspiracy designed to intelligently maim him and pervert the course of justice in the hope that he may die of his own hand in poverty before he gets heard.


The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist told him, ‘You can’t just kill yourself every time you don’t get what you want.’


The victim is fighting alone against an immense wall of blacklisting and rejection and gaslighting.


The people at the helm of the cover-up at the organisations and institutions and or complicit in the conspiracy are the following names institutions and email addresses:


( To send this complaint of injustice to them all please CLICK HERE)


Werribee Mercy is

HCC is


The Police is







HCF is

OPA is

The Victorian Inspectorate is


OCP is



Also co-operating with this movement are notable persons of interest:


MP Greg Hunt

MP Katie Hall

CEO Chair Jack heath

Blackdog institute chair Gordon Parker


The victim has a PhD and was running his own business for years.


This is before the rejection of his child sexual abuse complaint framed by the difficulty he faced seeing a client who had his own child incest and rape issues.


The Victim compiled a VOCAT case for the client, although his own VOCAT case was thrown out.


This is the reason he left work.


It was not mental illness related as per this evidence from his GP:




HCF owe him his income protection. Now he is most likely TPD that is $75000

The National insurer Comcare have rejected his work cover, to the tune of 1.2 million dollars.

AFCA has refused to acknowledge him and blacklisted him from contacting them despite many determinations that are overdue. $300-100000

He has yet to gain a conciliation from his death in hospital $500-$1000000


He is owed more than $3-4 million dollars.


He has stated the first to get his case acknowledged by an ombudsman or gain him a voice that results in his just compensation will receive $15000. If you are pivotal in his whistleblower status he will gift you $30000.

All you need to do is:




He reserves the right to pursue litigation against people and he requests to be a whistleblower.


His name is Dr Rich Mclean his email is :



Name, Title


First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win...

This PDF needs to be downloaded to acknowledge my complaint because it contains the evidence.

I will know you have downloaded and examined it because it needs a password to open.

I've been fighting for so long I cant comprehend it, I think I may have some brain damage from the affray when I was hospitalised in 2007.

This is therefore a dump of evidence i have that are phone recordings and other recordings made in person

I give a brief outline of what is is and why is is a crim e

Dr Whitakers layer Dr Ball telling AHPRA not to use recording or transcription:


05.03.2020 Footscray Police:


27/04/2- tax department evidence


22/04/2021 Jade and Adam saltwater Clinic refusing medication despite diagnosis


18.04.2021 Salt Water Clinic - Raj, still not giving me medication


04.18.2021 The crisis assessment team - I am clearly NOT suicidal


To save time,

here is a download link of Mp4 files 9audio)


This is valid until my birthday 2011.

April 8th.

In it are the following files:

30.04.2021 Interview with Dr moore for my workcover claim

31.10.20 Maribrynong criminal investigations unit telling me without identifying themselves to move on and forget it

10.01.2019 AHPRA tell me they wont use the recording - their lawyers advice bound by dr whitakers lawyer

10.01.2019 gemma mainland from AHPRA discusses the recording


'08.10.2019 gemma mainland wont talk when recorded terminates call

30.01.2020 im chatting to lifeline distressed

30.04.2021 Issues with being paid by my NDIS client admin

30.01.2020 left a message for christopher roberts footascray police - he does not call back - blacklisted

06.02.2020 VOCAT will send lawyers for my case

21.12.20 NRMA are underwritten by TAL who insured me before

22.03.2021 I speak with HCF I say i will expect nothing less than my income assistance payout with Pavani senior management

22.03.2021. my plan manager problem - the NDIS refuse to pay me?

22.03.2021 HCF: senior management and scott nevin reject paying income assist or insurance for being in hospital for over two weeks

22.03.2021I speak with salt water clinic

23.01.2021HCF say they will 'call back'about my in come protection

23.04.2021 Mitch from HCC wont acknowledge me

24.03 2021 Alyssa from my plan manager attempts to stop me from workiking - conspiracy

25.03.2021 Another lawyer rejects me

25.03.2021. Butterworth my psychiatrist refuses to call back from salt water clinic

25.03.2021 Butterworth psychiatrtist first phone call-she reduses my medication and utterly hopeless. I see her after hospitalisation first in person THREE MONTHS and TWO DAYS after I was released

25.03.2021 rejection maurice blackburn lawyers

25.03.2021 slatewr and gordon rejection paula pulitano

26.03.2021 ANZ cant tell me why my credit card is calcelled but says I owe them (?)

12.03.2021 AAMI hear my distress and send Vicky from Uniting care but is hopeless

12.04.2021 Dr carly From Saltwater calls in sick. I leave message for adam case manager - does not call back

12.04.2021 an epic conversation with adam - from salt water - he cant help - a hopeless situation

13.04.2021 still fighting with Shannon brooks from HCF - she claims they cant pay because I have a mental illness - but she also cannot identify what it is I have apart from streess and anxiety that HCF caused ?)

13.07.2020 I grill kerry Gummel;l from psychologist on parade about Robert Mackinnon

13.07 (20??) I contact TAL insurance about my insurance (cant remember)

14.12.2020 after AHPRA and NHPOPC cover up the whitaker case someone called Mark BrayBrook from AHPRA calls then never contacts me again nor responds to emails

15.02.2021 I call the overdose line because people have appeared exploting my occassional drug use and  have shallow breathing afraid i might die

15.02.2021 I accuse simon kellet of kicking the can down the road and covering up paying me - he says his manager will call the next day but he does not

05.02.2020 AHPRA say they will call back - but they never do

05.03.2020 I call Footscray police AGAIN

06.02.2020 preya mackenzie from NHPOPC decides that my case with AHPRA and dr whitaker and the australian medical review board is justified and she is obviously notng my distress

06.04.2021 Berryl lawyers I speak to about AFCA and HCF casse but they ultimately reject me

06.04.2021 berryl and watson lawyers reject my HCF case

06.04.2021 somehow a lawyer calling me about the HCF case is not the lawyer that was supposed to call me - she cancells

07.04.2021 Jade the psychotherapist from salt water i call and leave a message i cant make it.

07.04.2021 Stella Qwonh the psychiatrist also rejects me and my dex and exonerates herself saying I am not her patient - although she kindly left me dexamphetamine on the porch!

07.12.20 ARAVIND police social workewr nothing came of it

07.12.20 I call victorian legal aid with no outcome

06.02.2021 'Sue' from Monash family law states they will no longer support me as i bought ebidence of tax fraud and criminal matters about my former partner

08.04.2021 shine lawyers cannot assist with medical negligence nor in jury (?)

09.02.2021 HCF life insurance hang up on me (again)


Statement from 23.05.2021


My whistleblower statement and evidence to IBAC and the federal police:


by Dr. Richard Mclean.


FACTCHECK from https://asic.gov.au/



Whistleblowers play an important role in identifying and calling out misconduct and harm to consumers and the community. To encourage whistleblowers to come forward with their concerns and protect them when they do, the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) gives certain people legal rights and protections as whistleblowers.

From 1 July 2019, the whistleblower protections in the Corporations Act have been expanded to provide greater protections for whistleblowers. This will include requiring public companies, large proprietary companies, and corporate trustees of APRA-regulated superannuation entities to have a whistleblower policy from 1 January 2020.

Information for companies, company officers and company auditors

Company officers, company auditors, and other senior people within companies have obligations under the Corporations Act if they receive a report from a whistleblower. Unless these people handle the whistleblower report correctly, they may breach the Corporations Act obligations.

The whistleblower protections include criminal offences and civil penalties for a person causing or threatening to cause detriment to a whistleblower or breaching a whistleblower's confidentiality, including during an investigation into the whistleblower's concerns.

Handling whistleblower disclosures

Public companies, large proprietary companies, and corporate trustees of APRA-regulated superannuation entities must have a whistleblower policy from 1 January 2020. Among other things, the whistleblower policy must include information about the legal protections available to whistleblowers, and how a company will investigate whistleblower disclosures and protect whistleblowers from detriment.

ASIC has released Regulatory Guide 270 Whistleblower policies (RG 270) to help companies and other entities establish a whistleblower policy that complies with the legal obligations. It also contains our good practice guidance on implementing and maintaining a whistleblower policy.

Even if your company is not required to have a whistleblower policy under the law, we encourage you to put in place arrangements for handling whistleblower disclosures. For those companies that are not required to have a whistleblower policy, our guidance in this information sheet may help you develop these whistleblower arrangements. These arrangements may form part of the governance arrangements for your company. RG 270 may also assist entities that are not required to have a whistleblower policy but are required to manage whistleblowing in accordance with the Corporations Act.

This is why I am speaking out as a whistleblower:

I have been the unwilling participant in an elaborate conspiracy to rob me of legal rights, prosperity, freedom, discriminate against me, incarcerate me, kill me, and I will be killed or maimed, nor will I suffer rejection be a victim in a conspiracy, has litigation held over me or blackmailed, not get the treatment I deserve in. litigation and health or fairness to access to a lawyer.

I reserve and demand the right to be protected, in all ways, physically, emotionally, medically, and in regards to freedom, freedom from incarceration in prison or in a psychiatric institution.


I deserve and demand as a whistleblower to have basic needs met free from litigation, threats, prosecution, or from any setup.

I am NOT mad and I am NOT suicidal.


The pointy end of it is I went to the police to report:


  • Rape

  • Fraud

  • Tax Fraud

  • Drug trafficking

  • Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

  • Disability discrimination

  • Conspiracy

  • Medical malpractice by at least four drs and psychiatrist and many more from a public hospital

  • My own two preventable suicides in which I survived

  • Corruption at every level

  • Victimisation

  • Institutions and organisations maliciously watching me get sicker and more suicidal without acting

  • Failure to act ethically by many institutions and government

  • Cover up

  • Inequity injustice and prejudice in terms of the agencies I can complain t and how corrupt they are via victimisation prejudice and neglect and to cover up the crimes of my former partner Steve (Stefen) Iasonidis

  • Domestic abuse

  • Standover tactics

  • Coercive control

    Once they knew who I was as expected they refused to listen to me or interview me.






I have complained to:


(All with zero result, acknowledgement compensation or support, and denied justice)

  1. HCC

  2. AHPRA



  5. Dr Whitaker

  6. Dr McCurdy

  7. Dr Cooper

  8. Dr MacKinnon

  9. Dr Kumar

  10. Dr Somer

  11. Dr Horgan

  12. Jack heath, former CEO of SANE Australia,

  13. Professor Gordon Parker, (Former (?) head of Black Dog Institute,

  14. Patrick Mcgorry,

  15. News channels -perhaps now you will listen?

  16. MP Katie Hall,

  17. MP Justin Steele,

  18. MP Greg Hunt,

  19. Millenium Medical centre, IPH Health,

  20. Yarraville family Medical Clinic,

  21. Monash Law,

  22. Footscray police, Contstable Chris Roberts, (Plus ‘unknown’ investigators),

  23. Kensington Police, Constable Darryl McCully,

  24. Maribyrnong Criminal Investigations Unit

  25. The Federal Police, (Blocked ISP)

  26. IBAC

  27. AFCA ( I will not mention names here yet - because I have a lot of cases there that have a potential outcome and they have threatened to immediately drop all my cases should I name and shame),

  28. Department of human services, (Names Un known of course),

  29. The Victorian Inspectorate

  30. The Victorian ombudsman

  31. IBAC and PID

  32. The National Ombudsman

  33. The Australian Human Rights Commission

  34. Commonwealth ombudsman

  35. VOCAT

  36. www.yourlawyer.com.au

  37. People inspecting lawyers obligations (forget who they are),

  38. Fairfax

  39. Northwest Area mental health Clinic

  40. VMIAC

  41. HCF insurance

  42. IMHA

  43. Bendigo Bank

  44. Mental health Legal Centre

  45. The Crisis Assessment Team from Mercy Hospital, including multiple police officers from Maribyronig Sunshine and Footscray Police Stations, and the Maribyrnong criminal investigations unit,

  46. Werribee Mercy Hospital & associated Salt Water Clinic, for not only a ‘poor public mental Health System’, yet by systemically disadvantaging me from life-saving medication in a malicious attempt at ‘kicking the can down the road’ until I am bereft of all support, finance, agency, and any litigation power, they exhibited victimization prejudice and medical malpractice towards me,

  47. The powers that oversaw Monash Law family Clinics,

  48. The powers that oversaw The HCC,

  49. The powers that oversaw The mental health Complaints Commissioner,

  50. The Herald-Sun

  51. Fairfax

  52. SANE Australia



And many many more with no traction or justice.


I have been destroyed in all ways, in prosperity, human rights, compensation, corrupt magistrates, right to equitable and unbiased legal assistance, via vehicles of:



  1. Intelligence operations

  2. Oppression

  3. Blacklisting

  4. Stigma

  5. Prejudice

  6. Discrimination

  7. Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice



And I personally have been:


  • neglected my medication,

  • treated with prejudice,

  • gaslighted,

  • Sexually abused

  • not listened to nor acknowledged

  • abandoned,

  • Ignored

  • rejected, and I

  • have not had the agency for litigation

  • Right to a fair trial

  • Not been appointed. a community lawyer

  • homeless and squatting and

  • Bereft of power or an organisation to report to

  • Been effectively gagged and silenced by the powers that be.


This is their malicious plan - to witness me as they have, with great pleasure and - becoming...

Bereft of power or agency to act, speak up with any outcomes of justice - and I will either:


  1. Die

  2. Be Killed

  3. Destitute (Already happened)

  4. Incarcerated set up or jailed or institutionalized, (Already happened),

  5. Make any suicide look like an accident


I have evidence in the following documents and recordings, that prove this elaborate victimisation and cover-up:


  1. telephone and

  2. interview recordings

  3. documents from agencies and

  4. evidence from all institutions and people above that

  5. expose each of these institutions individuals and organizations, as corrupt and complicit in the conspiracy

IBAC, and federal police:: I need the entire thing investigated.


Otherwise - they will kill me- and you will and already have been complicit because I have already dies not once but twice under the care of a GP and a Hospital under a duty of care whilst incarcerated,


I remind you all:


  1. I have already overdosed and should be dead due to medical malpractice and professional negligence not once but twice

  2. I have fought all of this by myself with zero help whilst navigating stress and being unwell

  3. Been denied medical care

  4. Denied a DSP

  5. Denied income protection due to assumed 'illness'

  6. Denied a lawyer

  7. Being denied justice from the before mentioned

  8. Refused litigation services

  9. Been victimised

  10. Being prejudiced against

  11. Either I am ‘too mad’ or ‘not mad enough’ depending who is paying

  12. Been ‘set up’ and been maimed financially and professionally

  13. The centre of a conspiracy protecting those with money power and privilege

  14. the unwilling participant in I believe a plot to protect my former partner as he is protected being a former ASIO employee

  15. I am the unwitting center of an elaborate conspiracy I want to be exposed for my justice issues to be heard received valued and given a fair trial.

    I will post my evidence in the coming days/weeks in this document below:




I have suffered:


  • Suicide death twice

  • Injury

  • Humiliation

  • Financial ruin

  • Lost my job

  • Lost my reputation

  • Public humiliation


I am releasing this to IBAC yet they say they cannot consider:



-merits of a judicial decision or order


What can IBAC do then?

Federal police? Are your hands tied too?

This is from 25.05.2021

This is Dr Rich Mclean.


This is my whistleblower statement - I urge you to listen.


It is at website:




It is for IBAC and the federal Police


This is a statement I made to friends in my confusion which sums it up:




(I think its a garage band file),


I organised to meet at Flemington Police Station on the 19th:




This is my conversation with Constable just now at Flemington Police Station…he was lovely. (25.05.2021):






This is my last conversation with Ms Alex Tinter, my representative at MHCC, who I have tried in vain to contact, (she is also a lawyer I found out!) - she is to do with the cover up below:


She refuses to send me the result of my complaint from Werribee mercy hospital. Has been over two weeks now!






I am a 2 x suicide survivor which has been entirely preventable.


I am the victim of a nationwide systemic brutal malicious conspiracy.





I attended Flemington Police Station on 19/05/2021 at 1pm to report crimes and he refused to acknowledge me. 


That was Constable darryl McCully. He gave me a phone number of 9371 6100, and an email address, which is bogus of VP46656@police.vic.gov.au


I am just about to ring them and get the station managers email to send this to. I will record it as evidence.


I am a whistleblower. …and I demand protection.



25.05.2021 writing today:




I am currently on the phone to Suzanne from reception at Weribee mercy Hospital, and she tells me that feedback@mercy.com.au is the right email address to get my response from the hospital with the complaint I raised about my incarceration there over three months ago in which I attempted suicide.


I have also evidence of sending this below on 20th May 2021 (Below-no response).


 I have received no response from MHCC nor mercy Hospital, although Ms Alex Tinter has confirmed a response from Werribee mercy to my complaint - but utterly refuses to send it to me, unedited, or indeed, at all.


In addition - I went to the police on last Friday at Flemington, to report a conspiracy to pevert the course of justice, however I did not mention this case but now I will send this email and publish it on my whistleblower page.


This is the conversation in which the Constable Darryl McCully rejected to interview me.




He refused to speak with me, unless it was a crime. I was telling him crimes! I told him I would go to IBAC but I have been there and they covered up an issue I had already.


This cover up and the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice IS a very serious crime.


I have done nothing wrong.


However, because of the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, once Constable McCully knew my name, he only wanted to know my former partners name, one of the two genesis points whereby this conspiracy stems from.


Genesis point 1:


One is because of my association with a criminal who was my former partner being protected by ASIO and I have:


1) Knowledge of him being present at a murder,

2) disability discrimination and him using coercive control to maim and ruin me,

3) That he sold coccaine to buy a property in Abbotsford. I told him to sell it because it has bad energy. He did - and he invested it in an offshore tax haven, 1.2 million $, he was caught and given a slap on the wrist because he was covered by ASIO.

4) that I had nothing to do with. He deceptively cheated on me, and left me homeless and squatting. I was living off a nest egg from a payout and he was earning hundreds of thousands per year, whist he utilised coercive control to keep me on a disability pension that both Centrelink and ASIO know about.

5) I attempted to come c lean about the pension even though it was not legal to marry yet, (we were engaged0, and he demanded and utilised coercive manipulative control to force me back on it,

6) I have tried to reach a family law conciliation with him, however I have lost at every turn, and when the seriousness of these allegations come up - someone else steps in and denies me litigation.

7) the method is to utilise my lack of finance and poverty and ‘perceived’ illness to bury me.


This is also because of genesis point 2:


1) I non maliciously recorded a conversation between a GP and I in which I allege medical malpractice and professional negligence. (I told him I was suicidal he did not act and gave me a fatal overdose I then utilised to try and kill myself),

2) I defended the GP I wanted him to keep his job and would not take it to AHPRA because I liked him - but requested a conciliation. I did not know the recording was so watertight that it would be covered up by:


a) The HCC then by

b) AHPRA then by

c) NHPOPC then by

d) The police then by

e) IBAC then by


…and so on and so on… many other named below which have resulted in my disability discrimination and my victimisation of my person by police and the powers that be.




In addition, they (the conspiracy), rely on the fact that I have no money, am squatting and no power because ASIO have my partners back, and the powers that be, including Greg hunt and hundreds of other pawns have covered it up, rejected and gaslighted me.


In this way when the police and the CAT team came to the door and brutally used force (climbing in the window), to detain me against my will, even though I was chilling at home with a beer, and then I was maliciously treated at Werribee Mercy via the withdrawal of my medication that massively co contributed to my suicide with agreed illegal contraband - I am owed an explanation.


It is not forthcoming.


Yet seeings as I cannot even get traction at a police station, or with Weribee Mercy or with the MHCC,


I will CC this email to IBAC and I will also send it to the Ombudsman, and publish it on my whistleblower website.


I deserve to pursue litigation for both preventable deaths, free from conspiracy, persecution, victimisation, or silencing.


Why dont the police just check Steven iasonidis’ tax for the last ten years - and tell me where the money went and why he got off with a fine, how the police reject to speak to me, how I cant go to IBAC nor the ombudsman, and have been set up and have literally killed myself but I am still here...


In the whole next three months out of hospital, in which the psychiatrist exit notes stated I am NEITHER delusional NOR psychotic,  I was denied my dexamphetamine script by Salt Water Clinic, even though I have a diagnosis of ADHD by Professor David Horgan.


You know full well about this, as I have full recordings of giving it to you.


In this way, I have not had ONE face to face meeting with a psychiatrist (who will not give me dex), from the time I left hospital to todays date of 25.05.2021.


I have my first appointment there tomorrow on 26.05.2021.


This is way beyond just bad public mental health service.


It is a sustained malicious attempt to make my suicide look like an accident before I get any opportunity for compensation or the medication I need to survive.


I will again utilise my powers before the law to publish what I see fit to defend my legal rights my wellbeing and my life.


I will publish this on my whistleblower website on 25.05.2021.


I ask the federal police to investigate it and IBAC and also:


1) Where is my reply to my complaint from Weribee mercy and MHCC and why is it inequitable and uneven I have no legal representation?


2) There is a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, as is clear.


3) I have just proven that- will you now watch as I die?







The information below is evidence - and I have all the evidence I need.


In addition the FOI from Werribee mercy was insufficient, although it confirmed my injury was fatal, and it stated I had no observable pulse when found.


I am done with games.


The FOI  did not include notes from Salt water Clinic, an extension of the hospital and the police who I will sue.


Via Salt Water Clinic refusing to provide me with adequate care, I additionally accuse them of medical malpractice and professional negligence.


ADHD is a mental illness. It is caused by a neurotransmitter imbalance. It is u fathomable not to treat it.


To deny me that agency to be afforded or given that medication - given that it is throughout the notes that I self medicate with street amphetamines just to stay alive and functioning is utterly appalling.


I will have protection from litigation and the law, and I will have representation.


Send me the response, unedited, from Weribee mercy by close of business on the 27th of May, or everyone involved will be guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.


I am not stupid. I am not kidding. You can try and kill me - but I’m alive and I have already won…but you will all pay a high price.


With love sanity and compassion,


Dr Rich Mclean




Begin forwarded message:

From: Rich McLean <richarddrawsstuff@gmail.com>

Subject: Urgent by COB otherwise ms Alex Tinter and the MHCC and Mercy will be charged

Date: 20 May 2021 at 10:46:24 am AEST

To: Rich McLean <richarddrawsstuff@gmail.com>, Help <help@mhcc.vic.gov.au>, feedback@mercy.com.au

From: Rich McLean <richarddrawsstuff@gmail.com>

Subject: Urgent by COB otherwise ms Alex Tinter and the MHCC and Mercy will be charged

Date: 20 May 2021 at 10:46:24 am AEST

To: Rich McLean <richarddrawsstuff@gmail.com>, Help <help@mhcc.vic.gov.au>, feedback@mercy.com.au


Dear MHCC and Weribee mercy complaints, 



It is clear ms Alex Tinter-a lawyer who took over my case against Weribee mercy is delaying my right to witness my response from Werribee mercy


This is a cover up


She says she had to speak to “colleagues” ie lawyers before she responds which she has not in two weeks


It it unqequitable and unreasonable and entirely one sided and unbalanced if Weribee mercy and the MHCC have lawyers and I don’t


If I do not get that response by the end of the day-I will be holding MHCC and Weribee mercy responsible for delaying tactics to pervert the course of justice


It is a 10-14 year jail term


So explain to me- why can’t I have the response by COB and why is this so one sided?


Dr Rich McLean 


Ps here is a recording-because I cannot get through to you when I call-and she does not have an email address


From: Dr Rich Mclean <rich@richmclean.com.au
Sent: Monday, 17 May 2021 2:08 PM
To: HCC (HCC) <hcc@hcc.vic.gov.au>; Help (MHCC) <help@mhcc.vic.gov.au>; MHLC <mhlc@mhlc.org.au>; Principal <principal@ddls.org.au>; IBAC Enquiry Email <info@ibac.vic.gov.au>; Info VicInspectorate (DPC) <info@vicinspectorate.vic.gov.au>; feedback@mercy.com.au; Complaints (ODSC) <Complaints@odsc.vic.gov.au>
Cc: newclientservices@slatergordon.com.au
Subject: Re: OFFICIAL - Sensitive: HCC - Our Ref: 2021/01696


Dear HCC, 


DDLS, Monash Law, MHCC (I want my FOI where is it please?), IBAC, Vic inspectorate, MERCY HOSPITAL


ODSC please acknowledge this I beg of you - did not know you existed!


This is for the HCC but you all need to hear it.


Can you all please indulge me in a response?



You have refused to acknowledge my copaint below, and that was submitted to weribbee mercy and additionally via MHCC - the MHCC have now appointed a lawyer who is supposed to be impartial but is defending the hospital to take over my case yet she is uncontactable unethical and is criminal in not giving me my complaint response in unedited form before now when she has it.


This is as well as mercy Hospital - who have been trying to cover up facts and also have not officially responded to my complaint by email letter or phone and refuses all communication. This is criminal.


In this recording, which you need to listen to -


(Inserted here)




 is between myself and Ms Tinter from the MHCC who abruptly took over Cathy’s role in my case without reason - made on the 12th May 2021, who utterly refuses to:


a) answer my calls

b) Provide an email address or phone number to contact her on,

c) Has received a response from Weribbee mercy Hospital responding to my complaint - yet outright refuses to let me see a copy of it (uncensored or edited), until she has a chance to edit it in conjunction with ‘management’ and ‘colleagues’, at the MHCC which I know will distort the response and defend the deficits of the hospital and the way I was treated.


That information is mine to have. It is not hers to indulge herself or colleagues in to edit and change before I see a proof directly from the hospital.


Mercy Hospital refused to give it to me. This is a crime perverting the course of justice which carries an over ten year jail term for those civilly found complicit and abating it.


I reserve right to make a recording under exemption of the surveillance act 1999, in which it states I may do so to protect my prosperity, litigation or legal standing. (RE; the recording between Ms tinter and I), 


This will now go to the Commonwealth Ombudsman today.


This is so all this framed by me killing myself under duty of care with an agreed illegal contraband confirmed by dr lagrasso and narrowly escaping death is bought to justice for my suffering and abhorrent treatment.


These are the responses I require:



1) Weribee mercy Hospital with the original response to my complaint, without MHCC editing or censorship litigation eyes going over it to pervert the course of justice or editing it in any way, and also sent to me immediately,


2) An explanation why they refuse to acknowledge all emails and calls,


3) The MHCC Ms Alex Tinter with the UNEDITED response free from being tarnished by her ‘colleagues’ (ie lawyers protecting the hospital in tis medical malpractice, professional negligence, abandonment of duty of care, allowing illegal contraband into the psych unit),


4) I would lie it acknowledged that  labelling and victimisation of me and the brutality of the the police and CAT team only giving me three minutes to get out of the house before the police officer threatened to climb in the window-is victimisation, (framed by a broader conspiracy which was confirmed as NOT psychotic nor delusional in the release notes from the Hospital), and that an abandonmant of medication I was on for eight years was maliciouslytaken away from me massively contributing to my suicide attempt, in which the FOI Hospital notes say ‘was a fatal injury’ and ‘I had no observable pulse’, is acknowledged,


5) that my FOI from Weribbee Mercy is still heavily redacted despite me going to the Information Commissioner and demanding its redaction be reversed, which it was not, and


6) The information lacks the FOI from Salt water Clinic - the public mental health facility I was released to- in all and every way and this needs to be given to me ASAP


7) That I have a diagnosis of ADHD and require my neuro  diverse physical disability to be corrected with the approved treatment of dexamphetamine as per recommendations of my treating psychiatrist Dr David Horgan, and this essential medication that saved my life and happiness has been denied to me by a public mental health institute for a vague reason of ;its not policy’, when I have recordings of registrar Carly explaining that if someone comes into the clinic with an ADHD diagnosis the script is tended to and this is an essential part of my human survival, 


8) For the ombudsman to recognise this is medical malpractice and professional negligence and part of a conspiracy to maim and debilitate me, my happiness my capacity to return to work that has resulted in extremely bad self medicating habits in order to think and survive and Salt Water Clinic knew this. 


9) Also acknowledge that Mercy Hosotal referred me to the HCC for a conciliation about the whole thing but because they became aware of the MHCC formalising a complaint exonerated themselves from all responsibility.


10) Every single person who has conspired to pervert the course of justice to do with my health my treatment my worth my prosperity and my liberty and freedoms is responsible for reverting the course of justice and is complicit in trying to dispose of me before I can get traction for justice. This carries a 10-14 year Jail term. Further, identified in this will be all the people that acted in conference and complicit in denying my medication, was aware I took street drugs to survive (I want an exemption from persecution for this as a whistleblower), that anyone with power and money and privilege who acted in a way that defeats my prosperity framed by the fact I am homeless I may bring charges against including but not limited to: The director of The Mercy hospital, all the mental health clinicians complicit in the medication denying caper, the Information commissioner, every contact person at Werribee mercy whom I choose was conspiring, the psychiatrists including Dr Somer who maliciously withdrew my medication leading to the suicide attempt, and anyone who then covered it up and attempted to silence my just position of litigation for compensation. More to come.


11) In nearly three months of being ‘homeless’ and bereft of any prosperity after I was discharged from hospital - where’re the exit statements say I am absolutely NOT delusion NOR paranoid about he ‘conspiracy’, affirming what I already knew - that it was real,


 - I have only spoken to a psychiatrist ONCE in my entire time at salt water clinic the extension of weribbee mercy Public Hospital who of course I am attempting litigation with to sue.


 For someone who tried to kill themselves with utter intent slashing an artery and bleeding out for 45 mins till no blood was left - it beggars belief that something as profoundly upsetting and disturbing as that has not been justified or valued in any way without ONE psychologist nor a psychiatrist. 


I am agape in disbelief. It is so much more than a bad public mental health system - this is systemic malicious abuse in denense of protecting those at fault and impositions of privilege money and power - designed to main reject destabilise and maim me bereft of any prosperity or power - and hope with malice and hatred that I will die of my own hand before I get the chance for justice, 


I can see it as nothing else.


I remain furious all this has transpired.


Ombudsman - please acknowledge this - I would like a reference number and a timeframe when it will be investigated.


These are crucial concerns of brutal injustice and yes - two different suicides (read- ‘murders’), that near worked but I survived - if I had have died the coroners report would have proved me as a human rights advocate, and the people responsible would have been tried for manslaughter.


I want it acknowledged the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is linked to my former partner Steve Iasonidis, a criminal mastermind who worked for ASIO, and that he is protected by them, and that his 1.5 million $ embezzlement in a tax haven was caught and that he got away with it and no jail time with a fine only.


That he discriminated against me in our relationship and threatened and blackmailed me in such a malicious way he threatened hit men on me, and told me I would go to jail for defrauding centreline.


I want it acknowledged I have made my statement to crime stoppers about the murders Mr Iasonidis was present at, and also acknowledge he left me squatting and took off with a million in super shares and a house he inherited, and left me bereft of a cent, and that I threatened him with all I knew and suddenly Monash law who was doing the family law matter suddenly had a new manager - just life at the MHCC - and suddenly all cards were off the table in terms of them advocating for me.


Thats how serious this is - and why such extraordinary lengths people are going to including institutions organisations heads of organisations MPs and government agencies.


Dr Rich Mclean




On 3 May 2021, at 2:48 pm, Dr Rich Mclean <rich@richmclean.com.au> wrote:


Dear Mitchell,


I acknowledge your rejection of my complaint against Weribee mercy Public Hospital and also Salt Water Clinic and its operations in Footscray.


It is irrelevant who else I have a complaint with.


I addressed it to you - my saying I will receive an outcome from someone else does not dismiss you from acknowledging me.


In actual fact, as you will be well aware, this complaint related to:


1) Weribee mercy psychiatric Unit

2) The intensive care Unit at Weribee mercy public hospital

3) The serious allegation of abandonment of duty of care when I was rejected my medication and further wilfully suicided on their ward, where their duty of care for me as custodians excluding me from society under a mental health act was abandoned and fell desperately short of keeping me safe and alive

4) that The hospital knew full well that I said I would take action and sue them, and that through my FOI I have received heavily redacted copies of my files from that public institution which I have challenged,

5) That the continuation of that care through Salt water Clinic was desperately insufficient to a point where it maliciously is a part of a greater conspiracy to destroy my livelihood and my prosperity and my health and my life in the hope I will take my own life before I get cjust compensation

6) This all goes back to the case of Dr Whitaker at Millenium medical centre,

7) It follows on with complaints about Dr Cooper,

It follows again with complaints about Dr Horgan


I want to state clearly: I demand in shortest possible timeframe, the FOI from the health complaints commissioner.


This includes absolutely everything I am ever mentioned in including levering all my many many unanswered and non acknowledged email I have sent to you,


If it does not accurately reflect the emails I have sent you, not only will you be civilly and as an organisation held accountable for ignoring a member of the public who is the unwilling victim of a conspiracy, but:


I will be making further statements to relevant authorities.


I am sick to death of approaching institutions who claim to help vulnerable people with serious issues and being told on face value that ‘outside jturistriction’.


As a person with a disability, I demand that you explicate and explain your decision to outright reject my complaint re:


'Health Complaints Act 2016 ‘


I want you to acknowledge the point in the legislation;ation that indeed can be shown that you as a body cannot investigate this.


It is noted that Mercy hospital when they presented their FOI gave me your organisation to raise an issue with, and your rejection of my complaint is either for or against their expectations of what you would or would not be able to provide me help with in this atrocious human rights abuse issue.


There is a grander conspiracy that is provable by me and by not acting or justifying your position I will label you complete in this cover up to rob me of agency my rights my freedoms my business my life and my health and well being.


Instead of telling me you can’t help: please explain the bodies and/or civil people or professional people that you CAN investihgate.


You have now been earmarked as an organisation who has ignored many emails from me and in a neutral tone but with official files and an incident number has utterly outright rejected me.


You are on notice.


If it is not sufficient that this FOI be sent to you - please provide the email I need to send it to as a matter of urgency.


Any delay will look in credibly bad for you personally and the HCC who has rejected ostracised and gaslighted me in the past in terms of the Dr Whitaker case…you know the one?


I remind you that The hospital specifically gave your company/in situation name and address I have evidence of in order to raise a complaint or conciliation (I’ll show you if you want -  just let me know).


Get to work.




Dr Rich McLean




On 3 May 2021, at 10:42 am, HCC (HCC) <hcc@hcc.vic.gov.au> wrote:


Dear Dr McLean


HCC - Our Ref: 2021/01696 - Werribee Mercy Hospital


This office was established under the Health Complaints Act 2016 to resolve complaints about health services.


I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence and it has been placed on your file.


As per our discussion on 28 April 2021, you indicated that this matter is currently being addressed by the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner and they have stated that you will be provided an outcome to your application on 8 May 2021. This matter is not within the jurisdiction of the Health Complaints Commissioner, as the service was provided in a Public Mental Health Ward within Mercy Health.


You may wish to contact the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner for updates regarding your application.



Yours sincerely


Mitchell Morabito

Customer Service Officer

1300 582 113
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000 






The Health Complaints Commissioner respectfully acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land, recognises their ongoing connection to land, waters and community and pays respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

The information in this communication is confidential. It is only meant for the person it is addressed to. You must not copy it or send it to anyone else. If you have received this communication in error, please notify me immediately and delete the message.


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the office of the Health Complaints Commissioner is operating on remote staffing arrangements but we remain open. We appreciate your patience in these uncertain times. To limit delays in returning telephone calls, we ask that you continue to contact us via email. Please also check our website hcc.vic.gov.au for regular updates.





OFFICIAL: Sensitive

From: Dr Rich McLean <rich@richmclean.com.au
Sent: Monday, 26 April 2021 8:05 PM
To: Help (MHCC) <help@mhcc.vic.gov.au>; HCC (HCC) <hcc@hcc.vic.gov.au>
Subject: Re: Contact with the MHCC and urgent intervention by HCC please 


Hi Cathy


I have cc this to the health complaints commissioner. I don’t want to die but you must urgently intervene for a conciliation with Weribee mercy hospital


I am sorry to hear you are leaving-I hope it on hood terms 


I hope it is for your greatest good and highest happiness


Thanks for listening to me and my story and acting on it 


I look forward to hearing from Mr Tinter hopefully soon otherwise I will be on the streets probably within a week


May I please ask if he has a different role than you in terms of his relationship with the law?


I received my FOI from mercy hospital where we both know they treated me so woefully


It is highly censored


I have asked for it to be uncensored


To this date I still don’t have a psychologist or a psychiatrist in the public mental health system under mercy Heath salt water clinic and I identify this as malicious intent to harm me


They have not provided me with medication for the ADHD I have been diagnosed with by Dr David Horgan


I attach a scan of his recommendation and have email confirmation of this diagnosis


If I had cancer snd they refused radiation therapy this would be malpractice


We both know there is a conspiracy to kill me


I have all the evidence 


Lest for my family I am sick because I don’t have the medication and I am depressed with a range of issues of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice snd I am homeless and squatting.


I have no joy no life no happiness exists 


As a suicide survivor I request this urgently because taken to a head.


On the letter from mercy it said that I can apply for conciliation at the health complaints commissioner which I suppose is a non direct invitation to intervene


So I am cc-ing this email to them to urgently intervene


I have lost my job

I am sick

I have no care

I have nothing snd squatting 

I will not allude to death because that will notify the cat team-I don’t want to just survive I want to thrive but I can’t see a way forward unless a conciliation happens

Or my income protection pays

Or my super company does not deny me 


Or the police listen to me


Amd many other issues I have lost 


I fed my beautiful dog bread tonight


It’s just my feeling that unless urgent intervention happens I will be on the street - from there anything trivial or lengthens the process now fir an outcome in which I have any prosperity or help is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic to stop it sinking


The hospital discharge validate my “paranoid ideas” as real and I am not psychotic.


I am a victim for sticking up for myself and of malpractice and more


I will cc this now to the health complaints commissioner.


HCC can you please urgently intervene and acknowledge this email


Failure to do so is complicit in the conspiracy to kill me


Thanks and I wish you sll the very best in all dimensions and this life





Dr Rich McLean 

Human Rights Awarded Autobiographer & Registered Therapeutic Supports Provider for the NDIS | Artist-Life-Coaching | Traditional drawing / Digital illustrator / International Recovery Expert & Advocate


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On 26 Apr 2021, at 10:39 am, Help (MHCC) <help@mhcc.vic.gov.au> wrote:


Dear Dr McLean

I just wanted to let you know I am retiring at the end of this week. I have organised for a new worker, one of our legal team, Ms Alex Tinter, to take over management of your complaint. This should not change anything for you and as you know we are still waiting for the service response. I am sure Alex will be in touch as soon as we receive the response.

Kind regards

Cathie Seccombe

Sessional Adviser Investigations and Review