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'The Universal Embrace;
Considering Phi, Spirit & Society'


(Masters of Education by Research, A/r/togrtaphy/arts-based research)

This footage is an element of the digital creative component completed as an arts-based research project for my Masters in Education at Victoria University. (2015).


In essence, this study aims to simplify and complicate in words and imagery the emotional, physical, spiritual, and political qualities of two gay men embracing. It looks through each of those lenses and journeys in an ongoing cumulative interactive platform that results in the final interactive website and accompanying exegesis.  (You can download that on the right).


The relationship I was in, however, was toxic and abusive and ultimately disintegrated. In the film, I think you can see my subconscious awareness of the other party disappearing, which was for my highest good. Experiences offer us learning opportunities.


'(R)Evolutionary Healing, and consists of distinct genres beginning with a challenge, followed by courage, then the non-so-obvious but important creative step of playing, and the final stage of love. '

-Carly Stasko


To view the complete project, please visit:


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