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This was a fun book to make amid its frustrations and anger! As someone who was diagnosed with 'schizophrenia', twenty years later my diagnosis is unknown, and I argue in my PhD it does not exist.


It just goes to show that although they have all the qualifications and degrees, (and a lot of the time think their shit does not stink!), sometimes the person that is most knowledgeable about their own illness - is the consumer or patient themselves.


This book only took three days to make but much longer to design edit and put together. Again, you can view it for free and order a hard copy if you so desire.


BLURB: 'The Shrink …and you thought you were crazy', is a collection of cartoons that reflect Richard McLean's journey with schizophrenia in terms of navigating psychiatry himself and working with people within the mental health sector in Australia. Sombre yet still poking quirky fun at difficult situations, it is sometimes anti-psychiatry, sometimes self-deprecating, yet full of experiences common to many,  that relate to some profound observations of the difficulties of recovery and care from both sides of therapy, and observes what dis-junctures often go on behind psychiatrists doors!  Richard takes us on a comical, sometimes serious journey where the 'real world' does not seem as 'sane' as you once thought it was!'


The SHRINK! ...and you thought you were crazy! (2009) (PDF Download)

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