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Profiling the art and life of artist, mental health advocate, author and PhD researcher Rich McLean, this film provides invaluable insights into one individual’s journey with ‘mental illness’ while highlighting his creativity and fortitude.

Richard is a trained and exhibiting multimedia artist and advocate, is also the author of Recovered Not Cured: a journey through schizophrenia, 2003 and creative person behind Ego and Soul, (2008), The Shrink! (2010) and his latest creation, ’A Certain beauty in Un-Resolution… ART;’, (2018). This poignant film documents Richard’s art practices, artistic influences, relationships and activities, and features interviews with the artist, his family and a colleague.

More about the artist:

The film is both a documentary and an educational resource.

‘Richard is an artist of technical facility and considerable conceptual inventiveness, but he is also an artist of courage - he explores concerns that are, if not taboo, then extremely risky. He fearlessly follows his instincts and we are lucky to share his musings.'  Anne Loxley, Managing Curator, Penrith Regional Gallery.

Art & Life, documentary DVD (2007)

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