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'A  Certain  Beauty In Un-Resolution’ is a substantial life-affirming body of work by an artist who is not a passive observer, but a fully-engaged participant. Employing a visual language developed over 20 years that is urgent, sensitive and highly refined, Richard McLean’s visceral response to his world is often confronting. He utilises his considerable technical prowess across traditional and digital media to not merely record life’s myriad nooks and crannies but to question them, with surprising results.'


'A Certain Beauty In Un-Resolution... ART;' (2018) - FREE PREVIEW


This new catalog which acts with congruity with my Ph.D. is my life's collected works from 1991-2018.  It has a methodology of A/r/tography which explicates the (A)rtist, (R)esearcher & (T)eacher and will accompany my PhD's dissertation. It contains bothtraditional drawing and digital illustration.

A Certain beauty in Un-Resolution... ART; (2018)

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