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Sometimes, you fight for injustice and nothing comes of it.


So - despite the draconian conspirators silencing yourself - give yourself value, because simply, life is not fair and the systemic structures that exist that are supposed to protect the vulnerable and marginalised are corrupted by money power and privilege.



I went to see Dr John Campbell Whitaker of Millenium Medical Centre in Footscray, Victoria 3011 in 2018. The following is an excerpt of a recording taken on the day - which I did not record out of malice - nor set him up - (I am not that clever), but because I thought I was going crazy with people gaslighting and neglecting me and not caring.

I bought it up with him - but he set his lawyers on me.

There has been a conspiracy of silence around this.

The dialogue shows me begging for help with my suicidality.

Shortly after, I did attempt suicide.

Rich McLean: Yes So I've come in today to get my scripts first. So it made me life-saving dexies and my valiums… then we have to fill this one out…(NDIS Application) to make me look mad enough to get some assistance. I think you pulled out this one last time so it's just that one. I think you filled out this one last time…


Dr. Whitaker: Yeah but just before we go any further I am going to be completely honest with this.


(Dr Whitaker is referring to him not ‘overstating’ my unwellness for the purpose of the NDIS report).


Rich McLean: Yeah.


Dr. Whitaker: I know you want to get enough points.


Rich McLean: Well you want to get over the line so I can get some support…


Dr. Whitaker: You also have to do it honestly, okay?


Rich McLean: Well you do it as honest as if you want. Although getting the support, and I mean to be fair.


Dr. Whitaker: I have to be honest with this. I can’t ham it up to get you over the line.


(Following Dr Whitaker should witness that I am indeed not ‘hamming it up.’)


Rich McLean: Well I am not asking you to ham it up but I am saying to you now that I've been you know, a suicidal for some time and I need the support. You must admit I have done everything I can to get the help I need like I keep coming to you. I've ask for psychiatric referees,  psychology referees. I'm not currently not seeing anyone. I am not getting the support I need. I even emailed Dr. Gordon Parker of Black Dog Institute who met me many years ago and I asked him for a personal reference to get some psychiatric help. He said, "Go and see GP." and I'm like, "We're back to that old story again." I mean we tried Stella Kwong. I think he printed me out the list of psychiatrists to call but you know I am not getting the help I need.


Dr. Whitaker: Now, have you got a middle name?


Rich McLean: William


Dr. Whitaker: There's no parent, guardian, chair or representative?


Rich McLean: No, I'm on my own.


time passed


Rich McLean: No. There should've been plenty of times we I should've been in a hospital. I mean, there's a small window in which to say that comes in all the time but not represents the entire trauma of existing which I go through on a day to day basis. You know what I mean. So bear that in mind when you fill that. Actually, my dogs just on its last legs, Ive actually thought to myself well after the dog goes, then I can go you know. So I am saving up credit cards to head overseas and party on and then hot box myself with heroin or something like that.  that go at the bank. Life its just like… thinking about that all the time you know dramatizing or suicidality you know, thinking it all the time.


Dr. Whitaker: Now we will put depression the same link of time as schizophrenia, do we?


Rich McLean: Yes.


Dr. Whitaker: So you presented in when you are about 20? 21?


Rich McLean: 21.


Dr. Whitaker: Any other impairments now? Depression?


Rich McLean: Panic disorder or whatever they are may put. Anxiety. Anxiety, depression worse combination ever.


time passesd


Rich McLean: Really I should have called a psychologist or psychiatrist to fill this out. Not a general practitioner, well anyway that's the best we can do at the moment. I am not seeing Rob McKinnon anymore because I ran out of the money and he wouldn't see me.


Dr. Whitaker: He's the psychologist?


Rich McLean: The psychologist, yeah. He said ‘I can’t see you anymore, you have not got money’,  basically…capitalist system. I think with all the other duty of care to see me through that hard bit but if I didn't have money he didn't have time for me, practically.


Dr. Whitaker: So assistance, you would have the DSM?


Rich McLean: DSM, yes, but.


Rich McLean: The forms to cover every type of disability so a lot of its not going to apply I don’t think.


Dr. Whitaker: So I have not the DSM assessment though.


Rich McLean: Oh okay. Well I mean who would have that could ask someone from 25 years ago. You know I haven't got a psychiatrist. So - I mean can we find one for me? Or…  I went to Stella Kwong last time but she's honest.  She's mad as a cut snake that woman.


Rich McLean: You know what, I need money. I need money to manage. I actually did write a thing down a few weeks ago about all the reasons I’d top myself... That was fairly sobering to read. I got a friend of mine to read it out, actually, He's been trying to help me look after me. But I get pretty dire.... Do you have to FAX that back?


Dr. Whitaker: I have no idea Rich.


Rich McLean: Can I have a look? I can take a photo of it and email it, that’s allright.


Rich McLean: Well I kind of need some help. I've been trying my best. I've been calling, I've called them... I've got a reference from you, for a psychiatrist. I've got reference from my other doctor from a psychiatrist and I haven't found one yet. I've done some outreach support. I've called the triage line. I've called NEAMI. I've called another Mob and I'm  just trying to get some assistance to come out to the home and kind of help me with stuff, …It's just a nightmare…like as I was saying to the last I psychiatrist I saw just before Christmas last year… no one cares when you're gay, single, 45 and been mental health concern…


Dr. Whitaker: You know what I recon it is? I’m not as experienced in the system as you are…  but theres people like you who fall through the cracks.


Dr. Whitaker: Theres always people in the middle. You know if you are not too bad but if you're really bad you know … you’re ‘nuts’. You get lots and lots of assistance. People like you who manage because of you sheer intellectual capacity and not supported properly.


Rich McLean: Yes, I feel like-


 Dr. Whitaker: You fall in that gap.


time passes


Rich McLean: I wake up this morning. Well without me being addicted to my PhD which I've been really trying my best to do. I've got another whole day alone. No ones coming to the house. Just alone with my dying dog. You know no family, no friends. Just another day alone. It's brutal. You know what I mean.


 Dr. Whitaker: Yes.


Rich McLean: So I've got probably 3 friends that I've talked to on the phone. Can I just tell you - I don’t think I've told you last time. A good friend used to come around only suicided about three or four weeks ago. Going to the funeral was brutal. That heightened my idealization about suicide.


You know…I don’t want to ‘sail with this ship of fools’, either! You know what I mean?


 Dr. Whitaker: No sorry  What do you mean? 


Rich McLean: You know, ‘I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools’, you know, just the way the planets going and the earth…


I am purging too much grief and hurt… You know, to  hang on for the benefit of other people.


I don't want to fuck people up by topping myself but… its unfair to get me to stay…just for their benefit.


…That’s what his argument was…before he did it. I think the same.


 Dr. Whitaker: Ongoing psychological support I should add into it I spose.


Rich McLean: I haven’t got a psychologist at the moment…cause hes a capitalist and…I should make an appointment to go and see him…but…


Rich McLean: I said to him, ‘No psychologist and a psychiatrist is there been said to me, "We're gonna get you well, we're gonna get you on medication and then we're gonna set you free and you will be right for the rest of your life." ‘No ones ever said that it was always tinkering with  with your pills


Dr. Whitaker: You can't make that promise though…we will give you medication and you will be well again. It cant be made.


Rich McLean: Yes. Well the one's I’ve seen they fall in two camps. One, a psychologist will get you back and make money of you… Or two, they will just umm… that like Dr. ‘Is’ or whatever his name before Christmas whose I've told him I was suicidal and he said  ‘come back save me in 4 months’. I’m like this isn’t the continuation of care that I expected you know. That cost 300 bucks to go and see  him as an emergency thing. Remember I went to see him just before Christmas.


 Dr. Whitaker: Out of pocket or?


Rich McLean: Yes, out of pocket. So it was like a cash cow just wait in there and start talking about stuff and then I told him how desolate I was. He told me come back and see me in 4 months… and I went…He really doesn't care. He is just there for the cash.


I did email Dr. David Horgan. Remember we got Dr. Stella Kwong to say increase the dexies from 2-3. Like I ask him just to do from 3-4. So you may get an email from him. I'm not sure if he'll be agreeable to that or what. But I've said if I need it to study and be awake and get rid of that suicidality. Not berate myself for being lazy then I mean before, sometimes. So I say, if he could do it for four, then email you…. Not sure if you might hear from him.


 Dr. Whitaker: Okay. So I'm just leaving this here early intervention, maybe if I put here…Weekly counseling?


Rich McLean: Weekly counseling, would be great, or even a social group or something like that. Just some traction with the outside world. You know what I mean?


 Dr. Whitaker: Yes.


Rich McLean: That's what I need sometimes you know. I just spend days alone in my own head and then I am just about to to… theyre the only thing that save me… to be fair. … all it takes is just a friend pop right for a cup of tea. It makes you feel a whole lot better about things. It's just an isolating life.


So I emailed the leader of the Black Dog Institute (Gordon Parker), and he said, "Go and see GP." or you know we're back at there again so I don't know if you can suggest a psychiatrist or something that would bulk bill you know I have not got much money…


 Dr. Whitaker: That's the problem.  So there you go, that should cover it I think.


Rich McLean: Right. Would you mind if I get one (a script), for me shoulder?


 Dr. Whitaker: Tramadol?


Rich McLean: Tramadol, yes. Its really niggly.


Rich McLean: So can I confirm there is no other psychologist or psychiatrist you could recommend?


 Dr. Whitaker: I don’t know of one, Rich.


Rich McLean: Because that's what he said goes "Call you GP." and I'm like pulling out the big guns I'm trying to get help for myself. I'm asking you know putting out… out a thing and no ones biting…you know. Like I am taking their pills. I should be seeing someone. You know?


 Dr. Whitaker: I don't know anyone.


Rich McLean: No? Well… He said see GP or call friends or whatever it's called or.


Dr. Whitaker: Can you see if you can find someone?


(He refuses to refer me to anyone despite my blunt suicidality).


Rich McLean: I'll try.


Rich McLean: I've got referrals from my own doctors as well and I've got referrals from you

as well. Just another finding human being who would have knowledge you know.


 Dr. Whitaker: Can you get that staff to copy that Rich please?


Rich McLean: Mum said to me, "What do you do to get you help?" I said,  "Mum I can't afford to get sick." I just can't afford to be in unwell but you know. unwell I generally am  as I got along. It's like you know, I just can't afford to fall off the horse…I’ll just end up on the streets or something


 Dr. Whitaker: Yeah.,..anyway…


Rich McLean: Oh well…well thanks mate.


 Dr. Whitaker: Get the staff to take a copy.


(Dr Whitaker, despite my trying in vain to reach out, my isolation, and my suicidality, does not refer me, nor ask if I was serious about suicide. Her insisted because I am ‘clever’, I will ‘fall between the cracks’.


Then, he gave me a fatal dose of Tramadol-that I said because I have a sore arm.


This is not only unethical it is medical malpractice and professional negligence.


INSTEAD, they offered that I submit a transcript of the recording.

AHPRA, and the Australian medical board, in their report, said the exact transcription of the crime was merely 'my recollection', and that Dr Whitaker had the opportunity and agency to 'mark up', my primary evidence.

Here is their report, where Dr Whitaker was cleared of any wrongdoing:







Here is a tip - if someone says they are suicidal and will act on it- at the very least ask if they are serious - and do not actively give them a fatal dose of opioids!


The following people have ignored me, or investigate other organisations and it has all ended in the same way; I have seen no apology nor compensation and no justice nor shown value as a human being.


  • Lawyers who would not take me on,

  • Dr Whitaker,

  • The Mental Health Legal Centre,

  • Millennium Medical Centre,

  • AHPRA,


  • The Police,

  • IBAC, (Who investigate police corruption)

  • Lawyers I have seen in person,

  • The Local Footscray Police,

  • Senior Investigators from the Police Criminal Investigations Unit,

  • The Medical Board Of Australia (The Board),

  • The Health Complaints Commissioner,

  • The Health Department, 

  • Minister Greg Hunt.

'Besides this being a clear case of medical malpractice and professional misconduct...


If I had died on that extremely determined suicide attempt, and my friends and family found this recording on my phone or on my computer, - then if it was used as evidence Dr Whitaker could possibly be charged for manslaughter.'

I want to say that all these organisations have acted with the Dr to conceal and delete the evidence of the recording.

I want to say it is simple: If Dr Whitaker had done nothing wrong - he would simply have welcomed the recording to exonerate himself- which I have published on this page.

If Dr Whitaker has done nothing wrong, and AHPRA are supposed to protect the interests of the public safety, then they should have both welcomed evidence of the session in the recording AND the transcription to expel him from any wrongdoing.
This is a systemic conspiratorial cover-up!
I've been diagnosed with many things in my time - a paranoid schizophrenia one of them - but there is a reason I am rationally paranoid!
Here is evidence Dr Whitaker below that many organisations, including up to the highest levels of Government - have tried to suppress:

AHPRA silenced my recording, and his lawyer demanded it not be heard. It was so unbalanced and unfair.

In the end-the recording - not my transcript - which Dr Whitaker's lawyer (their words), 'marked-up', was not used in the investigation.

Despite AHPRA being corrupt and protecting their own, after I went to the police with the evidence - the police told me that AHPRA had investigated it thoroughly and no action was to be taken.

Image 7-2-20 at 7.17 am.jpg
Yet as we know AHPRA are siding with the GP who has power privilege and money and lawyers.
They are hoping I will go away.
I refuse to.
Facts do not lie.
The odds are stacked in his favour, as I have no money, no privilege, no representation, I have been fighting this for nearly two years on my own, with no help - and not one of the organisations has asked if I am ok.
I have never received an apology.
No one is caring for me.
I am.
I finished my PhD by the way - and now ironically, I work for the NDIS getting amazing results with people affected by trauma; I stick up for them and I always acknowledge any suicidality.
I want to:
  • Be valued as a human being,

  • Heard and acknowledged,

  • Cared for,

  • Listened to,

  • And compensated,

  • I want the cover-up exposed.

Yes, I intend to expose this, not only the GP, but the systemic conspiracy that covered this up.

Here is a senior Criminal Investigations Police Officer Casey telling me that the recording has not been valued, that it is 'not in their scope', 'take it up with the health Commission', and that when I asked if the first constable had actually validated the recording since he ordered the investigation, she says ' We were not there so we do not know if it exists!'

Unbelievable. They did this to me on the phone too after my many emails to them begging for an answer.

Police don't want to be caught out either, to admit they heard the recording then ordered an investigation, but guess what? They have been because i recorded that too:

Constable Casey told me I have to 'Go Higher', to the health department.


Si I did.


This is also their rejection email to me!
































They offered I go to the Health Complaints Commissioner; where I had gone initially two years ago.


In my frustration about getting my recording heard and my existence valued, I complained to the body that investigates AHPRA which NHPOPC and The medical Board of Australia. They rejected me after many months of excruciating emails.
SO: I called Preya Mackenzie of AHPRA, and I recorded it.
Not only won't she listen to the evidence, or the transcription, she basically admitted the evidence is cooked, there is a conspiracy, she is a pawn of the organisation she works for, and that it is essentially useless for me because she will not provide me a timeline, I cannot overturn the boards decision, not identify them, and additionally that the decision will not be changed period.
This is absolute waffle.
So I recorded myself accosting her on the facts and it is very telling:
Please listen.
This just about sums it up.

Settlements for malpractice out of court are usually in the realm of $200k but now I have published the evidence I expect it will go to court. If no one listens, I have stuck up for myself - and for others who may fall under Dr Whitaker's care - and I have won anyway.

I have stood in my power, and I am proud of that, for acknowledging my ethics and values and speaking truth to power and corruption.


I expect this will be a groundbreaking case, because whilst at the start it was a consensual conciliation between The Health Complaints Commissioner and Dr Whitaker and I - his legal team got wind of the primary evidence below and set their cronies onto me, those people indicted in the tampering of evidence and the systemic cover-up.


I had originally begged Dr Whitaker to come to conciliation so I would not have to report him to AHPRA because I liked him and even gave him many gifts, however, he did not value my life or express remorse - so I am now not focussed on his career, his well being, and separating the emotion from the crime that was committed-medical malpractice and professional misconduct.


I have never received a follow-up, an apology, enquiries about my wellbeing from any of these above associations.

I have essentially - been silenced.

I have value and worth as a human being.


 I know a crime when it is committed.

I replied to NHPOPC:

Dear Preya Mckenzie,


Thank you for your email. I welcome the investigation going further.


It is very very simple:


In the case of medical malpractice and professional negligence, if Dr Whitaker of Millenium Centre, Footscray has done nothing wrong, he would have welcomed the recording that was rejected as primary evidence at AHPRA and The Australian medical Board with open ears to exonerate himself from any wrongdoing.


I want to ask of you to consider in your investigation:


1) Why did AHPRA and Dr Whitaker have lawyers and legal advice when I had none? That is unbalanced and unfair because I do not have money. They knew this.


2) Is this because they have privilege money and power and as a marginalised person with a mental illness I have none?


3) Why is this fair? There is an imbalance in acquiring support, wouldn’t you say?


4) AHPRA admitted that they would not ‘use’ the recording. I have evidence of them offering to give me the chance to transcribe it so it could be presented to the board, yet that transcription was not used. Indeed, when I was invited into AHPRA - they told me in person that it was not even considered. I recorded that, too.


4.1) Now I have had it witnessed yet denied by the Victoria and Footscray police that it ever existed, they and others are as guilty as The Australian Medical Board for covering it up. If AHPRA were actually concerned with protecting the public, they would have welcomed evidence. It is obvious that AHPRA are protecting the GP and not the victim here, who is me.


5) Now that I have published the recording publicly at: no one can deny it exists. Not AHPRA, not the Police, not Dr Whitaker. Not anyone, in fact.


6) I welcome anyone to sue me for defamation, but as you know I gave Dr Whitaker every chance to come to conciliation so I would not have to go to AHPRA. When they have to identify why they are suing me, or indeed, why I may be jailed, they will have to identify the recording. Thats leads us back to the point whereby AHPRA is corrupt and gave Dr Whitaker the chance to quote ‘mark up’ my transcription, which was considered only ‘my recollection’ and that in actual fact it was not even used.


7) However, I can prove that the following organisations covered it up and did not acknowledge the medical malpractice and professional negligence that factually occurred that likely ended in my death. I refer to myself as ‘post death’ now.


8) I demand to know - who was on the board that day so I can launch civil cases on them too. Let me know ASAP. I want names and positions. They simply cannot hide behind veneers of silence when justice was not served and they made not one mark against Dr Whitakers name.


9) I also know that a medical malpractice general out of court settlement is 200-250K and if it goes to court, (and I will have my day- just you wait), it could be over a million, especially given the gravity of so many conspiratorial people covering this up.


10) Therefore, I want to state that every one of these people and organisations have not followed up on my welfare. I have been denied responses by the police. I have been whitewashed. I am less expensive dead to you all.


11) This is why i am publishing all communication on my website, in case anything happens to me. I hope it will not, because so many people would be held responsible.


12) These are just some of the organisations, auspices and people, that have tried to silence the re cording and the evidence, which after my publication at the above address is now null and void.



- Dr Whitaker

-Millenium medical centre

-The Health Complaints Commissioner,

-The mental Health Complaints Commissioner,

-John Ball and Partners, (His lawyer),

-The Australian Medical Board at AHPRA, (The Board),

-The Footscray Police,

-Senior investigators at the police,

-All of the news and media outlets that I have contacted,

-The Health Department



When I do get acknowledgement and justice, AHPRA, Dr Whitaker, The Australian Medical Review Board, (The Board), The Police, and others, all come down too.


I post for you now a social media post in my personal and professional networks that link to the website where the damning evidence is.




Statement on my own death 


I’ve battled with being ostracised excluded and rejected for being gay and “mentally ill”.


I’ve achieved so much, including handing in a phd recently.


I value myself. I don’t get it from anywhere else. I am not afraid. 


Briefly, I was suicidal because I bore the weight of my sexual abuse, a toxic relationship with a sociopathic narcissistic person, and the grief of someone I deeply loved killing himself, as well as being financially ostracised, family rejection in ways, financially bereft and other complex issues. 


I was struggling to reach out. It is hard to reach out. I did. 


I went to see Dr John Whitaker of Millenium Medical Centre in Footscray.


I told him I was suicidal and I would kill myself. I told him the ways. 


When I asked him to be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist he said: “I don’t know anyone”, adding “you’re smart, so you will fall between the cracks!”


He essentially threw me to the gutter to die


As if that were not bad enough in itself, he then prescribed me the fatal dose of opioids in the same consultation which I then utilised to attempt suicide over a year ago.


There is a duty of care with professionals-to intervene if someone says they will kill themselves. 


I know this because I have done ethics at PhD level and I am also a therapist.


This was a clear case of medical malpractice and professional negligence, plain and simple.


Sadly I did attempt suicide.


I am not ashamed, and it is a miracle I am here. The suicide note was gutteral and tragic and mentioned the GP did not care - and no one did. 


I recorded the session in question: in no way with malice or any intent-but to check I was not going crazy-that I was speaking English and if I was being heard. 


I forgot about the recording 


My GP was my go to person and I had seen him for six years where he often said “if it was not for these pills you would be locked up in the nuthouse”


I bought it up as an issue with the Dr through many organisations-but no one would listen to the recording-nor a transcript of the recording 


The Australian medical board said the transcription I made of the recording “was my recollection” (not fact) and that the GP in question had the opportunity to “mark up” the recording before it went to the board.


This is corruption.


I wish to say there is a conspiracy of the following organisations to silence the recording.


The GP himself,

Millenium medical centre,

The mental health legal centre,

The Health Complaints Commissioner,

His lawyer John ball and partners,


The Australian medical board (the board),

The Footscray police (that heats the recording),

Senior investigators from the police, who called me saying they do not know if the recording occurred “because were not there”,

All news and media outlets who I have made aware of this injustice.


I am not afraid of this conspiracy to silence me


I am alone anyway. I will not and am not afraid to advocate for both myself and people in the same position. 


I am a kind and generous and kooky man-and I have worth and value 


I deserved duty of care and I have never received an apology-there has just been an elaborate cover up 


I could be dead: if my family and friends heard the recording from the consultation with the GP below he may have been tried with manslaughter if I had died 


I deserved better, am lucky to be alive, I have the evidence that is in the public domain, and I want my day in court or acknowledgement I have value as a human being


The Australian medical board is now being investigated by another government agency about their processes of corruption, yet the decision of the board cannot be overturned by anyone


So: I am going public.


It’s very simple-if the Gp has done absolutely nothing wrong; he and those that protect him would welcome the evidence of the recording to exonerate himself of any wrongdoing


It’s that simple


Please listen to the recording below and the other I continue my two year journey for justice and seeking someone-anyone-to listen to me my story and to value me as a human being 


If you can help with a lawyer for me please get in touch.


Listen to the damning evidence and witness the conspiracy of silence here: 





Now that you know all your fates are tied to this evidence which I have already made public, I eagerly await the outcome of your ‘investigation’


Either way, i have won, because I have my life my skills and my friends and freedom, and you all collectively share the shame of neglecting an extremely marginalised person in his time of need that most likely would end in his death.


I would not want to live with that.

Rich McLean,

The investigation from NHPOPC was not in my favour


On 06/03/2020 I sent an email to Preya MacKenzie from NHPOPC and AHPRA and Ben Laming from AHPRA and Gemma Mainland from AHPRA


It said:


RE: Conspiratorial cover up, corruption, the proof of this in the public domain at medical malpractice and professional negligence by Dr John Whitaker of Millenium medical centre,


Dear Preya, AHPRA I want you to respond to this email. Ben laming - I want you to respond to this email. Gemma I also want you to answer these questions and I want you all to review


I want you all to respond to these 8) Questions:


Quite simply:


If there was no wrong doing or Dr Whitaker had done nothing wrong - he would have welcomed the recording as well as AHPRA.


1) QUESTION: Do you agree?


The fact that AHPRA have given Dr Whitaker the agency to ‘mark up’ my quote ‘recollection’ is quite simply distorting the truth primary evidence and is corruption.


2) QUESTION: Do you agree?


I have spoken to the police. There is a cover up. It is a conspiracy to pevert the course of justice.


If your investigation finds anything less that corruption at AHPRA I have the evidence that will hold both you and the police to account as well.


3) QUESTION: Do you agree I should hold you to account?


Now there are at least three legal cases:


1) Medical Malpractice and professional Misconduct by Dr Whitaker (Primary evidence is not in the public domain at

2) The corruption at AHPRA (Evidence of them ignoring me, inviting me in to try and break me and also their response to my complaint is published there to admitting their corruption),

3) The cover up by police, (As by Christopher Roberts and others at Footscray Police Station and Senior Detective Casey from Maribyrnong criminal investigations unit),


And finally:


4) If your investigation by your organisation NHPOPC does not find AHPRA corrupt, then your organisation is merely a front to protect the GP, (like the others), and is also corrupt.


4) QUESTION: Are you worried if you do not overturn AHPRAS decision in light of the public knowledge then you will be held accountable as well as them? (You should be).


I would like you to:


5)  Provide me with the names of the people who were on the Australian Medical Review Board. I am collecting names and evidence of all the people that have covered it up.


6) QUESTION: Now the recording and my evidence of an elaborate cover up is online and in the public domain, where are you all going to hide?


7) QUESTION: Please reply with their names so I can begin my civil lawsuit.


8) QUESTION: I deserve to know when this will come to a head because I have a legal time limit on making a formal litigation. To not inform me of this or to make me wait is intentionally ruining my chance to make litigation. When will you get back to me?


Thanks for asking, I am fine thanks.


Not one organisation - and there are many -including yours -  has followed up on my welfare or how all this is affecting me, not my mental health.


Please answer each question I have presented clearly.


I remind you of all the public dialogue now available at


There is nowhere for any of you to hide.



Rich McLean,

I asked for specific questions to be answered. I will wait.





Here is the dismissive outcome of my request for the police to be investigated by IBAC:
Here is the dismissive outcome of my request for AHPRA to be investigated by NHPOPC:


Dear Mr Hunt,


I am writing to you today to expose a conspiracy to silence me and illegal activity including medical malpractice and professional negligence by Dr John Whitaker of Millenium Medical centre, Footscray.




I have a long standing mental illness, and saw my GP over 150 times and he knew very well of my personal tragic circumstances as well as my suicidality.


I told him I was suicidal.


He did not intervene or act-he should have.


Upon begging for a psychologist or psychiatrist he told me ‘I don’t know anyone’.


Additionally he said ‘I will fall between the cracks because I am smart.’


I did in fact, try and suicide a short time later because I felt undervalued and had no one to turn to.


I actually made a recording that day of out meeting and consultation, not because I had malice, but to listen back to later because i thought I was going crazy asking for help and being gaslighted.


Upon listening to it after I survived my suicide attempt, i thought it was an issue - if I had have died which was probable, if my family and friends found it he could have been tried for manslaughter.


As if that were not bad enough and I have evidence of it, he provided me with a script of opioids which I then used to enable killing myself. This is plain medical malpractice and professional negligence.


I tried to bring it up with the various authorities.


I tried to protect the GP - I did not want him to lose his job but he made a mistake.


Finally, I was forced to go to AHPRA.


They covered up the recording. They said I could make a transcription of the recording to present as evidence.


However, they called the transcription ‘my recollection’, (rather than fact), and that Dr Whitaker had the opportunity to (their words) ‘mark up’ that primary evidence before it went to the Australian Medical review Board.


This is corruption.


I tried to contact the police about it. Constable Christopher Roberts from Footscray Police Station agreed that he would investigate it.


He did so - and with a blunt email told me AHPRA had investigated it thoroughly. However this is incorrect because they are corrupt and protecting the GP. He will not reply to my emails.


Now, there is actually a conspiracy by the following organisations to keep the recording private, gaslight me and silence me.


  • The mental health legal Centre,

  • The Health Complaints Commissioner,

  • Dr Whitaker and his Lawyers Ball & Partners,

  • Victoria Police,

  • Millenium medical centre,

  • National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner,

  • AHPRA,

  • The Australian Medical Review Board, (The Board),

  • National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner 


I repeat, if the GP has done nothing wrong both he and AHPRA would have welcomed the recording to exonerate him from any wrongdoing.


Now I have collected much evidence at that details how I am being ignored and forced into silence.


As a Human Rights Awarded Artist and Author who has spoken in parliament however, i refuse to be silenced on this issue. I have done ethics at PhD level and I know when a crime has occurred.


The recording is now in the public domain.


I need traction and an explanation of why these agencies are silencing me.


Not one organisation has asked about my welfare post suicide, now as I call, in my ‘post death’ life.


I will fight for justice and I need your help.


I will await your reply.



Rich McLean,

He replied via someone else:

Gee its all so much effort and fighting to cover up this recording in which I alleged Dr Whitaker acted professionally negligent and showed medical malpractice:

And here it is again, just in case you were wondering.

I was told by NHPOPC to not make it public because I will be sued.

Ok then: go for it!

I can't wait for the court to ask: 'Why are you suing him?'

Then I reply, 'Because I published a recording that essentially was protecting my health and human rights and a doctor acted illegally and unethically towards me.'

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