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Kinetic Gyroscope, a conceptual schematic animation.






If I can prove this works with a small scale model, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has stated: ' The types of finance we are currently offering include project and corporate finance for individual transactions with a loan value of at least $20m'.


I'm looking for an investor to go out on a limb and help me build a scale model, and verify the outcomes.  Please email me. Thanks! .

This is a schematic design of a near perpetual machine I have designed to act in congruency with the online creative project at It is part of my studies and creative component of my Masters of Education at Victoria University, Footscray Park Melbourne. This design acts in parallel with the ideas of multidimensionality presented in the same sex embrace of in that it exists both in the seen and the unseen-the pragmatic and the esoteric. In this way we might relate the project with the physicality of the gyroscope and the energy and magnets that make the machine conceptually spin. This idea is copyright Richard McLean under the auspice of my Masters Study at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia. Please see for its creative context.


I want to make this! If you can help assist the making of a prototype or know of anyone looking for an investment opportunity please email me. :-)

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