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Email to Ari 21st August 2020

If you were dead and nothing…that would be hell

But conversely that is what we are are-in hell


To exist is fun


if there was an ageless timeless nothing that is suffering because it is boring as fuck

Whatever that is-make life so you can get out of sufering-so even the shit bits are great

Heaven is existence because its not nothing which is hell

conversely ‘enlightenment’ is realising even nothing is amazing

the co-exist they are the same thing

form is emptiness, emptiness is form

its all amazing

‘we are all on a train going to the same destination but most people are standing up and holding their bag. So sit down, and drop the bag and enjoy the scenery.’

Bags=baggage. lol


(for finding one’s way home on a dark but moonlit night)



This Reality serves One Purpose Only:

to give Us Something To Do, because

an Ageless Eternity is a Very Long Time.




It seems that in this Reality we are playing a Game.


A good name for The Current Level of this Game, might be:

Can Humanity Survive Long Enough?


Long Enough for what?


Well, it would seem that, given the Current Trends in Technology,

Our Wandering Nature and the fact that they look So Damn Pretty from Earth:

that we are Destined For The Stars.




To get anywhere near there though, we will need to Survive Long Enough.


We are good at Surviving.




Imagine, if you will, an Ageless Eternity.


After about a minute, this Ageless Eternity would get Pretty Bored.


So, it starts playing a Game

(this Ageless Eternity may have played many different Games,

or be playing many different Games at once).


In this one, It explodes Itself into three-dimensional space/time (probably with a Bang). It then spends some time (Billions of years isn’t terribly long if you are an Ageless Eternity) just being the results of that Bang. It is Pretty Clouds of Gas and Dust, then It is Pretty Stars, then Little Orbiting Planets.


Whilst this is All Very Pretty, it gets a bit boring after a while.




It probably utilises many parts of Itself that are Habitable Planets for the next phase of the set-up of the Game, but here we look at a Little Blue Planet, that It (through Its inhabitants, which are It Itself) eventually calls Earth.


It begins a process called Evolution (it doesn’t really-matter how Ageless Eternity starts this with bits of Itself). Evolution, like any good Game Rule, provides a structure with which the Game can be played. And so, little chemicals come together, according to the Rules of this part of the Game and Eternity forms more and more complex Things and Critters made of Itself.


This goes on for a while.




At the end of this world-building part of the Game, Ageless Eternity has had a Great Time experiencing all sorts of different Animal Feelings. Ageless Eternity loves experiencing Feelings the Most Out of Everything. It Loves being the Raptor when it feels the anticipation of a kill during a hunt with other Raptorey parts of Itself in a pack. It Loves the Feeling of slipping into the cool of the water as a Platypus. It has Loved experiencing the fear of being a Hunted Small, Furry Animal. And it has Loved experiencing Itself as the Whole Biosphere of this little planet: All At Once.


But again, it starts to get a little boring.




So, maybe it sends a part of Itself hurtling through space, carrying some Very Special Spores. Maybe this Asteroidey part of Itself hits the Earth, wiping out one layer (the Dinosaurey level) of the Game. And maybe, one day, as the climate is changing and the Jungles recede and Ageless Eternity as a Cow walks along the Savannah, chewing tasty grass, Ageless Eternity as this Cow, poos.


Ageless Eternity as an Ape is walking along, head down to stay below the grass, loving experiencing Fear of Open Places, when Ageless Eternity as an Ape stands in Ageless Eternity as a Cow’s poo. It looks down to see if there are any grubs living near the poo to eat, but it only sees a Mushroom, who’s spore was carried through space by Ageless Eternity as an Asteroid when it wiped out the Dinosaurey Level of the Game.


Ageless Eternity as an Ape picks this Mushroom, as It’s top is Beautiful and Golden. Ageless Eternity as a Mushroom’s stem turns a beautiful Blue Colour and Ageless Eternity as an Ape eats it.





The level of the Game that Ageless Eternity is in as It Reads This Story, through “your” eyes, maybe began when Ageless Eternity as an Ape tried to express Its Overwhelming Emotion at what it experienced after eating Ageless Eternity as a Mushroom. From that experience (or one that was similarly Ape mind-blowing) springs forth Language, Engineering, Logic, Art, Science, Religion and all the other ways that Ageless Eternity has tried to find to Express and Decipher What the Hell is Going On. Because, after Evolution, the next rule of the Game, was that for Ageless Eternity to experience Itself as Sentient Critters, it had to experience Forgetfulness.




So, Ageless Eternity as the Human Race, as Individual Little People, having experienced Forgetfulness and Forgotten that It is Ageless Eternity Playing a Game, has gone through millennia experiencing the repercussions of that Forgetfulness: the Joys, the Sorrows, the Murder, the Birth of New Ideas and Things.


All the while, the parts of Ageless Eternity that make up Ageless Eternity as Humanity, has felt Cut-Off and Alone. Firstly, with Big Scary Things that will Kill Them in Nature and then, once a certain degree of technological advancement was discovered, Alone with Big Scary Things in Its Mind.


These latter Big Scary Things were So Scary, that Ageless Eternity as Humanity tends to not think about them too much and instead focuses on little games that It has made, like Economics, Spirituality, and Social Media.


The Big Scary Things in Ageless Eternity as Humanity’s Mind all center around One Idea, which comes from Feeling Cut-Off and Separate from Everything Else. This idea is that there is Something Wrong.




Just as a Person can still experience things and function whilst having Forgotten Themselves for a moment, as in when driving, when a Person realises they haven’t been paying attention to the road for a while, or when doing the dishes and the phone rings and the Person realises they’ve finished the dishes on “auto-pilot”, so too can Ageless Eternity, whilst having Forgotten Itself as Humanity, experience all the things that Human Beings experience. And Eternity has Loved This Very Much.


It has Loved experiencing All the Emotions and All the experiences that Forgetful, Cut-Off Feeling Humanity has been through.


It has Loved experiencing itself as A Winner of Any Sport or Accolade, as much as it has Loved experiencing Itself as A Loser. It has loved Experiencing Itself as a Genocidal Psychopathic Dictator as much as it has Loved experiencing itself as a Selfless Mother. It has Loved experiencing Itself in Death Camps, as A Baby Dying Minutes after Birth, as Sick, as Downtrodden and as Heartbroken, as much as It has Loved experiencing Itself as In Love and Lighthearted.


But again, Things are getting a little bit boring.




And so, we come to the current phase of the Game.


A Very Important Part Indeed (though still just Part Of A Game). This part of the game will decide whether-or-not Ageless Eternity as Humanity keeps Playing At-All.


The experience of Forgetfulness was So Severe, that Ageless Eternity as Humanity has pushed the Little Blue Planet Earth to a point where its climate may change so absolutely, that Humanity may no longer be able to play the Game.




Ageless Eternity has left a Loophole in the Game though.


It has to do with the Big Scary Things in Eternity as Humanity’s Mind (the idea that Something Is Wrong) the fear of which has pushed Humanity to this Dangerous point in the Game.


It is possible to Undo The Forgetfulness.


This can only be done by facing the Big Scary Things in Humanity’s Mind.


People have always been able to utilise this Loophole. From Very Early On, certain (usually Very Sick or Very Nearly Dead) People have found themselves in the situation where they must either face The Big Scary Things in their Minds, or Die, or Worse.


Either with the help of other People who have been through this before them, or sometimes with the help of certain Programs Within The Game Itself, these people have found ways to come face-to-face with the idea that Something is Wrong.


Once the Big Scary Things are Faced and Learnt From, the Person realises that they were never Big or Scary and that because they have Undone the Forgetfulness and now see that they are none other than Ageless Eternity as a Human Being, they then realise that because Ageless Eternity Loves all Emotions and Experiences Equally: there has Never Been, nor could there Ever Be, Anything Wrong.


These People are Connected.


They have realised that Everything Is Connected.




Once this loophole in the Game has been exploited, these People can then go off by themselves and just Relax and Enjoy being Ageless Eternity as a Human Being, Conscious of Itself, which is Fun.


Or, rarely, these People will then help other parts of Ageless Eternity as Humanity to face their own Big Scary Things and realise that there is Nothing Wrong.


As this happens more and more, the General Level of Anxiety within Ageless Eternity experiencing Forgetfulness as Humanity begins to diminish, which then leads to a Wanting for Things to Get Better, which leads to New Inventions that help to Fix Up The Mess.


But will Ageless Eternity as Humanity have Enough Time?


That, is the Game.




In Games or Stories or Movies or Plays, the Most Exciting Moments are always those times when the audience must wonder Will There Be Enough Time?


Will There Be Enough Time for the Heroine to Save the Day, for the Couple to be Reunited, for The Villain to get his Just Desserts?


And so it is with Ageless Eternity’s current Game.


The parts of Ageless Eternity as Humanity that are still Forgetful are desperately trying to Survive long enough to Fix Up Their Mess and Reach For The Stars. And Ageless Eternity is Loving experiencing all this through Itself as Humanity.


For, experiencing All Of This as those parts of Itself that have Forgotten:

It Does Not Know The Ending!




So, what is a Person to do?


Well, You, as Ageless Eternity, can either keep playing the Game, in total Forgetfulness and play your part, which you will, to Perfection, but with Big Scary Things in the Very Back of your Mind, always feeling, no matter how good things are, that Something is Wrong, or

You can turn and face the Big Scary Things, or

You can do a bit of both.




If you want to keep on Playing in total Forgetfulness, it’s Pretty Easy:

Just Carry On.


Everything you do will be Perfect (because remember, you are still Ageless Eternity as a Human Being and the only things that can happen In Ageless Eternity are Ageless Eternity and It Loves Experiencing All Of It).

It will Always Love You, because It is You.

You as Ageless Eternity doesn’t have the silly Human foibles of Self-doubt, Self-Consciousness, or Self-Hatred.


As for the Big Scary Things, there’s not really any need to worry (though you will, in various ways: mental health issues, anger, hurting the ones you love and the like). When you die, all that will happen is that you will know yourself as Ageless Eternity again anyway and You will have given Ageless Eternity a Good Show.




If you feel the need (and it will feel as a need, the Deepest Need) to Face The Big Scary Things and Undo The Forgetfulness, there are people out there who have been where you feel you need to go. Seek them out, but remember, You are Ageless Eternity, so don’t ever give your attention to anyone who seeks to tell you otherwise, by trying to make you believe that they can do it for You.


If You feel the Need (and you will know it if you do), then You can Face the idea that there is Something Wrong by Yourself and if someone tries to tell you that there is Nothing You Need To Do to make this happen, then they don’t know what they are talking about: not that there is anything Wrong with that, they are just Ageless Eternity as a Human who has Forgotten but is playing at Pretending That They Know, which is still Fun for Ageless Eternity.


One Way to Be Sure is to ask for Guidance from Inside Yourself.


As you already are Ageless Eternity as a Human, you have access to Ageless Eternity. Unfortunately, you have not been taught this from a Young Age, when the Voice of Ageless Eternity, Intuition, is Very Close and Friendly. Intuition in most People has receded and become the Quietest Voice, the Most-Subtle Feeling, the Guide With The Lightest Touch.


It can be Hard To Hear at first, but if you are Sincere, Patient and Learn to Shut Up Long Enough To Notice It, It will lead You where You Need To Go.


If you choose this Path, there is a Payment To Be Made: You either Forfeit your Game Character Entirely and live out your years as Ageless Eternity Enjoying the Scenery away from the Crowds, or You Must Help.


For there will be Others who come after You, in need of knowledge about what you have been through.


Rules of the Game.




To choose A Bit Of Both, is possibly the Best Choice in Many Ways.


To do this, You, Ageless Eternity as a Human Being get to keep your Game Character and a certain amount of Forgetfulness, but you must Surrender To The Idea that instead of there being Something Wrong, You are Actually Eternity as a Human Being.


So, instead of Realising Yourself as Ageless Eternity, you simply Surrender to the Idea that You Are Ageless Eternity. This means that instead of You Deciding and Acting, You recognise (but don’t necessarily feel) that it is Ageless Eternity Deciding and Acting.


This Surrendering instantly removes a Whole Heap Of Baggage and means that You Allow Ageless Eternity to have Even More Fun Through You.


This is where so-called Magical Things Occur.




All of these options are equally Perfect, as they All take place Within Ageless Eternity and are, in The End, Chosen By Ageless Eternity.




There is a Very Large Chance that Humanity Will Not Survive Long Enough or that if It does, It will be in Some Monstrous Form that will be Unable to advance to the Next Level of the Game Anyway.


But there is a Sliver, The Very Tiniest Chance, that enough of Humanity’s Anxiety will be relieved, by Enough People Facing their Big Scary Things, to Allow Humanity to Survive Long Enough to come up with Enough New Ways to Fix Up The Mess It Has Made of its Little Blue Planet.


In tandem with this Very Slight Chance Occurrence, must come an Equalisation.


There are Technologies being created everyday now that could see, if used alongside certain new Economic methodologies, Every Person On This Planet being not only Free from Hunger and Poverty, but living the life of Today’s Wealthy.


For those who think that Things Are Getting Worse and that no Equalisation is occurring, it is good to remind ourselves that the Dark Ages was a Very Recent Event. One only needs to look to the Very Recent Past to see (unless one is looking at certain matriarchal tribes), All women, All children and All men who didn’t fit the hetero-religious model of a man, as Far, Far, worse off than today.


And as this Equalisation occurs- the beginnings of which are occurring Right Now, with Billions of people being freed from Grinding Poverty and with their Children being provided with Education- some of these Children will have Ideas that could not have occurred were they to have remained in the Grinding Poverty and not received Education.


These Children’s Ideas alongside Ideas from Children who have already been Educated and have grown up with formerly Undreamed of Levels of Technology and Insight, may, if Humanity is to pass on to the Next Level of the Game, indeed help Humanity Fix Up Its Mess and Reach For The Stars.




As to how Humanity will Reach For The Stars,

there are Two, Equally Valid Options.


One is to reach Outwards,

The Other,



Both end up In The Same Place.




The Place They End Up,

The Place That Ageless Eternity Ends Up,

Is the Place That Is Not A Place.


This Place Has Been Here All Along.


You Know It Is Here.


Beyond, Inside and Throughout

Ageless Eternity

And All Its Games,

Lives a Very Little Thing,

The Simplest Thing,

The Only Important Thing,

Your True Home,

Your Everything:






All Together,


-by Ariel Rowan

© Richard Mclean 2021,

Melbourne, Australia / Disclaimer 


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