This is Dr Rich McLean. ...I'm amazing sane and alive 


attled alone, fot over four years  defenceless, a nobody.

I am exposing it.

They all were not scared or threatened in the slighest and nefariously delighted in my destruction with impunity.

The conspirers as the onion layers expanded acted and operated without compassion, with willful arrogance, prejudice and lack of accountability.


They were the voices and silent abusers privileged by power and money. They had incredible amounts of political and legal power, hiding behind words, emails, set me up and willed for my death by suicide. They hid privately in my three and a half year isolated incredible distress behind veneers of corrupt public and private institutions - and individuals.


They acted with impunity; they were not afraid whatsoever.

...but they fucking-well should be.

This is a story of prejudice neglect stigma and shame.


It is also a story of conspiracy crime death and hopefully justice. Of outrageous courage yet also shame guilt and a broken society housing a silent and defiant will that was determined to actually kill me. They delighted in my distress-as not sentience or a human, but as someone of less burden if he takes his own life - and they encouraged me - than to take this extraordinary case to justice.


Its about being ostracised used and forgotten, and a conspiratorial cover-up so embedded within Australian institutions it will shock you. I have coped and kept every shred of evidence and there are thousands of documents and hundreds of recordings.


I, over time, found myself the unwilling participant yet now forced to act in a conspiracy designed to silence me and protect the aggressors' abusers and criminals; but I have done nothing wrong and I am not afraid to speak.


I see myself as  'post-death'.  On 12th August 2018, I took what I thought was a fatal overdose of opioids a GP gave me despite the direct suicidality I had just expressed. I have survivors’ guilt and a grievance to right the wrongs of systemic corruption that marginalises the vulnerable and the powerless - something I have always tried my best in my hundreds of speeches and presentations on advocacy in mental health recovery, and my human rights awarded autobiography, which was eventually so damaging because it labelled me publicly, and I lost my job at 'The Age'.


Suicide & sexual abuse trigger: If this raises any concerns for you please call lifeline in Australia on 131114 or beyond Blue at 1300 22 4636.


NB I cannot consult at this time.

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My Story - The life-long silent battle, the truth shall set everyone free

This is a story of crime death conspiracy medical malpractice professional negligence child sexual abuse and hopefully justice. Of outrageous courage yet also shame guilt and a broken society housing a silent and defiant will determined to actually kill me. I outline who they are and how they have tried.


The essential evidence of the initial evidence is published below. What happened afterwards is a conspiracy ro pevert the course of justice that willfully targeted me, in an attempt to rid me by my own hand; rather than the burden of me taking affirmative litigation.


It is far-reaching systemic and undeniable in my hundreds of items of evidence. It was a sustained, targeted attack on a marginalised person, who already having tried killing himself, delighted over years as i fought my way through the system - watching me crumble and burn and become unwell; all the while completing a doctorate and working as a therapist for the NDIS looking after ironically matginalised people.

In essence - below I identify those organisations and some individuals but there are hundreds of others.

There was a certainty of zero care and people and doctors maliciously intending to cause me distress. This attack was sustained and brutal. Since the initial suicide attempt it has driven me close so many times.

Rather than defend me - every friend or colleague I have asked to support me is concerned about my mental health - it identifies myself as the issue - and tell me to let it go.

But then they win. I refuse bluntly to yield in the name of Nathan Wez Paul Shaggs Jack and many other acquaintances I have lost to suicide; and stictly for the ethics demonstrated in the perseverance of the advocacy I have always acted upon with passion and altruism being rewarded only praise yet zero prosperity or proportionate gratitude.


This case simply cannot fail with the thousands of emails recordings and evidence I have in my possession.


I have asked family and friends to support me, but this was not forthcoming in a measurable way in terms of outcomes and traction – so I am asking the public to read this story – and help me advocate for not only my own human rights but expose the toxic mental health system and systemic corruption in our public institutions and the secret society of Government.


 It is also for my integrity and myself worth and for all the dear people I have lost to suicide and for the people that tried to reach out for help, extremely bravely, and it never ever came and the people that miss them.


It probably is not purely your fault if my story is any guide, but this again highlights my fierce advocacy and ethics on standing up for what is right – not what is worth more money. I prioritise information creativity in my currencies of wealth – if I wanted money, I’d have not been a student and artist and muso! If I ever make any money at all, I will simply live that I may live, and like a gentle client of the mental health advocy business I ran would say: ‘If I had a million dollars I would stand on the MCG cricket stand get all the poor people and rain money down on them’, and I concur-as you will see and know from my public profile I have always been kind and utilised my position of privilege to help those less fortunate and that is my wealth mantra.


All the evidence is below (I will add more as i go), – it is shocking, and it is 100% infallible if it comes before a court of law, which I have not had the opportunity to make happen, but with your help – I will.


For example, a medical malpractice lawsuit if conciliated is approx. 250-400000 in Australia – that’s at conciliation.


If this goes the whole way and the GP is sued – Id say at least a million considering what transpired after the fact. If I took every institution and every person civilly no matter who they worked with as a priority the legal cases would run for years and it would be many millions of dollars. I am realising how serious this is and how I am the unwilling participant in yes-a conspiracy – and I wonder how I can get into some sort of witness protection program or safety?


I don’t know – because the police and the Government are part of the problem.


So: anyone who donates $500 will see a 1% return of at least 1 million which is $10000. That’s a 200% increase in your investment and you can be proud to know you supported a marginalised person who was opposed by fierce silent invisible privileged enemy. I am aiming for 100 people do donate – but please identify yourself – that will give me $50K to hire a specialised lawyer or someone who will listen.

Since filing the original complaint with the HCC and then AHPRA, with the evidence of the recording of the GP consultation, which I know it now not to be illegal only now – because if anything has to do with your human rights or survival then it is legal in Victoria to record anything. I believe I have done nothing wrong. In the way of me publicising the recording, i believe this to be true otherwise i would have been sued by now.


I believe I have nothing illegal, and I must say, was not intent on destroying anyway – just to check if I was going mad, and that I protected the GP by NOT taking the recording to AHPRA where I thought he may be negatively affected. I was only going to complain if he had insurance and could practice-I wanted conciliation, not to ruin his life.


Since then, I have published the recording on my website and then on the main page at


I have emailed all parties in disgust threatening, ‘What are you going to do about it now?’, and the only result I am aware of is the GP not practicing anymore at IPC health or Millennium medical Centre in Footscray. He could have sued me – but what for? My debt? I am worth nothing – and I can say with definitiveness that I have tried to be ‘set up’ by this deceptive conspiracy which I have been aware of to get me to break the law and or be in trouble and or humiliate and shame me.


– I was squashed by his lawyer, and AHPRA the body I complained to know what the recording IS, but The Australian Medical Review Board did not give it any value, and even though AHPRA said I could give a ‘transcript’ of the recording, which I did, through FOI I have evidence his high-profile lawyer told AHPRA not to include it in a threatening manner.

hence my whole complaint was somehow verified, yet based on nothing. The evidence of the NHPOPC examining the finding mentioned nothing of whether I was legally allowed to be represented or the recording heard by the board or that it was ineuqal and inequitable in its process favouring the GP.


The case was one sided: a man who did a criminal act with money power and privilege with a high-grade lawyer against me – a marginalised in debt person with mental health deficiencies and no legal representation and I wish to say the whole conflict was incredibly unfair and was geared by AHPRA to support the GP and now the marginalised suicidal patient.


  • Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is criminal,

  • Medical malpractice is criminal,

  • Professional negligence is criminal,

  • If you are an individual towing the institution line or policy because people with money and power tell you to respond in a certain way; that person is left open for civil legal action-and I intend to pursue all these people,

  • To discriminate against someone because they raised a complaint is criminal,

  • To refuse to acknowledge someone as a member of the public who makes a telephone call to them is conspiracy, gaslighting and rejection.


To be a member of the police, a law firm or another institution and know that a person is suicidal, then gaslight and ignore that person seemingly with the hope that person will kill themselves rather than follow procedural rules to avert their death - is against company and institutional policy and is a crime that also needs to be held to account


The story and the evidence:


I saw a GP for six years.


We knew each other intimately - I was a gay man who was in a toxic relationship with a criminal mastermind millionaire whose boss was David Irvine from ASIO – and who was deceitful in cheating on me abusive and left me homeless and squatting. The GP knew had no money, and was struggling with my memories of sexual abuse-which took three years to get before a magistrate – who threw it out because ‘it was not a crime in 1977 for him to do that to you, it was only a crime if you were a girl not a boy’, and that: ‘If you find a caveat in the law it does go further from 1976 the complainant has to undergo a fill psychiatric assessment’, you know…because it’s all in my head. That – is prejudice discrimination and stigma. If I had had made that complaint and had cancer, they would not do an examination with my oncologist.


In the six years I saw him, I told him I was suicidal many times. He was acutely aware I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar, panic disorder, major depressive illness, ADHD and generalised anxiety, including other medical issues.


Any hint of suicide should have been treated within the ethical confines of a general practitioner. This was discrimination. That is the continual prejudice I face being labelled as a madman – but despite that, I have achieved so much in my 47-year life.


I recorded a random session on my phone with the Gp on a whim - I was isolated alone, the intense pressure of doing a PhD, symptomatic, incredibly depressed, gaslighted and rejected from family and most friends because of my issues I could never get justice for; and I was grieving the deaths of many friends including a close confidant I loved so dearly Nathan Turnley who had just suicided, and I was overcome with grief.


Here in words displays the medical malpractice and professional negligence in that session, (That recording which has been silenced and was not made with any maliciousness, is below, in the public domain – for you to hear):


  1. I tell him I am going to hot box myself on heroin

  2. I tell him about my friends’ suicide, and I agree it is not fair for family to expect you to stay alive to save their pain when you yourself are in so much distress and pain

  3. I express a desire to die, with a time frame and a plan

  4. I beg for a psychologist or psychiatrist – he replies, ‘I don’t know anyone’

  5. The GP tells me ‘Because you are so clever you will fall between the cracks’ essentially rejecting any agency I have for recovery and offering no hope

  6. He then after all this happened gave me a fatal dose of opioids I said was for a ‘sore shoulder’

Here is that evidence which is the reason for this cover up- which was made on spur of the moment, without malice, I tried to protect the GP before they savaged me and I know now, unlike I did before – that it is not illegal in Victoria to record a private conversation if it has to do with your personal safety or survival.



(Insert recording)







An uneven and utterly inequitable balanced fight to silence me:


I complained and the GP agreed to come to conciliation with the Health Complaints Commissioner.


I did not know what value this recording had in it, and it is to me demonstrated how much the recording was worth because of the extreme measures his lawyer and then AHPRA and then the federal conspiracy went to suppress it- with professional and people and individuals towing the line of those with privilege and power – to silence me, ignore me, and as you will see later; encourage me to kill myself.


I innocuously sent the HCC the recording. All of a sudden, I was hearing from his high-profile lawyer bell and Associates.


Records and emails over more than three years of me trying to have this heard and valued so I can be simply acknowledged as a human being - I have as evidence, and the distress in being outweighed by the enormous array of people institutions and professionals is incredible.


Years ago – I used to think there was a conspiracy against me. Today my ‘non ordinary reality’ experiences of my early 20’s has in fact, become a reality.


I am less expensive to them if I kill myself, than exposing what I am doing right now on this page to highlight the inadequacy of so, so many who are all up for litigation against them.


So, who covered it up? ...I name them here.


Records will show I did not want the GP to be in trouble – in fact I told them that I would not take the case to The Australian medical review Board because I wanted him to keep going being a GP and if there was a financial settlement, I wanted no harm to come to him – I asked his lawyer if he had insurance.


The following institutions, organisations know absolutely what the recording is of, and what crime9s0 it exposes. All of the following people and institutions have conspired to silence what you have just heard above.



  • The GP himself,

  • The practice manager at Millennium medical centre,

  • The health Complaints Commissioner,

  • AHPRA – It took nearly two years for an outcome, they invited me in person to their Melbourne office, and I cut to the chase with the two reps 9who had not even heard the recording) – not one mark against the GP’s name at all. They invited me in to stab me in the heart and that was a truly upsetting thing to go through. They intended to upset me and distress me. One of the people there was crying when I told them ‘I should be dead’, and AHPRA has asked me what I wanted out of it, I told them to be acknowledged as a sentient being. I actually think she may have been an actor,

  • Millennium medical Centre (Whereby the way the GP no longer works), in particular the manager there. (I am now banned from that clinic-simply because I filed an unacknowledged complaint, and this is discrimination by definition of the Human Rights Commission).

  • The Australian Medical review Board,

  • The Footscray Police, including constable Roberts, who ignored an email distressing: ‘Why won’t you answer me? You make me feel less than death!’,

  • Detectives at Footscray police who have never been identified,

  • Maribyrnong Criminal Investigations Unit, Victoria,

  • The federal Police,

  • NHPOPC, who investigate AHPRA as an independent entity, especially Preya Mackenzie, investigator, (It is now known as NHPOP),

  • IBAC, who investigate police as a ‘separate entity’,

  • The Victorian Inspectorate,

  • The mental Health legal Centre,

  • The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission,

  • VOCAT Victims of Crime Tribunal,

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission,

  • Australian Ombudsman,

  • I tried to get traction in the media as a marginalised person with an already public profile - an important story,

  • Law firms ignored me: Slater and Gordon, Maurice and Blackburn, Shine lawyers and many others,

  • I made the complaint public to the Royal mental health Commission, I received a ‘dear john’ letter thanking me for my submission – the recording and story were then public – and no one cared or did it gain any traction,

  • Former CEO of SANE Australia Jack health – who I contacted after my book was that institutions ‘book of the year’, - he declined to make a complaint personally and told me he was concerned it was affecting my mental health,

  • I let Gordon Parker know of this who was Head of The Black Dog Institute, who had seen me before as a client and he suggested that I ‘see my GP’ – which was useless because it was a GP, I was complaining about,

  • Dr Simon Cooper of Yarraville family medical centre knew very well of this issue, because I emailed it to his and also explained it to him in person. He prescribed me 2 x boxes of endone at a time – knowing full well I was suicidal (I think in the hope I would kill myself), yet when I didn’t – he abruptly removed the script and sent me a letter. That letter said that ‘if I was to continue as a patient at (their clinc) I would have to agree to see an alcohol and drugs counsellor’ The withdrawal from Endone is shocking and he with intent made it easy for me to die, then difficult to stay alive.

  • Lifeline: While my last Dog Steinberg was alive, I called them, told them who I am they can look me up, what I do and my public profile. I told them I was definitely going to either kill by both dogs and I – or when they died, I would kill myself. I don’t know why people did not contact me.


I have fought this battle alone, isolated and in complete silence with fierce resilience and many a time I have thought of killing myself because that is what they are driving me to do. For example, I threatened in a furious email(s) that took over a year (why) to Preya Mackenzie from NHPOPC that I would kill myself. She waited. The I emailed her again and said what is the NHPOPC policy for suicide – she told me that I should call lifeline or beyondblue or if I needed to seek the help of a GP.


I was furious at the volume of irony in that that’s where all this problem had happened.


Why has this taken three years and I’ve got nowhere?

I wish to say that if you have no money, you have no lawyer, and then you have no power.


It also does not help that your former partner worked for ASIO and he communicated to me that my reputation was ruined, and I would be destroyed, which I took with a grain of salt, but as a paranoid person who has rational paranoia proven by my evidence that is on this page that all these organisations people and institutions have silence the recording – that someone from very high up is pulling the strings here.


I actually began to realise my power and worth when I had this recording – and I called Mr Ball the GP’s lawyer to chat to him honestly – but his receptionist knew exactly who I was and what I wanted, and he said he will only communicate by email.


I was furious about the injustice and I emailed him something like:


‘G’day dude…


It is not a crime to grieve and be sad – but it is a crime to be professionally negligent and medical malpractice is a serious issue…so…as I have the evidence…


 Facts don’t lie. I have already won by being alive, even if I don’t win this case. If I don’t get traction with the case – I have won anyway – and I am furiously alive. Additionally, facts do not lie. I have the recording.


Have you ever tried to sleep on a room with a tiny mosquito?


First, they ignore you

Then they laugh at you

Then they fight you

Then you WIN


how slowly to you want me to squeeze your balls, Mr?’


And with that I received no response – just the veneer of a powerful man or men who want to discredit, kill and destroy my worth, my sanity and my life.


Could it be someone from ASIO or because they are trying to destroy me because I was trying to gain a lawful settlement with my former partner?


That part of the story begins here-and here is the email I sent, all 100% honest and true after liaising with Monash Law for over seven months to bring this issue to a compromise or litigation – to his lawyer representing him. Once I sent the following letter – the person who was helping me I was told I had left – a new person had come on board – to me know as Ann.


Ann wrote me a letter saying that they will not represent me, and the case is over and final.


I was gobsmacked.


I argued with her there is a conspiracy of injustice that protects ASIO employees – I yelled at her and she yelled at me – and she tried every trick in the book to my frustration and every accusation I could throw at her to dump me 0- and that is what I told her she was doing.


I recorded it too so before you read about an accomplice to murder and other crimes – listen to me trying to reason with her.


I guess lawyers really do have no soul, just like narcissists and people of money who are protecting their stash of gold.


Again, the theme is about a powerful person with money protected by silent overarching 'law'.  am assuming ASIO or those that advocate for him preventing financial loss to me – a person who was taken advantage of and who was used abused dumped and left homeless with his former partners dying dog. As the sociopath he was – we had two dogs – mine and his – and he threatened to euthanise the dog because I could not take him, and he couldn’t either and I was incredibly upset – but that is the mindset of the sociopathic narcissist. They thrive on your discomfort and pain and this is why this story gets a mention here – because I got it from family, I fell into it with partner’s in adult life, and I have been confronted with this cold indifference again.


If I don’t stand up for the beautiful heart of my dear departed Wez Nathan Shaggs and others, life maybe is not worth living; so, I have made this my mission – yet as I sit here the debt notices are piling up. I have been thieved from my job. Despite my enormous experience and a PhD no one will acknowledge me as an art therapist or a counsellor – because I have not done their specific course tin which the money benefits them.


I was told by the NDIS that I have been (unknowingly) acting illegally and outside the parameters of what is accepted for my role as an artist life coach and peer support worker.


I took that as a threat if I worked – and I WANT to work in that job – I would never work again and could get in huge trouble.


This was amplified by the child sexual abuse outcome 9the outcome that never was) – and that cover up, too.


Months after I made the request, VOCAT sent me a blank CD – a recording of the magistrate and what she said in determining my case.


I have not had the courage to be disappointed and not believed again because I am also very strong but very vulnerable.


Therefore, I have not aligned what was told to me on the phone by and what was actually said in court.


I have no idea even if the lawyers took off with the compensation – I just can’t bear to be let down one more time and have to acknowledge another fight when I’ve been fighting intensely for three years and really – for this manifestation in this meat suit in this life.


In regard to the letter with my former partners lawyer I sent a screen snapshot of the $1000 I had in the bank, and I did the same to Dr Whitaker’s lawyer too – in an effort to make them come to con ciliation with me.


The screen snapshot was real – from my bank account so it looked authentic, but they did not know I gave it all back when my priorities and dignity were threatened, because little did, I know the owner of the last house had a mental illness – and he told me the voices told him to give me the 100000


I immediately rejected I took advantage of him because he gave it to me willingly – I was not aware that he was on leave from the psych ward for meth psychosis.


Hence the decision was utterly gutting but the ethics were clear – I did not take advantage of him – and I have compassion for those with mental health issues even though I thought the lawyer told the person to say that – but I willingly gave the lot back.


I bluffed that I had 100K to take my former fiancé to court. In actual fact mark Eng, our former landlord, actually gifted me 100K – who was I to refuse? He told me that he saw my advocacy work and my work with mental illness survivors, and he told me that he saw the drawings of the house we used to live in – and he knew how much I loved it and wanted to live there.


I told him I cannot accept it, but he insisted – he transferred 100K to my account.


I think I bought a T-shirt; some crystals and some Tibetan prayer flags and I had that money for nearly three weeks.


Anyone to says this is for money – and yes now it is – does not know how little emphasis I put on money as opposed to the currency of knowledge and experience. I am not money motivated. When someone claiming to be his lawyer called me and told me to give it back-I simply transferred everything I have back to him. This is documented (or should be) in Dr Robert MacKinnon (My psychologists) notes I got through FOI.


This is about respect. Its about dignity. It’s about and demonstrating my awesome power and my incredible resilience and its about genuinely expressing when you have been gaslighted rejected ostracised or prejudiced against – their language is money – so – I am now playing that game.






15/02/2021 I predicted I would unsuccessfully be able to get through to HCF for the stress leave of the sexual abuse case. I predicted they would block my number-that was correct. I interrogated Simon kellet employee number 4702 at HCF on why he didn’t have an answer, why the internal number for the department was wrong, why Telstra was down, why he did not have an answer why my claim was not an outcome in the 5 days and why it was only acknowledged a whole week later and then why I would find out only on the 17th when that is clearly what was not advertised. He tried every excuse under the sun. I just don’t want to be blacklisted from a service I paid for or discriminated against because of a rational paranoia they may link to my past. If they do that: the conspiracy has led me to not only surviving death again, losing my job, but being absolutely destitute in debt and paranoid that no one cares, and people are systemically baying for my destitution or death.


This after all now, not only about human rights and framed by a commonwealth legal system which has already proven itself against me, but via this phone call I am nearly convinced that they have infiltrated by private health insurance and will deny me the payout of over $5000 per month. Additionally, when I spoke with Dr Horgan, the psychiatrist who dumped me – he asked me about gambling. ‘How did you know about that, I didn’t tell you’, I said. He replied, ‘That’s for me to know’, then I asked, ‘Have you spoken with Dr Cooper about this?’ and he said that he had.


Discussing what is said in private to another Doctor of a different practice I think is illegal.


Dr Cooper has made a mistake of not only trying to give me massive doses of endone, possibly to kill me because he was acutely aware of my distress of Dr Whitaker and overdosing on the opioids, he gave me, and then acting carelessly telling a suicidal patient to go for it despite the risk of my death, but he has spoken privately with my psychiatrist telling him very personal problems that are by law supposed to be confidential.


This is the reason I am certain of that Doctors communicate with one another and openly talk about clients and the issues they face that are supposed to be kept confidential by law and as a condition of their profession and privacy law.


When I was given the rejection from Dr Cooper in a letter, after he deliberately made me withdrawal from Valium and endzone at the same time in effect intentionally causing me pain and distress which on top of my already present grievances and issues, I thought he’s not the only GP.


I went to see Dr Richard Moore at Northside Clinic. I had seen him twenty years earlier when my book was released and I saw him for a time, and he welcomed me back because I was still on the system. I had mentioned the malpractice case to Dr Whitaker to Dr Moore because I am an honest and open person. I know that doctors are in some sort of secret club and they do meet physically – and I know that one GP does not like to see another GP’s reputation tarnished.


It is the reason when I asked Dr Cooper to make an official complaint about the recording of Dr Whitaker to AHPRA he said he wouldn’t.


It is why when I asked Dr Rob MacKinnon my psychologist to make a complaint to AHPRA after hearing the recording that he said he would do so – and I was so relived because after all this time there was someone whose psychological care I was in – and he was going to advocate for me. I told him what I thought it should say and why it was important to have the recording acknowledged by The Australian Medical review Board.


When I read what he was going to submit – it was only an exact replication of what I told him I think it should say. He was not willing to say to AHPRA from his perspective that this caused me distress or harm although I had expressed suicidality and survivors’ guilt to him many times.


Dr Robert MacKinnon was protecting Dr John Whitaker.


So – I made another complaint to AHPRA about Rob. This was in order to have the original recording acknowledged by the medical review board.


I received an email from AHPRA with a ‘dear john’ type email, ‘How did we do?’, yet I didn’t know anything had been done!


I called them up to ask what it was about, and I told them that if they know who I am – a big red button will go off and they will not be able to tell me anything as instructed by the conspiracy. I was right – they did not even want to say the ‘supervisors’ name who was overseeing my case – but when I mentioned ‘Amanda Watson’ he implied yes-that was her.


In the past I have recorded her answering the phone asking if I am recording and I said I did not want to comment.


She told me she could not speak and hung up.


After all that’s happened, my last email to Amanda Watson after being ignored was ‘You have blood on your hands’


I received no response


12-13/02/21 – Public cry that I decided the date I would die


I had this theory – that if and when this all goes to court; they may argue that I framed Dr Whitaker. It is entirely false. I forgot OI had the recording until I had moved to a new house to Suzy’s and found it, and I decided that if my life has worth – then I must give it worth and defend any wrongdoing against it.


I recorded it because I kept telling him I was suicidal – and he did nothing about it.


I was pleading for help…and it is so hard to speak up when you are in so much hurt and grief that you want to die.


I was brave – incredibly brave – like I have been all this time – and I applaud that about me.


I did not even mention the recording to the HCC until they gave me a report from Dr Whitaker which was a medical report demonstrating suicidal idealation and a vast array of medications.


15.02.2021 I just called the drug and alcohol line. I have been addressing this issue in a clear way while I am high and alert on meth and GBH and my breathing has slowed. This is what I am scared of. I’m so sad and scared if they will arrest me. They told me to walk there. I recorded it, as always, as evidence.


I’m beginning to think that I am crazy, and I have no traction place or worth in the world (again) but then I think – wait you just wrote an explanatory essay – with evidence and all the recordings – that expose this argument and the cover up.


The consistent gaslighting by the conspiratorial people is undermining my sanity. Maybe that is what they are trying to do-just say I am insane (?) However I have done a rather unique PhD in which acute critical thinking was measured by a panel of experts and it was conferred.


I don’t know where I belong.


By publishing all this – I fear reprisal.


But how do I get into a witness protection program if even the police do not acknowledge my calls? I am innocent and this is entirely not fair.


Years ago, I wrote in my autobiography I feared someone may kill me – however I felt comfortable knowing that so many people were involved, they could not get away with it.


The I had not much to lose but I have seen how the veneer of that energy can ruin your life and seek to destroy you and if I am going to be dead then I am going to email this to every news agency and publish it on my website.


The I wonder – have I done anything wrong, that they could get me for?


Was there a time in the last three years that I have said something illegal inappropriate or gave something away that could be conceived as a crime if reported?


Because I have no doubt – They are watching, and I have been set up at least twice now, once at AHPRA and once where a lawyer called and said he would represent the case and wanted to meet with me – I was so relieved – but within one minute of being there the lawyer – who did not even say his name or introduce himself started attacking me: ‘Why not go to another GP? Why are you hanging onto this?’ I replied ‘If you will indulge me, what was your name I didn’t get it…’ (He throws a business card at me from across the desk and I was suspicious) I have more evidence I have to get from the car…’


He snapped at me before the two-minute meeting ended: ‘Look I can tell by your attitude this wont work. Fuck off. Go on get the fuck out of my face. There are plenty of other lawyers!’


I was gobsmacked.


I went home thinking yes, this was a setup, this is huge…no you’re being irrational…though was I? I could be dead.


I had attempted to get legal help for years.


I was so gutted. They knew I was gutted. They are all hoping I will just go away and die.


I told them if I die the story is out and you all live with your collective guilt.


While I am alive – might have died even today - I will fight.


There is nothing left to lose.


I am contactable on email (spelt out her so I don’t get spam) at rich (@)


I want to live. Please help me advocate for myself and for others.

Thanks for reading.

If they actually do kill me; now you know why.

ps: Thanks for calling the police but I am not at risk. I only place this here because at conciliation a malpactice case is around 200-350K so if this blows over and everyone is pursued in the conspiratorial cover up - then its worth millions of dollars and jail time for some.

therefore I post this in my own protection program that if I get 'knocked off' or something happens to me - it is clear who to look for and where to look.


Dr John Whitaker - Millenium medical Centre, (Medical malpractice & Professional Negligence)

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To donate either email me introducing yourself and why this campaign matters - or simply PayID


But please – let me know who you are by emailing me.


 I will never identify you at your request and like I said I want to give you return on your investment as I stated for assisting in this human rights matter should it very likely move in my favour with the prosperity necessary for litigation.


If you want to support my cause and expose this conspiracy of lies murderers’ co-conspirators and shameless people of power and privilege hiding behind silent veneers of institutions, who have literally tried to kill me, please consider sharing this story via one of the methods on the right.

© Richard Mclean 2021,

Melbourne, Australia / Disclaimer 


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