dear mental health legal centre. 27th th feb 2021


I day after suicide attempt


I am fine although I have been accosted by three different hospital staff one after the other with no compassion protecting their own arses

it is un thinkable just over 24 hours from a cause I was willing to die for in sane state of mind...


that they berate and pathologies' me with no heart


anyone who thinks they care for me are wfong




I am being held political prisoner at werribbii icu survived an attempted d

suicide excecacebated by time in psychiatric ward where all my phone clothes agency rights redacted

I beg for legal help they offered none

or advocacy

I am a dr my rights never explained

my email is banned

now I have golden staph

I deserve representative 

please help

call my next of kin Suzy ure


Or dad Doug Mclean

or my brother brad


or him pavlidid from age


I will publish this

sorry guys

please make sure my dog is ok with Dan

I love you all I am well but targeted

I don't want to die

I love you all


THey refuse my legal rights or advocate


I am at weribbee mercy under 'the law' to mental health law

i am happy after my attempt I want to be home with my dog


I have been denied my phone food and my meds


it led to a meltdown and I attempted suicide


I have no help no avocacy no legal rights and no representation


there was no need for this


I have been scapegoated by money privilegrand power


I don't have a phone and barely I internet

please don't forget my batlr

now I may have golden staff


not my fault I love you all please share this

sat 27 th feb 2021


this is a a public cry for assistance compassion and due diligence to legal processes to assist and advocate for me - a gay 'mentally ill' Dr of Philosophy who is a suicide survivor & can defiantly prove a heinous conspiracy to maim and kill him systemically in institutions such as the police politics and politicians institutions and organisations with the veneer of helping people involving literally hundreds of people.

my demands ARE to get help for & be acknowledged with legal representation in a court of law.


This is in order to gain traction for the injustices thrust maliciously upon me through the vehicles of stigma shame ostracisation neglect and scapegoating, which is a national conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and rob me of prosperity and agency.


failing this I will 'POSSIBLY' die by suicide on 8th April 2021, or very shortly after in a time of my choice.

Please read and share this story.

There is no shame in being sad - and I am not a criminal.

I can prove many have been negligent in their ethical care and beyond; by allowing aiding and abetting my own death before I get justice. The future is unwritten (apparently) however you all get to collectively choose the outcome.

First, they ignore you,

Then they laugh at you,

Then they fight you,

Then you win.

Nicholas Klein 

My demands or I die mid-April, and you will all be collectively complicit - again.

Once you have read this - to the people institutions organisations and politicians and police I email it to; you are all aware of, and complicit in these crimes and there is a method and mechanism for which each entity is morally and ethically responsible to respond.


I have been driven to this: This is the only way I can get traction; and what you have all collectively forced me to do; and I am not scared to die, because I am at peace with what I have accomplished, my art, my music, my advocacy, and by utilising my position of privilege to help others through mental health advocacy and recovery training.


The outcome is clear:


  • Publish: Win

  • Expose crime: Win

  • Live / receive justice: Win

  • Die and publish: Win

  • Die, live with purpose: Win.

  • Every way: I win.


Now it is time for YOU & society to care for me when I have cared so much about others less fortunate than myself with love and altruism.


Here is a list of my demands that will be met and a story that will be heard valued and validated or I will die on 8th April 2021- you cannot arrest me now because the police have already come, and I am not at risk. Please don’t call the police – email this to the police – or a lawyer.


Upon coming up to that date, I will disappear in a car somewhere peaceful with my method of loads of opioids Dr Cooper gave me, to shed the meat suit of this soul asylum in an unjust world so I can be liberated home to spirit; because I found my purpose in this life, and I will have fulfilled it in the event of myn passing over.


I believe this issue, the wall of oppression I have faced in inequity, is the obstacle, is my path.

The good news is, things are permanent, the bad news is things are not permanent.


Any which way: whatever the outcome, live or die, I published this in and circulated in at the end of Feb 2021, and bravely stood up for myself – in the memory of others who died by neglect & avoidable suicide, and those that miss them.


I am grateful for my opportunities and the good things I have experienced – and the laughs I’ve had - and I am content with my accomplishments should I need to go because alternately I can’t stand to be rejected ostracised gaslighted ignored, not believed and maliciously treated so I will die anyway before I get justice.

It is simply a methodology for an intelligent but financially bereft person who has had it tough to be treated lawfully compassionately and equitably. If this does not happen, now that so many people are involved that the evidence is for below, I do not want to exist in a resonance where the other monkey beings offer no opportunity and in fact act willfully for my demise.


My Demands:


  1. My story is heard by a high court and I have a right to legal assistance and representation by my choice of legal professionals who operate at an extremely high and complex level, indeed, I think I may need a whole team if it goes to the high court,

  2. This website will stay live and not censored as I have been censored from emailing the Federal Police for the purpose of showing people the struggle of being labelled and excluded and what hate, and prejudice can do to an innocent person

  3. I want every institution including the Australian medical Review Board to be held accountable for rejecting my non-malicious legal recording and also the transcription - which was in itself highly unbalance inequitable and unfair and favoured the GP I complained against

  4. I want every single person who willingly covered this up and maliciously intended harm to come to me to be held accountable and legally prosecuted within their auspice organisation or civilly. It is very simple - I don’t and didn’t matter to them when they absolutely knew I was at great risk - so their fate is not a concern of mine only that they get just punishment and me compensated

  5. I want every GP Doctor or psychiatrist to be held accountable for treating me not only badly, but with the malicious intent to harm me and aid me ending my own life before I can bring this to light investigated prosecuted and deregistered including their lawyers and organisations and institutions and people that protected and shielded me from telling my story and getting my justice when they were acutely aware, I was alone suffering and suicidal

  6. I will expose the taboo of money especially in regard to friends and family and the toxic neglect I have suffered from many friends and relatives; leaving me with no-one as a result of my public and not so public life in an effort to justify the ends of why I may not be around if my demands are not met, and I kill myself on April 8th; or shortly after at a time of my choice

  7. I want to be entered into some sort of witness protection programme if I do live past that date and my valid concerns are heard valued and everyone held accountable - where I have bodyguards and staff who look after me 24/7 to protect me from the throwback this case will cause and the incredible amount of hate and revengeful people it will produce for prosecuting and commencing litigation against so many

  8. I want protection from being sued because I had no malice, was only sticking up for myself and my dead friends, and my own death, and that the judge bears witness to the documents which demonstrate that I was protecting the GP by not going to AHPRA, this was in no way ‘set up’ and I am the unwilling centre of a conspiracy that pervades both the public and the private

  9. I also want exoneration from any of the many ways I have tried to be set up - including people approaching me in the street, recordings on my phone from strangers, pornographic pictures of very young boys being sent to my Instagram account, additionally I want a technological wizard to make sure that I am not in any way compromised electronically nor through my web host provider Micron 21 who in actual fact I am quite suspicious of such is the compelling ways this evil conspiracy recruit people by framing and shaming me



I’ve proven this conspiracy to maliciously deprive me of liberty and prosperity and deny me justice in a democratic society and beyond reasonable doubt demonstrated what I say is true.


Below I prove in words images sound recordings I made and documents/emails beyond any doubt the conspiracy which maliciously means to harm me which is systemic and endemic in medicine institutions the police, places of public agency to make a complaint and other institutions and organisations exists and has acted to silence me maim me and destroy me.


Every accusation is or can be backed up with factual evidence, where when and how I choose to provide it.


There are three distinct sources of this toxic illegal and shameful neglect and abuse and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that humiliates maims and maliciously aims to destroy me:


  1. A book I wrote on my experience with ‘mental illness’ in 1992 and what evolved afterwards,

  2. Essentially important in this demand is for a conversation between my GP Dr John Whitaker and I be heard validated and valued by a court of law and I am protected from any infringement on privacy as it was to do with my survival, not made from malice or planned malice and that the levering of this recording will set off the first domino at AHPRA and The Australian medical Review Board, who cited this incredibly legible recording of medical malpractice and professional negligence to be neutral in its criminality but led to my suicide attempt. Even if the suicide attempt did not happen, it would still have those crimes associated with it,

  3. My former partner of five years - he also saw Dr Whitaker and worked for including both APPLE with Steve Jobs and ASIO. He was a toxic narcissist and criminal manipulator, and he swore to ruin my life and reputation. After I attempted to financially and legally separate, he threatened a hit man on me and swore he would ruin my life and my reputation.


Everything I mention below: The Facts


  1. The accusations are crimes - illegal and immoral and factual to me and my experience in this moment backed up my a-grade evidence that has been silenced by money privilege and power.

  2. It impedes on my human and legal rights as a citizen of the country,

  3. It has already ended up in a death I survived in August 2018, and if the recording that was silenced by power and privilege was found by my family or friends if I had had died the GP could have been charged with manslaughter,

  4. It is unconscionable that so many people have been pawns quite in an aware way to reject and gaslight me whilst being utterly aware of the issue of the censoring and silencing of the recording and not informing me of my rights or the inequality in my quest for justice,

  5. I am famous for what I have done, and I am infamous for my first (public) death, and I will again me matured when I die if my demands are not met. I utterly demand that every word on this public page copyright to my business at www, be heard and valued by the police by a litigation team that can represent me and additionally by Aphra and the other many co-conspirators I will mention by name with their email address below.

  6. Persecution and gaslighting by organisations and institutions because I made a complaint is an assault on my human rights which the Australian Human Rights Commission does not validate,

  7. Active intentional malice in order to aid and abet or encourage my death by my own hand has happened - it has nearly worked a few times. The evidence is below.

  8. People institutions and organisations have witnessed my deteriorating mental health without intervening, save to ’tick the box’ the police showed up to save their own arse because a member of the public called to alert them when I made a threat of suicide.

  9. A conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is a 10-year jail term-people will go to any lengths to silence me, so if I am dead – you know why.

  10. I do not authentically believe in my heart I have done anything wrong and initially did not act out of malice, only later out of sheer desperation to be acknowledged and heard and valued as a sentient being with rights,

  11. I am but one person opposed by high class lawyers’ doctors’ human rights ‘experts’ legal teams, HT, managers, workers, people down the ladder, front of house, and many more and I have had to be so resilient to hold my sanity together whilst all the time being ostracised excluded rejected stigmatised, labelled and pathologized - even though I have displayed the academic rigour assessed by a panel of experts to be conferred a PhD. In addition, running my own business surviving suicide and grief moving for the 24th and 25th time and slowly being burnished down to nothing by organisations and institutions in a way of malice and harmful intent as outlined below,

  12. When all of this was failing and I received no traction, no encouragement, no support, no psychological or psychiatric support, no traction with issues I had, no litigation, no effort for human rights to be acknowledged, no more prosperity, none of my story being heard and being not one person’s priority in the world, I felt so at risk and alone that I gambled. It can happen to anyone and it happened to me. I saw a counsellor and she was made well aware of the ‘conspiracy’ I have evolved to title it below, and in one instance for no reason I was denied $40k for no reason and I wonder if in a very rational thinking way the powers that be are listening watching me self-destruct and getting g excited such is their delight at my distress and suicidality as will be proven beyond doubt below.

  13. Lastly, isn’t ME or my ‘mental health issues’ in isolation; its ALL OF YOU collectively scapegoating me in prejudice and stigma and a conspiratorial cover up. Even if it was explicably to do with my ‘mental illness’ – I deserve representation and a place to live in.



I want the court / magistrates court / Federal court to witness via my evidence in recordings, or validations of those recordings, emails, and records at institutions acknowledge and leger / find the following and determine an outcome with proportionate compensation for the points which I will prove below:


  1. Dr Whitaker is guilty of medical malpractice and professional negligence and the non-malicious recording was legal to take because it was not malicious yet protected my life (Law in Victoria)

  2. The court acknowledges I am the unwilling participant in a vile hate campaign to protect the doctor and silence the recording which is already in the public domain here- in this way it cannot be ignored. It has tried to be ignored as it is in the public domain and I have been warned by many to take it down - however if it was illegal, I would be sued - and if I were sued, they would ask what they are suing for which would expose the crimes - so this is an exquisite stand-off.

  3. The Australian medical Review Board accepted that Dr Whitaker had a lawyer and that this was highly unfair inequitable and favoured the GP

  4. They were so angry with how this came about that after over a year - they invited me into their office to identify they have found the GP did nothing wrong which was intentional to cause me further distress and as a suicide survivor with ‘mental illness’ they should have known better and proves their initial malicious intent to harm me gaslight me and drive me crazy

  5. That AHPRA told me that I could not use the recording, but a transcription was sufficient - yet this was not used because of a threat made by his high-flying lawyer

  6. And so, this whole event was based on the reporting of nothing, and both the recording and the transcription were both heard and read by AHPRA but due to threats from Dr Whitakers legal team it could not be used otherwise AHPRA, or individuals could be held accountable

  7. I want my medical records with many mentions of suicidality available for the court (I have them)

  8. The Millennium Medical Centre did not intervene and as IPC Dr Whitakers employer knew of the recording and wanted to distance themselves from it and that Dr Whitaker ‘lost his job’ unexpectedly. Additionally, that Dr Whitaker when I searched was not registered nor registered for GST


  1. That it is acknowledge I did not record the conversation with malice but because I thought I was going crazy because I told him I would kill myself all the time. In addition, I attempted to protect the malpractice doctor by NOT going to Aphra and giving his lawyer time for conciliation

  2. That my otherwise privacy be respected

  3. NHPOPC are corrupt and in particular that preya Mackenzie senior investigator knew with intent over months she was driving me to madness - and when I told her I would kill myself over this - she wanted until that were possible - then suggested I see my GP or call lifeline including ‘we take threats of harm seriously’, when clearly not doing so

  4. The NHPOPC finding was too lengthy malicious in stretching it out and that they are corrupt and did not ever acknowledge the ‘recording’

  5. NHPOPC are not above the law. I asked for FOI and they said they are not legally obliged to provide it

  6. I asked for FOI from my GP and it was so late in coming and additionally it had missing components - especially noted they withdrew a conversation or electronic communication with a psychiatrist I had never met who apparently, I made a ‘racist’ joke to, even though there is only one race - the human race and this bit of information did not put either practitioner at risk or should have been released to me

  7. I did a FOI with AHPRA and they blackened out a lot of information and additionally they removed important documents considering the hundreds of emails I sent

  8. Up until this day If I call AHPRA a big red button goes off and staff have been instructed not to speak to me as per my recording evidence

  9. That I took this complaint straight to the police – Constable Christopher Roberts - and after a while after acknowledging and hearing the recording - emailed me telling me it had been ‘investigated’ by unknown persons and AHPRAS response was legitimate and there would be no further investigation despite my evidence

  10. That the police came to do a welfare check and I told them about Constable Roberts and how he left my emails saying ‘You make me feel less than death’, unanswered and I also told them about the malpractice and the murders I had heard of, yet they did not act or respond, not did I receive any traction,

  11. My frustration was out of this world - the last email I have records of is to Chris Roberts, me, a suicide survivor, saying ‘are you going to acknowledge me?’ With the last one being ‘You make me feel less than death!’ …and it should have been acted upon and in this way the powers that be silenced the countable from intervening in a person who had already suicided, lived, and was clearly indicative of being suicidal again

  12. The records show Footscray police were going to call me back but gaslighted and ignored me

  13. The someone named ‘Casey’ from the criminal investigations unit at Maribyrnong called me and told me we are going around in circles again sensing my distress, not identifying herself, and telling me Chris Roberts won’t call you because I just told you it’s over - again with no care for my welfare of such a year’s long investigation

  14. That I called and emailed Footscray police and every time they knew it was me - they acted to deny hearing me or gave me false emails when I asked to speak to the station manager

  15. That I called them and said I had information on an actual murder, but knowing it was me they refused to acknowledge my information

  16. I went to IBAC to complain about the police handling, and they were corrupt in not finding any of this was wrong, and conspired to cover the police, who were covering the recording and intentionally acting to cause me distress when all I was doing was standing up for myself

  17. That seeing it had gone this far and identified as ‘not a police issue’ that Dr Whitakers lawyer would know about this - and I told him - that it was heard - and both the lawyer and the police continued to ignore me and from then on when I have threatened to kill myself or people were worried about me and the police showed up - that I told the police about my own murder and the murder of another and other tax evasion crimes that were protected because the protagonist worked for ASIO

  18. Powers that are higher than a constable at the station are calling the shots and this is linked into the high-profile lawyer that Dr Whitaker had because to value this recording in a court of law would unequivocally prove the malpractice and negligence and that if I had have died on that suicide attempt and my family had the recording, he could have been charged with manslaughter

  19. I want my suicide note read in court with particular reference to my beautiful passed over friends including Nathan, my grief, the pain my mother cause me with her dismissive comment about my sexual abuse and the doctors did not help me

  20. That in the three years it took me to have the courage to report my sexual abuse by my neighbour when I was a child that I became aware of and publicly spoke about at the State Library of Victoria well before I made the complaint, it took five different lawyers and over three years to bring the conclusion to the magistrate.

  21. I want it known and proven to the court that only told me about the outcome on the phone - and did not supply me with a letter paperwork or evidence of the outcome which I am legally obliged to

  22. That they annoyed me so much I fired them to which they readily agreed and cited that the email containing the verdict was a ‘personal’ email, yet it had the outcome of my case on it and your lawyer were well aware I was incredibly distressed through the whole process - ringing every week to find out if it will be heard or hearing date. In this way the process took too long and was complicit in intentionally causing me distress and risk to my life when they already knew I had attempted suicide

  23. That I spoke with the manager of that company and he was dismissive and rude, again denying me of evidence they were legally obliged to tell me, and this was part of a process from high up to discredit, demean, remove the justice from, and reject my human rights and against institutional policy when it came to care and ethical treatment for suicidal clients

  24. That this case was as the magistrate put it in her letter to me ‘bound to fail’ and I felt this vile victimisation of a sincere sexual abuse survivor was gross, negligent, could have caused me to suicide with no follow up

  25. That I worked diligently with people marginalised on the NDIS who suffered mental health concerns after my PhD and that the VOCAT cases I filled out to help them with reports of child rape and incest was very triggering - and that this lead up of stressors led me to have a directly proportionate schism in my persona when a random CD came in the mail from VOCAT, with me full knowing that it was the hearing. I did not ever know if my letter was read or my massive amounts of evidence heard or acknowledged because I was not there and I have not listened to it because I know there is not one thing, I can do about it, and whether guided by someone involved in the conspiracy because of my ‘reputation’ that I had suspicions even the justice system, as well as the police as proven above, was reasonable grounds for paranoia of a conspiracy

  26. Every institution organisation and person who was aware of the recording and witnessed my distress knowing I had already tried to kill myself - had a legal and ethical responsibility to treat me as a sentient being worthy of respect and care and I don’t think one place did this, and I want them all held accountable

  27. I want the court to exempt me from any spying or surveillance during all this time back to my childhood, including my public book, the events of ‘losing my virginity’ at the local police break up detailed in the autobiography I wrote

  28. I want exemption from any petty crime and knowledge that this by now is connecting the dots to conspire to devalue me, cause me harm and actually kill me by my own hand before I get justice and that the ‘conspiracy’ based on the censored recording and any other events was indeed present, real, that it rejected my human rights and amplified the self-agency to die

  29. I want to be protected from any negative response that may come to my health my welfare or my family and friend’s welfare including my dog

  30. Recently because I was ill from work, I applied for income protection through my insurer, HCF. I want it acknowledged and on the record that I know more about mental health issues, what it is and what it isn’t than them, and that the rejection of my claim that I had paid for was subverted by the ‘conspiracy’ that I now have a rational paranoia of acknowledging and appreciating and suspecting, and that I fear even my complaints to AHPRA and the mental health Legal centre will go unheard such is the extent and the breadth of the maiming and destruction of my person my liberty my rights and that if proven to be a part of the conspiracy when examined by an independent third party, that HCF be held accountable for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

  31. In 2002 I published a book about my experience with what I then identified as ’schizophrenia’. I want it acknowledged by the court that Allen and Unwin saw this as an opportunity to yes, shed light on what I went through, but also hideously took advantage of me and I was never paid in anywhere near as much I deserved this is because:

  32. I worked at the herald Sun, and then I was working at thew Age when the book came out. I want it acknowledged by the court that The Herald sun ran an article in their Sunday paper that read in capital letters: ‘MY DESCENT INTO MADNESS - how schizophrenia still Richard Mclean’s mind’, and this was a planned and malicious attack to harm me from the staff at the herald sun, who were generally right wing homophobic and prejudiced against the label I then agreed to and that: Only within a month after that being published which was essentially defamation, although I was not aware of it at the time, it ruined my job at The Age, where Jamie Brown and another woman conspired to roster me out of the department and get rid of me, because I was a bisexual drug using schizophrenia - and that this was utterly disgraceful illegal and that it was unfair dismissal and discrimination. I also want to present to the court me attempting to get justice for that issue. I want it to be noted that:

  33. The Age ignored and gaslighted me

  34. That the signed document that decided the initial outcome could not or would not be foun

  35. That I tried to get legal advice and the co-conspirators had warned people not to take on my case

  36. That I have a letter deemed ‘I am unfit to make this complaint’ by VCAT and had long conversations with (can’t remember), who got the information from me compassionately listening, then turned the tables on me

  37. The recording I have and testimony from Mick Connolly, who has explained it was Jamie brown who was behind me being managed out, but he did not want to expose him, because Jamie is his friend (private recording)

  38. That even the human rights and equal opportunity commission, (who I actually have an award from), denied my application to re-open the matter, again my paranoia growing with rationality that this is part of a conspiracy to main and destroy me and devalue me of prosperity, and in addition there was an uneven and inequitable meeting between me and a bunch of legal people from The Age, that they knew I had nowhere to live and could not pay rent, and even though I asked for 450K they offered me 7K which I reluctantly took in order to survive

  39. That when I went for the job at ‘The age’ they put me in a room and asked two questions of me I remember clearly on a form:

  40. have you had male to male sexual intercourse in the last six months?

  41. have you ever been hospitalised for a mental disorder or diagnosed with depression?

  42.  would like the court to subpoena or ask people for their similar experiences at The Age at that time. I answered ‘no’ to both questions, yet those were the exact reasons I was illegally discharged from The Age

  43. Coming back to the present, AHPRA only handed me the outcome on a piece of paper, hoping I would lose it or forget about it. They did to mail it to me as promised, nor did they email it to me. In addition, the two people explaining the neutral outcome had never heard the recording so they say, and that I suspect that the last present was an actor who shed crocodile tears to value and validate my experience in the hope I would go away and be validated as heard, and that is why they invited me in. Indeed, Mat Vonarx who was there witnessed my distress at on a scale of 1-6 the GP was not even given some training about mental health, which of course would have opened the gates for litigation

  44. That a conciliation of malpractice in Australia is on average 250-400k and now that the GP had found himself in hot water anything was possible to throw me off the trail, because to commence litigation would mean a million dollar case - and if I can prove - and this page does - that there is a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, then it is worth multimillion dollar settlement and jail time for many willing participants who were told and commanded by someone higher than you or me or the police or a magistrate or the court or even maybe the federal court - that they must do everything to discredit and disarm me at any cost, including the malicious intention for people to allow me the time and agency to kill myself with my own hand when I had expressed to so many people I was going insane with this and that I want to die

  45. Dr Cooper from Yarraville medical Centre saw me for a time. I want iron the record that when I first saw him, he was sweating beads and high on drugs and I want him to be monitored if this next statement does not see him in jail: I emailed the practice and Dr Cooper many times which I will provide to the court and he was well aware of the epic injustice to do with Dr Whitaker the recording and I and the conspiracy that followed. I was sleeping with the enemy - I had hurt my back and began to self-medicate on Endone which he willingly gave me. I have not got an FOI yet, but I am sure it will say I was suicidal, and that Dr Cooper knew I had overdosed on opioids that Dr Whitaker had given me. Given this fact, it was absolutely unethical and malpractice to give me 2 x boxes of Endone a week which the medical records will show. He did this I think being told from higher up that I should die by my own hand. Whilst I enjoyed the ‘hillbilly heroin’ and I nearly overdosed a few times, I did not die. Knowing this, Dr Cooper immediately reduced my Valium, my go-to drug when I am obviously and legitimately overwhelmed and intentionally caused distress which I emailed to him and described to him in person, and he was acutely aware he was putting me at risk under the guise of ‘caring for me’.

  46. Dr Cooper then, knowing that I had an argument with one of their staff, because he only worked a few days a week and I needed my medication, deliberately removed all Endone scripts whilst he knew I was addicted to them. I can’t believe I am saying this but the hatred and prejudice for me was so raw that he intentionally caused me great distress in the well-known withdrawal from the substance, which again was a conscious effort by him to risk my life.

  47. Aware that he was a drug addict himself and utterly acutely aware that all of the staff, the manager, Dr Cooper and everyone who had access to that unprotected email, which was not secure, I chose never to go back obviously. I chose Dr Richard Moore, from Northside clinic because he had been good to me in the past. Dr Cooper in addition to this - just to get rid of me - intentionally distressed me and angered me putting my life at risk by immediately stopping the Endone - then wrote me a letter I wish the court to witness. That letter said, or demand that if I am to continue to be a patient at the clinic, then I will apologise to all staff members and that I will actually seek drug and alcohol counselling for the medication he did not responsibly wean me off and that he intended malicious intent to harm me and put my life at risk in the torture of withdrawal.

  48. Dr Richard Moore I saw a few times and he filled out the income protection insurance form that day which was rejected ‘by the powers that be’, or, as we will refer to - ‘the conspiracy’, of which I cannot possibly be paranoid of or diagnosed with a DSM because of the pure breadth of conspiratorial occurrences in which I arrived at the conclusion. The time was for 15 minutes and in that time, he wrote down the words of my psychiatrist Dr David Horgan and the insurance company incorrectly used this as evidence against me that the illness that kept me from work had occurred before and was the same.

  49. Dr Horgan my psychiatrist when I ‘met’ with him on cam after I orchestrated it between Dr Cooper, Dr Moore and Dr Horgan, was because Dr David Horgan is the only psychiatrist in Melbourne who will prescribe dexamphetamine as a treatment for drug resistant depression - and this was the closest diagnosis I had. The depression was due to rational and emotional neglect and rejection in the real world and was a sane reaction to society and the people around me. A few minutes after he appeared, Dr Horgan with a wry smile and conceited attitude said: ‘And when are you going to tell me about this gambling habit of yours?’ I had resorted to gambling after I kept being rejected at my attempts to have comfort and prosperity and any shred of justice over many years - yet I was systemically known as a marked man to discriminate against and deny my liberty my rights my agency to make a complaint and for people to take advantage of the fact I had a ‘disability’ and use that to their advantage.

  50. The only reason Dr Horgan could have known about that was if ZI was being monitored, by ASIO where my former partner worked and he swore to ruin and destroy my reputation, (more later), or in fact what I suspect that Dr Cooper who I made myself vulnerable to - in absolute legal privacy of a doctor’s office - broke confidentiality about and told him about it. I complained. Nothing was done. I want the court to acknowledge after all this time and the hundreds of calls I made to AHPRA there is not a chance I could ever Gai any traction with another complaint about a health practitioner.

  51. Dr Horgan then had a beef with me, and we had words. If he was an oncologist treating a cancer patient and they had words, he could not ethically say ‘I am not giving chemo anymore that may save your life - you have to go somewhere else, but I’ll put in a good word for you’, and then the rest of any hospitals do not give the treatment. This again is malpractice, informed by Dr Cooper and my request for Dr Horgan to give me a formal assessment about the survivors’ guilt from the initial suicide attempt after I saw Dr Whitaker - to which he denied any action. I suspect with much confidence he was already aware of it.

  52. All this is a sustained attack on a vulnerable suicide survivor, it really is hard to believe. I want the court to acknowledge too that I asked both Dr Whitaker and also Dr Cooper for a psychologist or psychiatrist Dr Whitaker said, ‘I don’t know anyone’ and Dr Cooper said, ‘No one is taking anyone on - especially your age during COVID’, then he cited himself as a mental health expert whilst I agreed and got frustrated every week as he would tell me the scripts were at the chemist, I would go there, and they would not be there. So often I had to walk back up to the clinic, get the script, then walk back to the chemist in an elaborate way to make it hard for me to get what I needed quickly. Then when at the chemist, Ming would explain which was not corroborated with Dr Cooper that he could only give me a week or twos worth of Valium, making it harder and harder and more frustrating for me to get the medication and again the GP and the chemist knew of my conspiratorial stress and personal tragedies and that I survived suicide and also that the reduction of this medication because I was extremely troubled and anxious was a deliberate attempt to put me at risk. As a ‘mental health professional’overseeing my care Dr Cooper was utterly negligent having been educated on drug use and withdrawal and suicide risk and gay people, and again he had valued that I did not get support from my family re: child sex abuse, that this could have and nearly did end up in disaster

  53. I want it acknowledged by the court that I am a kind and fragile man who has tried to stick up for himself yet been identified labelled and marked as someone not to be civil with or give any agency ethical care or human rights. I want it known that I started to question my sanity and the GP knew this as a narcissistic abuser and he demanded I apologise to both him and another GP who rejected my medication but who I threatened I recorded and was going to report to AHPRA because I was withdrawing, and she well knew that this medication withdrawal could cause seizures or aneurisms. I want it known I apologised to that GP and gave her a gift of my art and additionally I gave Dr Cooper a message thanking him for the toxic care he gave me in my confusion which was what the co conspires wanted all along - for me to count my sanity my wellbeing and encourage me to take my own life, as each participant in the conspiracy had come in a time of their own but bowed to the situation in their continued persecution of me. There was no where I could turn to. It seemed my former partners threaten utter destruction and my reputation being ruined had come to pass.

  54. I was surviving on the disability pension and a total permanent disability pay out when I met my former partner of five years. This pay out was from my super company - which was later to be found by the ombudsman to be dispersed incorrectly and I was rewarded an extra 10K or so. I remember the role at North West mental health where I ticked ‘option two’ for TPD, yet they only paid me for one. The exit statement from 2006 says that I paid more than one - and I signed a stat dec saying so but the extra 100000 plus interest for years and years was not forthcoming, and as per usual, I lost out on a large amount of money by a public servant who most likely had knowledge of a reason not to gift me or reward me the money - despite my concrete evidence I still have. Currently Maurice and Blackburn, 9a lawyers that had rejected me any times before), is addressing the issue with health super which amalgamated into another super company and so far, I have dealt with three different lawyers for the same case. This is all too familiar with me re: the sexual abuse case dragging out and out until I am unable to function or cope. It has now been many months and the lawyer tells me the super company are examining the ‘archives’ back to 2007, (plus it is under another name I have never heard of), but as you would suspect the super company does not want to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars and are not required to keep the records for more than seven years - so even if they did find evidence I have two units of cover which I already do - they would be unwilling to admit it exists. I am paranoid this lawyer is working for the conspiracy.

  55. I regard to my former partner; we were together for five years and engaged. It was not about love. He was a sociopathic narcissist, and it was about fulfilling his void soul for his narcissistic supply, draining me consistently berating, once he hit me, there was a financial disadvantage, he used me expecting me to pay my way and match him in holidays which I tried to do successfully on the pension, and I spent my whole nest egg on him. I want the court to know that I am legally obliged to access some of his (up to one million) dollar superannuation and that attempt at conciliation have failed. His lawyer wants another lawyer to engage with which is what I deserve because in a letter to them shown to this court I alleged:



  • he was an employee of ASIO and protected by them

  • He was incredibly wealthy and kept this hidden from me including a house in Abbotsford he sold for 1.2 million dollars and invested in an offshore tax haven wihtout my knowledge

  • he was caught for this but instead of going to jail ASIO protected him, and he told me he had to pay 200K debt

  • He told me he was present at a murder in the Collingwood or Fitzroy flats-it was a Vietnamese man and a drug deal gone wrong

  • He hot boxed his sister’s car and told me she ‘should have got an academy award’ for the tears that flowed

  • He has Telstra shares, numerous super accounts, he is inheriting property and

  • he whilst preaching monogamy cheated on me for the last two years of our relationship grievously ruining my trust in anyone moving forward and I can prove that by texts sent my Aidan Higgins - who Mr Ioannidis used to chat to on the apps behind my back

  • he left me alone and squatting with his dying dog chopper, (names after chopper Reid because he knew him), and bereft of any money agency or ability to move forward.

  • The I did get myself into the house I am in now, he threatened a hit man on me, repeatedly imposed the idea he could get someone beaten or killed, through ‘Brendan’, a bikie he met at a therapy group

  • he took my car, my whitewoods, my TV and anything of worth. Records will show he had gaslight and twisted my mind so much steadily over the years - that he cried poor and after seeing his infidelity and stealing my car - I felt sorry for him and gave him my last $500.

  • We had joint bank accounts together and he left a payment for his dog chopper for his medication out of guilt but nothing for me

  • I refuse not to have litigation with this monster who threatened to kill his own dog in order that I not keep him in malicious intention to distress and destabilise me

(Apologies for the numbering here on in)

  1. 56 believe this is a good reason why there is a co conspiracy throughout agencies human rights commissions places of complaint and the medical and other fields in that I have evidence he swore he would ruin me and he specifically threatened I will never have any money of his because he took advantage of the fact he coercively used me for sex my compassion drained meow my nest egg abused me hit me gave me dangerous drugs and then on top of that knew I had no money to fight him in court and if I did he would extend the fight until I ran out of money and could not afford it anymore


  1. 57 I want it acknowledged I tried in vain to get that case going but every time his threat came back from pope I spoke with - that I accepted a pension whilst we were seeing one another. In this way he held power over me and blackmailed me that I would go to jail over three or four years of pension. In addition to this I was the one that robbed in the relationship to Centrelink but using his formidable control he told me that they would not acknowledge our marriage so keep the money plus he could not afford it (I had no idea why) - so I said we had broken up again, but he was agreeable to this and coercive control and manipulating behaviour must be taken into account


  1. 58 On account of this information, I confess I did accept payment off Centrelink however our engagement was not acknowledged and as a condition of this statement and all the money I will possibly be made available to me through a just justice system, (not a pretend one), then I will be absolved from the ‘crime’ of the Centrelink debt. I will pay it back when I am compensated for my crimes against me by the co conspirers against my liberty my will my human rights my access to privilege and power and the ability to make a complaint the disgusting blacklisting of my name with many auspices’ organisations and institutions


  1. 59 I want it acknowledged that I had private and sensitive data about ASIO and also APPLE where my former partner works. Sometimes people are labelled when they are paranoid they are being watched; this is untrue. Everyone is being watched. My former partner was ‘let loose’ in a ‘room’ to see how everything worked. Unethically-he looked up my number, and when he came home that day, he told me about it. Years before, I had downloaded an app called ‘gay karma sutra’ but it was silly, so I deleted it and forgot about it - but he knew - he knew all about it. In actuality there was a file on him and the crimes within his own family but there was nothing there on me he said even though years ago I was paranoid about ASIO, and now as the cosmic ballet would have it David Irvine goes to my exhibition at gasworks and I am indeed, the centre unwillingly of a systemic conspiracy that via more direct and ultimate nefarious means that could be proven through FOI or just by simple reputation alone - I am indeed the centre of one denying my liberty and justice and encouraging my death by my own hand.


  1. 60 The only reason I feel safe, even though one of my only possessions, my car was maimed and rendered useless a few weeks ago, is that so many people know about it I am safe and unless they are complicit in directly giving me a gun, then they can use subtle means to complicate my life and risk it by aiding and abetting my own suicide.


  1. 61 They have witnessed this over hundreds of emails I want shown to the court. Every police station, employee, agency, institution and organisation have an ethical responsibility to deal with people that threaten self-hard or if they are defiantly aware that a person has already survived suicide as they all did and did not act in any compliant way in terms of ethics or protection of me.


  1. 62 In my quest for litigation with Dr Whitaker and the original complaint that massively contributed to my demise by many people in a deliberate attempt to put me at risk of death, I was called to a lawyer in Melbourne (I’ll remember the name later). In that meeting - he was rude and conceited. In introduced me and he said ‘siddown’. I interjected, ‘Umm I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?’ I prompted. With that he got a business card and flung it across the table at me without saying a word. Within under three minutes, he had said ‘Why didn’t you go to another doctor’ ‘Why is this even an =issue’ and other things. I was hopeful for traction despite obviously being treated with contempt and that he had already been informed about the whole thing. ‘If you will just indulge me for a second please…I begged…I will get some more evidence from my car as I was finding a park’. He directly then pointed at the door. ‘Fuck off I know we aren’t going to get along. Fuck off stop complaining and find another fucking lawyer there are plenty along her-not GET OUT’


  1. 63 I left and I was shaken and paranoid I had just been set up by something I was only beginning to see the angry malicious ostracising and intentional surface of.


  1. 64 Monash law agreed to help me in the separation case until they heard about the murder, then ‘new management’ came in and rejected me


  1. 65 I wish to state to the court I have taken drugs, and I have become homeless from a combination of drug abuse stemming from the neglect and profound pain of my denied inner child who was yet to acknowledge the abuse from the neighbour. There was another grade four peer abuser too - and this troubled me, and I had never told a soul or acknowledged in in that much detail until now and in the speech, I did at the state library. I want protection from any charges of apparent affray, drug use, or any other thing thrown at me that as you can see by this webpage would wilfully be dug up or set up about me because ozone thing: The amount of money that I will receive from legitimate legal action and commencing litigation against said people institutions and gaslighting oppressors conspiring aiding and abetting in my distress and at the extreme end of the scale, my death.


  1. 66 In my halcyon days I was doing pipes of speed outside of the Peel hotel early one morning, I use, I am not a dealer – ever. Someone called the police. They caught us, three police cars and guns pulled. They searched my car but did not find the pipe (apparently) which was hidden in the console. They took my number plate and my license and phone number, but they did not arrest me although they knew I was driving under the influence and that I was also high and had witnesses. My feeling is they were not after me, but the dealer, so they kept my number and spied on it. That would have been on my police record, however through FOI I have seen my police record is ‘clean’, hence there are hidden areas of my file which I was not given access to under my FOI. I did this when I was accused of being the ‘principal aggressor’ in a violent affray where I defended someone from, I thought being Killed at The Dancing Dog café in footscray in 2017.


  1. 67 I would like the long and profound list of my altruism and advocacy in speeches talks meetings public appearances on TV radio and even a film made about me highlighted to show my character of helping marginalised people and exposing the stigmas of mental health issues.


  1. 68 I want it on the record that I have done nothing wrong but be a victim of conspiracy, prejudice, gaslighting, that I was under co-ercive control when I ‘defrauded’ Centrelink, that I bravely offered my insights in an autobiography that won a human rights award – who then neglected to help me


  1. 69 I am absolved from all civil and legal prosecution as an innocent man


Why I’ve done this:


I have fought for years in my advocacy to gain prosperity and live a simple life, but have been the victim of prejudice and scapegoating.


I am doing this because I am a suicide survivor. I want to dedicate this fight to the people I have lost to suicide and the people that mourn their preventable loss

I am famous but infamous in the medical-legal and health / mental health industry/publishing/public’s perception because I spoke the truth


There is no shame in being sad - and I am not a criminal.

I can prove many have been negligent in their ethical care and beyond; by allowing aiding and abetting my own death before I get justice.


I have value, and I have worth. I am a sentient being and I want to and even demand to be treated equitably and equally from the other human-monkey sentient beings and their groups organisations and institutions.


Once I prove beyond reasonable doubt that I have no support and no justice, and I am utterly rejected ostracised neglected stigmatised and pathologied beyond repair and beyond a point where I can live or work with a roof over my head – you know what will happen.


When justice and respect is not served at the table you owe it to yourself to leave. Leave the situation, yes, leave the issues? I would be going against my ethics and the memories of my passed over friends.


Because this is war.


And it’s not all in my head – it exists in the prejudice malpractice and discrimination neglect and malice with intent to kill in others. That hurts a person when I am but one person against the world.


Even if it was proven I am paranoid to conspiracy and diagnosed as psychotic, I deserve to live and I deserve help; a home for my dog and me and compassion in litigation representation for the reason I am oppressed and opposed with no money hence no power or voice against such a wall of such maliciousness.


Dr Rich McLean,

Provocateur, advocate, artist, recovery coach, musician, academic, sentient being; standing up for myself for Nathan for Wez for Shaggs for Jack and many countless others who have been the innocent vitims of preventable death and the bereaved ones that miss them.


Date: 22/02/2021 - published this date so that I am protected and not murdered and my story is not lost in the case of my death.

Never cross a write - they will make you immortal.

see previous post

If you want to or feel compelled to help...

Please share this story, or email it to your local representative or lawyer you know.

This is a multi-million dollar case - quite easy to prove with my evidence.

If you have compassion for my story and prosperity to donate, you can simply PayId:

Please identify yourself if only to me and I will respect anonymity asked. If I win - consider your donation an investment x three times at least.

Or email me on that address to talk about this issue.

I am bereft of finance. I have had a meltdown re: sexual abuse case, my insurer did not pay me out for income protection - typical stigma - (which I am fighting) and I live simply that I may live until my Job Keeper kicks in.

I cannot afford a roof over my head. I feel ashamed to ask. yet if hard work were all it took to have prosperity every sub Saharan African woman would be a millionaire.

I am capable and have spent eight years in academia and two years running my own business helping others with severe mental health issues through the NDIS.

One of my own family members says he would not hire someone with 'schizophrenia', and I have asked millionaire cousins/uncles for assistance to no avail. I wonder with a family like this who needs enemies?


© Richard Mclean 2021,

Melbourne, Australia / Disclaimer 


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