My name is Rich McLean, and I work with marginalised people with mental health concerns as a therapeutic life-arts-coach for the NDIS in Melbourne. It is my passion and honour to allow my clients the gift of agency to allow themselves their best life - despite the trauma & the deficit of human existential existence, or mental health issues. My modality works in creative visual ways that co-create a better life.

To do this, I utilise a unique 'professional friend' modality, a therapeutic peer supportive, creative process to co-create a better outcome for your life. My method is listening, speaking, coaching & co-creating in a unique visual diary every client receives and accessing a vast well of resources and experience with a recovery based / happiness framed outcome.

  • Artist of 25 years including 'The Age & 'The Herald Sun',

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, (BFA Honours),

  • Associate Diploma in Computer-Aided Art & Design, (CAAD),

  • Masters of Education (A/r/tography), (MEd),

  • PhD scholarship earned and handed in,

  • Approachable & friendly with gentle secular ethics,

  • A long list of public mental health advocacy,

  • Lived experience and proven work modalities, & methods,

  • Human rights awarded autobiographer on recovery,

  • No art skills needed for my visual therapeutic work!

Don't be shy to get in touch!

I love meeting people, networking and talking to potential people I may work with!

A casual chat is always 'on the house' and welcomed!

How can I help?

'...Because 'Recovery' means something different for each unique individual.'


My passion as a therapist and therapeutic support and psychosocial peer worker is to help people, and I do that in multi-layered ways: I get to know the person by spending quality time within the boundaries of their life. I am unlike other therapists in this regard in that I am a 'professional friend', who is available for emergencies if I am available and where possible.

I aim to kick start a persons' happiness and find meaning within six to eight one to one-hour consultations. I differ from other psychologists and psychiatrists, and most psycho-social professionals, because I am not here to 'label' you with a diagnosis, although this can sometimes be helpful. I am not here to give you drugs, and I don't interfere with that from your other supports.

More-so, I holistically listen to your story, value your pain and challenging experiences and utilise an objective view from my therapeutic perspective, allowing you to make sense of your complex life experiences and symptoms, in order for you to 'supercharge' your goals and happiness.

It is all delivered with kindness and a good dose of humour if needed!

As an 'arts-life-coach' every one of my clients receives their personalised sketch and note-book that we both co-create together, utilising a visual medium which is powerful and effective.

Your workbook is covered very much at your own pace and you don't need to be able to draw or be an artist!

Some weeks you may simply want to chat and have a coffee or a meal and that is absolutely fine.

An assessment of all spheres of your life leads each individuals journey in goals gratitude and happiness.

Importantly we work together to be aware of any area you may have a deficit in, and we wildly celebrate your achievements and your strengths in the present tense.

I receive great joy in setting people on their path with gratitude, confidence and allow you to allow yourself permission to enjoy life with meaning and purpose; and have fun exploring and discovering.

I am a unique support person therapeutically supporting you within my own strengths and modalities, that often utilises your faith and belief system.

I am a practising artist

Drawing and image making, especially in terms of traditional mark making...is a passion of mine.

I have a new art catalogue

This new art catalogue was made in congruence with my PhD studies and spans 25+ years of image making.

View my documentary

This documentary is from 2007 and looks at my life and art. It was commissioned by the then Cunningham Dax Collection.

I illustrate for major newspapers

I have been an image maker all my life, but from 1998-2005 I illustrated for both 'The Herald Sun', and 'The Age'.

Here are some of those illustrations among others.

I have not only a lived experience of 'non-ordinary reality', but have over 25 + years of Public Advocacy on Mental-Health Recovery & solid values.

I value freedom, creativity and despite inevitable suffering, and the deficient realities, that happiness is possible for all, no matter what the situation.

I believe that recovery from mental health issues is not only possible but probable, and it means something different for different people!

I believe through empowering the self through art, talking, walking and conversation that we can become further self-actualised and not just survive but thrive, no matter who we are or the difficulties we face.

I look forward to meeting & working with you!

I am an NDIS peer support worker and UTILISE THE VISUAL MEDIUM TO CREATE LIFE AFFIRMING SOLUTIONS accepting clients now in-person & skype:   Melbourne and Footscray surrounds.


 don't just survive but thrive!

I am a traditional artist & digital news graphics illustrator having exhibited nationally and internationally for over 25 years. I have produced seven books including an autobiography, art catalogues, a children's book and comic books.

I am a human rights awarded autobiographer on my recovery from 'mental illness'.

Download my self narrated audiobook for free here

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art, a Masters in Education, an associate diploma in computer-aided art & design and have passed my PhD in 2020.

I have been featured in, written for, designed for, advocated or spoken in association with, appeared on or worked with the following institutions, media and organisations:


  • Peer Support and life company for people with complex mental health issues,

  • Mental health advocacy and education,

  • Visual - Arts-Based Life Coaching,

  • Evidence-based outcomes over a set period,

  • Professional and transparent participant agreements,

  • General Artist Coaching for creative people affected with mental health issues, who are often 'creative acute empaths',

  • Your confidence in knowing you have a human-rights awarded artist and public speaker with over fifteen years of experience in the mental health field.

Qualifications & professionalism

  • Hold a Bachelor of Fine Art, Computer-Aided Art & Design, Masters of Education, and just submitted my PhD,

  • Lived experience peer-support specialist,

  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registered, (for Primary & Secondary),

  • Full Police Checks,

  • Insured with Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity,

  • Physically servicing Melbourne, (Footscray & Surrounds), and other locations in Australia by appointment on Skype, Zoom or telephone.

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Melbourne, Australia / Disclaimer 


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