The resilience of the scapegoat - denied whistleblower status and rendered a voiceless corpse in his democracy whilst I am still alive 

I was murdered via systemic abuse and oppression that utiklised gaslighting and in defence of money power and privilege to silence a recording I had innocuously made that was part of a complaint about a GP.

His lawyer had offered a perspective to AHPRA and The Australian medical review Board that I did this intentionally in order to extort money from him.

I have forgiven the GP and written him a letter. Indeed, everyone is forgiven! And I forgive myself.

We all have bad days whether you're sane or mad or a airline pilot or brain surgeon - the point is that if this were actual as I was unknowingly framed - I would have wished the GP well after surviving the overdose and wished him well.

...only to find my suicide note which mentioned the GP and my sexual abuser and other doctors refusing to help me - and I would have died an angry man.

The narrative exists of a systemic persecution that labels me mad - and refuses any way for the recording to be heard in a court. I am no expert - but by onion layer out and out - and now knowing I was invisibly ruined; I was systemically rejected and gaslighted and I diid not know why.

In frustration and isolated greiving for my dead friends - I threatened to top myself...this was a method of getting a single person to care.

No one did.


I was incarcerated for having a cider with my dog by the police who hated me and a mental health centre that had known of me since 2012 at least.

I recorded the takedown paranoid of why I felt like I was victimised and going mad - when I knew I wasn't - and was coerced to delete the recording off Facebook - or face jail or a 60000 fine.


I was denied my medication and stripped of all humanity and denied my rights, labelled psychotic due to this 'conspiracy' I spoke of - and my dog - the only thing I had left - was in my rental property for nearly four days alone.


This was further to a magistrate heinously rejecting my VOCAT child sexual abuse case that took three years and was left so long were no grounds for appeal, and strangely replicating my failed other VOCAT case whereby I intervened to stop a person I thought would be killed - only to have them blame me as the principal agressor.

I was a well known advocate and I have a fierce sense of ethics - and had finished a PhD.

The more you know though the more you know you don't know - but I realise that cutting down the tall poppy is ingrained in culture, especially australian, and when you are easily prejudiced by existing societal structures of being gay, an occasional drug user, clever, sucessful in a way, and also officially crazy.

I knew they all knew what I knew I knew this vilification was systemic and it was gaslighting and it was malicious siding wityh powerr against myself easily exploited.

Burdened via incarceration and debt and having given tiioll I had nothing left, and affected by the malpractice and negligence and knowing I suffer apophenia but not crazy - I forgave everyone wished them well in a suicide note and killed myself.

The hospital FOI says it was a 'fatal injury' which blows me away yet still I have seen no justice only an embolding of the victimisation and vilification that is silkent and systemic - they desecrated my online identity, refused my medication, now I have no GP I have nothing, people are sent to my house, I am hassled my the police who refuse to report crime and I am in an innocuous feedback loop of nothingness.


Not only did they kill me - they are going to - or at least they have demonstrated that they will aid and abet my death by my own hand.



I have been framed and suffered a “fatal injury” in Weribee mercy hospital in march of 2021.


It was the result of systemic and sustained abuse persecution, victimisation and vilification. It was conspiracy to manslaughter, as the hospital notes acknowledge it was a 'fatal injury' and also that I am neither delusional nor psychotic. (Funny that!)


Its been a ride - not only is it benign neglect kind of oppression...but active and conscious victimisation intelligently designed to desecrate me in every way possible, socially, family, lovers, government, litigation, medical, and especially financial.


It worked...

Anyway I'm free (if the illusion of free will is a guide!), however I need to find a way out before I am killed or lord forbid kill myself!


(And the agencies organisations and institutions certainly have provided plenty of opportunity for that!)

So I want to share my letter from and to and from and to IBAC today 15/10/2021 HERE

They are investigating this conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and my rejection and systemic gaslighting from The Police

One of many occasions I tried to report crime(s) to the police is HERE

On a lighter note

If I can help it no one goes to jail and no one dies

No one needs more than they need, including me

If I crack this case open, I operate as a transformational entity of this reality to bring voice to the voiceless and further sustain nature the original God that we have nearly killed while we make up other imaginary Gods and argue if they exist. Whatever.

I shall exploit the necessary building block archetypes of law and physics underpinning reality and moral codes of doing no harm in civilisation in order to maximise happiness. Thats what I mean by transformational.

My new role is transformation expert.

I will live happy with my dog, share the drugs booze, freedom, turn everything upside down, closer to authentic source.


I was incarcerated in a psychiatric unit because I aloofly threatened to suicide if no one stood up for me in what I saw was a human rights justice issue.

My evidence was innocuously recorded by me and the records show I did not want to share it and protected the GP - recently through FOI I found out that his high profile lawyer framed me to AHPRA as intentionally recording it in order to extort him for money.

That opinion was never opposed - so that evidence - and also a transcription of the recording I offered in its place - were never considered in my complaint; hence it was based on nothing.


I did not know why I had been rejected systematically across the board and  denied a voice or any litigation / justice until after I was systemically pressed gaslighted and rejected so much that was systemic and protecting people of privilege money and power; it resulted in my manslaughter.

It is absurd (and also illegal), to sustain a 'fatal injury' in a hospital that arose from systemic persecution and victimisation, with an agreed illegal contraband, abandoning the human rights charter, when you were taken there to prevent that very thing occurring.

I am now banned and rejected from the HCC, the Weribbee mertcy Hospiotal. the MHCC, the MHLC, I have no specialist, and I am hacked and the last thing I had - my data and evidence destroyed.

The funny thing is Micron21 accused me of being conspiratorial.

Now that I'm dead on paper, after unbeknownst to me, a movement to silence THIS recording in which I was framed, made me infamous.


A brand new  conspiracy to silence and desecrate me is alive and well across institutions and government statutory authorities and has invaded my private life and my personal and professional one too.

This is discrimination,

This is victimisation,

This is systemic oppression and:

A conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.









For years I did not know why I was framed or how or that I even had been - now I know I was framed in the past - and am being set up in the present. To not only be personally destroyed but likely killed by proxy of statutory authorities acting to prolong my suffering - that is aiding and abetting my suffering and I think ultimately my death.


It is designed intelligently, consciously, and systemically and it has already killed me by its design - only to be identified as 'ill' and not someone that suffered systemic disadvantage and active exploitation and desecration.


This is abhorrent 

In fact so successful was this maiming, that two days after I actually killed myself from this systemic abuse, my own mother ignoring my suicide attempt that was 'fatal' then accused and berated me for the recording - now infamous as the mechanism that killed me, but as everyone knew and my own mother inferred -   was purposefully committed to extort money.

...and I deserved to die.

And still do.

I am easy to exploit, a mad drug using poofter haha


The systemic abuse protected money privilege and power as opposed to myself, easily exploitable as a person “mentally ill”, gay and an apparent drug user who was squatting due to my psychological “injury” from my work as a therapist for the NDIA, after completing a PhD and over two decades as an advocate helping others less fortunate 


The abuse was shocking: an already fragile man via a private snd public / institutional framing and vilification was subject to torturous treatment


The hospital denied my rights a lawyer a second opinion a telephone and took my shoes belt and also my phone


I’ve been a public advocate for recovery speaking his dress of times to tens of thousands of people - so I was already famous in a niche way but this secret movement to desecrate me made me infamous


The hospitals psychiatrists defined me psychotic and delusional and denied my medication.


They shattered me in a malicious way following a magistrate rejecting my own child sexual abuse VOCAT case (I was the victim) which led me to take a break from work


I was destroyed and maimed in all ways so because my neurotransmitters were altered because they stopped my normal medication-and the abuse and that the only thing I loved-my dog-was locked in my rental for three days alone…I suicided

The FOI from the hospital says it was a quote “fatal injury” - I was found unresponsive with no blood nor pulse


They released me into the community in an Uber by myself (got golden staph too), with no job no money no food and squatting and no hope - but at least I saw my dog


That was may


Then what happened indicated the malicious nature of this identification victimisation and vilification…that is profoundly across personal professional government and institutional locations 


The now systemic damnation that is obvious is not by just innocuously or ignoring me-or benign neglect-it is a pointed attack that aims to desecrate me - and it has worked


To explain to you, I have been gaslighted ignored or silenced by the HCC, AHPRA, MHLC, MHCC, human rights commission, NHPOPC, the police, IBAC, Victorian inspectorate, and have letters from Greg Hunt and Other MPs


I cannot get a Dr, my nature of the “care” I have been exonerated from a job I loved.


My income assist has not paid.


AFCA has banned me contacting them-holding onto millions of compensation


I had to go bankrupt 


My family abandoned me


I suffered from a terrible relationship from a sociopathic ASIO former partner who kept me in sexual and financial servitude-and escaped leaving me homeless along with his dying dog


I’ve been intercepted and stalked and they have effectively isolated me


They are not satisfied I’m not dead


I have been banned from complaining to the hospital for an acknowledgment of the abuse.


The HCC against denied me, and the MHCC handled my complaint-yet the woman was a double agent and a lawyer and the outcome was “nothing to see”


I complained to an ombudsman - every state and national ombudsman has stood in opposition to me or indeed my existing as a sentient being, let alone a Dr with a human rights award and I have served the community for decades with a public profile


Today because of the blood loss I can’t think, and I have lost feeling in my feet, and walk on stumps


I have not got a specialist, psychologist nor psychiatrist.


In fact I was released to salt water clinic in Footscray and saw a psychologist twice-the second time was to reject me


That is more than a bad mental health system. That is a movement to kick the can down the road in the hood I kill myself before justice


To illustrate the height of complicit arrogance that Dean Stevenson the hospital CEO displays-because he well knows that I can’t report rape or murder to the police, or any agency or ombudsman will defend me and that I’m as good as dead-


Here is his letter to me-he baits me to sue him directly for my “fatality” in tge hospital he oversees-he well knows he is protected 


I wanted an acknowledgment of how I had suffered - for the abandonment of duty of care, the malpractice and the systemic abuse and the conspiracy to murder/manslaughter that led me to die years in the making


I have been robbed of any agency to speak or complain or litigate and framed (as I know now).


The boss of all the psychiatrists at the office of the chief psychiatrist told me :


“You can’t kill yourself every time you don’t get what you want”


I’ve lost everyone and everything and I believe they will kill me and they have further targeted me with venom…


In that my evidence for all of this was on my website-which is also my business and my ABN


I had a dog a Bed my emails as proof and a house I borrowed money from to squat in


But without warning my web hosting emailed me saying they went purposefully out of their way to destroy 15-20 years of emails, love letters, my business and tax and my gov and Centrelink and every log in you could imagine.


They desecrated my email address and the website, literally destroying my potential business and my digital identity with no opportunity to download it or offer to go somewhere else to save my data.

They destroyed my intellectual property photos of people passed, my possibility to renew my NDIS audit in effect losing my job, and here is a short list of the peoplele complicit there is nothing wrong with that


Here is the letter


I don’t know why I battle this alone and isolated yet everyone knows and no one talks


I’m not a pedophile a rapist or fucked a chicken and have never committed incest or line dancing


Has anyone got advice because this malicious systemic conspiracy to desecrate me in all ways…will kill me


I don’t wNt my death to be blamed on “mental illness” when in fact it was prejudice neglect stigma and a movement to silence me and shame me


I don’t kill myself for fun


And I don’t want to die


I can’t believe this


Can anyone advise me or suggest a way to crack the systems that elongates my exploitation which consciously aids and abets my death-that exploits an already vulnerable person, with power privilege and reputations on the line


We all know what mine is-dead-not even my family came to my defence-I believe I have done nothing wrong…if this is jail via exoneration they intelligently designed it with finesse and definition 


I’m not sure I’m not in hell 😢 

Ps either I’m crazy and need help

Or I’m not crazy and I need help

Either one has not come

Every sentience deserves to contribute to society and have value and not actively systemically devalued and victim is not my shame to have.


All I did was ask for help.

If the end comes - you cant take my soul.


✅ if you need help and ask it shoukd come not be maliciously denied

✅ if you die because you were bullied-you should be able to tell police

✅ if you were sexually abused you should be believed


✅ if you were abused or forced into financial and sexual servitude you should be heard not blackmailed

✅ if you had a long term engagement to a former partner they should not use your poverty against you nor frame you from accessing your share in separation

✅ allegations of systemic conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that ended in your “fatal injury” should be acknowledged 

✅ a duty of care is a legal condition of incarceration and must be upheld

✅ a duty of care exists for someone at high risk of suicide to be released to mental health services-to be denied that with no other specialist is illegal

✅ a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is a serious crime

✅ to viciously maim and desecrate one person as a scapegoat in society in very personal professional and political ways…after first identifying him, then victimising and vilifying him whilst actively attacking him via proxy’s of public office is an indefensible evil

✅ to get someone who asked for help, didn’t get it to great risk, then victimise the victim, and further deny him help is abhorrent 

✅ I am asking for help right now to you reading this.


✅ I have all the evidence - to prove this narrative and I fear I will be killed 


🛑 if I die it is not because of “mental illness” (that will be blamed), it is via death by a thousand cuts of a movement so bias and broad I can’t comprehend or fight it 


Each of you will - if you even have a heart - suffer your part in guilt of my absence…and that that you failed to act with courage and that


Every person I know has now towed the party line not to cross the floor in order to desecrate me in all ways-in favour of idle gossip money power and privilege protecting reputations of the rich


🛑 'If you tell the truth remember make them laugh-or they will kill you.'

(Oscar Wilde) 

Learn to pronounce
  1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    palace intrigue
    sharp practice
    put-up job
    • the action of plotting or conspiring.
      "they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice"

Money for transformation:

I am owed money but due to being maimed and framed and desecrated this didn’t occur:

HCF income assist: 

Medical malpractice: 400000

Discrimination: 200000

Sue hospital: 1000000  for dying on their premises, abandoning duty of care and charter of human rights

Commcare : 1200000  TPD insurance and or work cover from old role and getting into new role

Former partner equity separation: 500000

A corrupt magistrate/officials/institutions/agencies/places to complain: 100000 x 20

$ (?) I am not sure how to calculate a systemic conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to defame resulting in manslaughter

1300000 Financial place overdue determinations who have blacklisted me

?  (?) Business insurance

?  (?) Sue the company that intentionally and maliciously destroyed my website for my business (also my ABN) and evidence before courts

This ends in one of four ways:


Conspiracy and conscious systemic oppression resulting in murder / manslaughter that takes zero responsibility, and further blames the victim of being 'ill' (again), or,


Via self inflicted suicide, that is aided and abetted by systemically framing him with malice, in identifying, victimising and vilifying him; that we will demonise him for, or,


The movement a reason via genesis artificially creating a reason or method to frame him in criminality, in order to incarcerate him with jail, or label him crazy and force institutionalisation on him,  or :


An acknowledgement that he and these actual events described and detailed below existed.



Richard becomes another identity same spirit and inhabits the role of a councillor for a transition expert. (Out mows lawns and dies in the insect / enviro / nature / virus / zombie  apocalypse lol)

Dr McLean would prefer the last option as he hopes to live a simple life to look after his dog - and he will promise forgiveness and atonement for all of you and also kindly to himself to serve the people and amplify the happiness systemically in that we know suffering and we would like less of it.

You cannot contact me personally - go to police or an anti corruption commission.

You may donate to my cause requiring litigation, if it is a success I will live simply that I may live - any thing else raised will go towards charities.

I state I am NOT suicidal.

Please leave me be.

Atonement is the currency of forgiveness