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''Recovery' means something different for everybody.'




My name is Rich McLean, I'm an artist, human rights awarded autobiographer, recovery expert, past musician, public speaker and academic. Nowadays I am honoured to work with marginalised people with mental health concerns and/or trauma(s) as a therapeutic arts-life--coach for the NDIS in Melbourne.

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It is my passion, my privilege &  honour to create a space for my clients for them to gift themselves agency for their best life! This is despite the trauma & the deficit of human existential existence, or mental health and related issues; there is always an upside to rejoice in gratitude & the incremental wins. My modality of therapeutic support works in creative visual ways that allow the client and I to co-creates together-always intuitive and never pushy, working gently but sometimes firmly with compassion.

My modality of therapeutic support can be fun, exciting and wildly self - revealing-and always in a gentle way at the pace of the client.


 I aim for there to be a measurable success with my clients in six to twelve weekly 1 x hour sessions. (You will definitely find your 'superpower, amongst other amazing revelations!)

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  • Fully insured, Working With Children + Police Checks,

  • I have been creating art for 25+ years,

  • Past illustrator for both 'The Age' & 'The Herald Sun',

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, (Drawing Honours),

  • Associate Diploma in Computer-Aided Art & Design, (CAAD),

  • Masters of Education (A/r/tography), (MEd),

  • I have passed my PhD (pending changes), via merit-based scholarship,

  • Approachable & friendly with gentle secular ethics,

  • LGBTIA+ friendly,

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'PROFESSIONAL - MATE', YOU CAN RELY ON, in CREATIVE therapy, trust & IN confidence.

My passion as a therapist and therapeutic support and psychosocial peer worker are to help people, and I do that in multi-layered ways: I get to know the person by spending quality time within the boundaries of their life. I am unlike other therapists in this regard in that I am a 'professional friend', who is available for emergencies if I am available and where possible; when I take you on as a client, you, your happiness and best life are my priority. Unlike other therapists I do not want to see you forever - I aim to have measurable outcomes with you and your happiness/goals in 6-8 one hourly weekly sessions.

Firstly, I don't care so much for your label; to me, you are a sentient being deserving of compassionate care and understanding & to be heard and acknowledged.

I aim to kick start your life and for you to add value to your life by realising who we are, and celebrating the little victories.  I am not here to 'label' you with a diagnosis, although this can sometimes be helpful to know what you have been 'labelled' with. I am not here to give you drugs, and I don't interfere with that from your other supports.

More - so, I holistically listen to your story, value your pain and challenging experiences and utilise an objective view from my therapeutic perspective, allowing you to make sense of your complex life experiences and symptoms, in order for you to understand them; then 'supercharge' your goals and happiness in a way gentle to you and that you are capable of.

It is all delivered with kindness and a good dose of humour!

As an 'arts-life-coach' every one of my clients receives their personalised sketch and note-book that we both co-create together, week after week, noting down graphs and note-taking, utilising a visual medium which is powerful and effective in our realisations of the self and our goals.

Your workbook is covered very much at your own pace and you don't need to be able to draw or be an artist to participate in this type of therapy with me!

Some weeks you may simply want to chat and have a coffee or a meal and that is absolutely fine, other weeks we may hit a sweet spot and really take advantage of the powerful moment and it is in these times I am malleable with my time as a therapist. With you as my priority, I would not dare halt a successful session or meeting if we can get great work done!

An assessment of all spheres and currencies of your life leads each individuals journey in goals gratitude and ultimately happiness.

Importantly we work together to be aware of any area you may have a deficit in, and we wildly celebrate your achievements and your strengths in the present tense, staying in moments of improvement and success and amplifying them to stitch together a positive narrative week to week.

I receive great joy in seeing people on their path - flying their own spaceship - with gratitude, confidence and my intentions are to allow you to allow yourself the permission to enjoy life with meaning and purpose; and have fun exploring and discovering.

I am a unique kind of therapeutic support probably unlike those you have been in contact with before.


Drawing all my experience and my own strengths I deliver a modality of therapy that is empathic intuitive and unique and often utilises your faith and belief systems which in most cases can be pivotal to your success.


'...Because 'Recovery' means something different for each unique individual.'

For me being creative is necessary for me to acknowledge my feelings and experiences, and I utilise the creative method and modality in my work with the ndis.

Praise for:
'A Certain Beauty in
Un-Resolution... ART;'

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Scott Mcleod - Copywriter


‘A Certain Beauty in Un-Resolution’ reflects Richard McLean’s deeply personal mission of exploration, borne of a life lived with varyingly deliberate and unavoidable intensity. In his ongoing journey towards meaning and truth, his art straddles a seemingly endless parade of media and styles. Pieces question, plead, embrace and reject. They mock, celebrate, erupt and scurry into corners. But throughout the passionate and chaotic visual commentary there is undeniable consistency - his work is unfailingly visceral, immediate and evocative - like the man himself.'



'A  Certain  Beauty In Un-Resolution’ is a substantial life-affirming body of work by an artist who is not a passive observer, but a fully-engaged participant. Employing a visual language developed over 20 years that is urgent, sensitive and highly refined, Richard McLean’s visceral response to his world is often confronting. He utilises his considerable technical prowess across traditional and digital media to not merely record life’s myriad nooks and crannies but to question them, with surprising results.'

RMIT Classification: Trusted


“A Certain Beauty in Un-Resolution” is Rich McLean’s creative opus which launches us into his aesthetic and affective worlds with the words “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.” I don’t know any viewer/readers who would not find themselves in those words and in the images that follow. McLean’s evocative drawings, paintings, digital media and multimodal artworks breathe with a life well-lived, a life immersed in the messiness, joy and heartache of contemporary urban culture. The sheer range of styles, colours, forms, and subjects over these vibrant 232 pages is a visual journey through the viscera of everyday life. Each page heaves with life. I highly recommend this compendium to anyone interested in the arts, wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning/becoming.”

Anne Harris
Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University
Director, Creative Agency research lab

A Certain Beauty in Un-Resolution... ART;

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Creativity is the life source of acutely sensitive people. Without creativity, taking another breath to greet the day can be beyond challenging. We all need to communicate our story in some way and Rich’s book 'A Certain Beauty In Un-Resolution... ART;’ explores his way of communicating how he views the multidimensional landscape of life and beyond. Art is a channel of release and exploration. Rich has never been shy in exploring beyond the boundaries of normality. No true artist ever can.

Odette Nightsky.

I have a unique perspective of understanding neurodiversity

I have not only a lived experience of 'non-ordinary reality', but have over 25 + years of Public Advocacy on Mental-Health Recovery & solid values.

I value freedom, creativity and despite inevitable suffering, and the deficient realities, that happiness is possible for all, no matter what the situation.

I believe that recovery from mental health issues is not only possible but probable, and it means something different for different people!

I believe through empowering the self through art, talking, walking and conversation that we can become further self-actualised and not just survive but thrive, no matter who we are or the difficulties we face.

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